Coldplay – Left Right Left Right Left (Live Album)

blame it on Shake May 16, 2009

Since May 15th, Coldplay has been giving away this live CD at every remaining show in 2009 (outside of their festival shows). The 9-track collection was also put on their website for free download. But since I know a lot of the dopeboyz don’t like signing up for stuff; I included a direct link after the jump.

According to the band, the give-away is meant as a recession-busting mark of gratitude to everyone who’s supported them: “Playing live is what we love. This album is a thank you to our fans – the people who give us a reason to do it and make it happen.”

Tracklist + Download link after the jump…

DOWNLOAD: Coldplay – Left Right Left Right Left

  • Word! I never listen to music outside of the Hip-Hop/R&B realm… but when you post shit like this it makes me (and all the other dopeboyz) broaden my musical genres and opens my eyes. Thanks Shake. [/jocking] lol.

  • Yo, thats real fucking cool of them….like thats what music is all about, entertainment, not starting the next cool trend or making the most money. Respect.

  • (.Y.)

    new kanye snippet, rumor is that it’s from a kid cudi feature


  • Yo that Kanye snippet is a mashup^ …. its an old Kanye verse that some nobody (really shitty-wanna be DJ, i might add) mixed with a beat.

    Its so off rhythm it hurts my ears, disgusting.

    Anyways, Coldplay is a really ill group though…was listening to them before Jay.

  • tom

    yo tommy fuck you

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  • Alex Davidson

    thanks Shake

  • I Want To Kill SuperMan

    “Oh My God this is so cool they are giving free CDs!!!” Yeah right this motherfuckes are already RICH!!!! Plus they are giving this in concerts? So After paying $80 for the show you get this CD?

    Thanks anyway!

  • JF

    it’s noteworthy considering they could sell this, and sell 700,000 copies easily …

  • RAE

    shake are you goin gay on us man? what the fuck is this bull shit?


    you know how i know your gay…………

    ……….you like the Lakers……..and listen to Coldplay

  • Kanye, Drake (sort of), and Jay all co-sign Coldplay. So it seems relevant to post this here. And plus, the site is called “2dopeboyz” not “HipHopDX” so they can post whatever they want and not be out of their lane.

  • madvilly

    Coldplay make the most boring music ever. It’s just like listening to paint dry.

  • Maestro Mike

    Fuck you Shake you white cunt.

  • SuperVillianRhys

    You haters are a fucking joke, hating on Coldplay ?

    Go suck on Lil Wayne u punk bitches

  • Bizzy

    wow sooo many people sleeping or disliking on Cold Play…

    but its ok tho

    im about to go get the Killers’ Sam’s Town in a few..yeah yeah yeah i know im late as fuck


  • solid

    people thinkin just cse they listen to 50 cent they hard,,,this is just music u bitches….hell i listen to Game,but coldplay isnt bad,they are actually makin gud music…….u wana listen to the gay unit only go make ur own site and post ur music u fagots

  • DJ Daz-One

    Somebody you need to here something different than hip hop so (insert) coldplay FIRMLY!!!!!

  • DJ Daz-One

    OOps meant to say sometimes lol.

  • JL

    Thanks shake
    Coldplay is that shit for a certain state of mind. You dont go into it thinkin you bout to nod your head, just like you dont go into a club when you feelin contemplative.
    really, if you can only listen to hip hop, you only listenin to it, because it’s what you think is “cool”
    imo only people that could stay just in hip hop is either a narrow minded person or a bitch whos too afraid to admit he likes somethin different than their friends.
    in other words….. niggas is dumb haha

  • Sickk Shake for putting this up here..i ONLY fuck with 2dopeboyz

  • Smitty11

    wow people are really dumb. Coldplay is the shit and yall are narrow minded assholes

  • RAE

    people are dumb because they dont like coldplay? wow. all of you shake stans are fuckin retarded. because you dont like a certain kind of music, or a group that makes you dumb?

    you guys are slow in the head man. just cuz shake posted it doesnt mean that everyone who doesnt like it is dumb and closed minded.

  • DRE

    @Maestro Mike
    Damn yall ignorant!!!!!!! how could you say”Fuck you Shake you white cunt.” or “shake are you goin gay on us man? what the fuck is this bull shit?” Shut the F*ck up with yall ignorant asses. Narrow minded asses

  • this is a really good cd….

    i think its funny how people get mad and are like “how is someone dumb for not liking a certain kind of music??” as they completely look past the people calling shake gay for posting & liking a certain kind of music. good call kids….*thumbs up*

  • Pete Dee

    Look at everyone patting themselves on the back for being so open minded. Just because it’s not rap, doesn’t mean you’re a genius for liking it. It’s just the sh*t they play on mainstream white radio, rather than the sh*t they play on the “urban” stations.

  • JL

    nobody said anything about being a genius or better than anyone just because, idk, maybe we can listen to something besides breakbeats and rhymes?
    and it’s stupid that you would call it mainstream WHITE radio just because white people listen to it.
    wake up, who do you think made snoop and dre platinum? WHITE PEOPLE
    Stop segregating. good music is good music.
    Nobodies saying you an dislike something either, just say you dont like it, dont knock the music, because it’s good/well-crafted music whether your into it or not.

  • holly

    Saw them in concert last night. They were awesome. Special effects were sick and the CD is great. All of you haters who are saying Coldplay is white music or whatever the fuck else should go back to listening to your shitty Lil’ Wayne crap. Coldplay is real music with real, meaningful lyrics.