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Fly Society Presents Trademark Da Skydiver – Issue #1 (Mixtape)

blame it on Shake May 16, 2009

Closing in on my limit of computer time (this shit is hurting far too much to even look at a screen for any longer); so i wanted to get up the brand new mixtape from the Fly Society. Trademark Da Skydiver unloads 16 tracks featuring Curren$y and the rest of the JETS family. Shouts to OS on the linkage. Also, who else is excited for upcoming Curren$y x Wiz Khalifa tape!?

Tracklist + Download link after the jump…

DOWNLOAD: Fly Society Presents Trademark Da Skydiver – Issue #1


    NICE! Wuz hopin’ this would drop sumtime-thnx

  • damn, i was just thinking yesterday that i need a solo tape from Trademark. good shit.

  • Ironsheik92

    Speaking Of, Got Any Info On The Spitta x Wiz Tape? Other Than That It’s Coming Out Before The End Of The Month.

  • Musikfiend

    I like the artwork. Young Roddy needs to drop a solo tape.

  • Kelvin Izza G

    i been sayin for tha longest trademark and roddy r both super cold.. hope roddy droppin sometime soon.. and this aint no mixtape is the album of the yr for 09 thus far..

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  • DP

    “on and on’ is officially my ridin shit…jet set, wherever haven’t we been yet???

  • DP


  • Preo

    damn.. i remember like 3 years ago i started listening to them and forgot about em… definetly DLing this

  • kyo

    peep the kid hybrid, hes mad nice

  • DRE

    WALE MIXTAPE?????????????????????????????????????????????
    WALE MIXTAPE?????????????????????????????????????????????
    waiting has turned me into a zombie!!

  • Musikfiend

    ^I aint even really thinkin about it. There probably just holdin off on releasing it until like a month b4 the album to build buzz.

  • DRE

    sounds logical

  • (.Y.)

    new kanye snippet, rumor is that it’s from a kid cudi feature


  • LJ

    where’s that mediafire?

  • limited computer time ?

    wtf is this nigga at the library

  • DocCosmos

    downloading right now, cuz im a member of a fly society, styles i got several verietys.

  • Shake

    “limited computer time ?
    wtf is this nigga at the library”


  • dat dude

    Fs is doin their thang TANMT, issue 1,tk society, spitta n wiz collab, fs mixtape that suppose to be dropin soon its the jets take over

    Good tape nice to see streetwiz back at it this exceeded my expectation imma soon need an I pod strictly for jet music

  • maan that wiz n curren$y gon be TUFF…. but this tm shit is solid

  • InsufficientFundz

    anybody got another link for this besides zshare

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  • This tape is a little boring

  • skydiver got his own tape ????? dope, im downloading this right the fuck now . JETS !! WHERE HAVENT BEEN YET . . NIKKA !

  • out of everybody who is down wit currensy. roddy is the better rapper. trademarks flow is toooooo slow..but because i was in new orleans i can feel them all.

  • SP

    feelin the cover though! dope

  • gambit354


  • Big_E

    Trademark and a Roddy r nice but the thing i hate bout Roddy is his flow..or i should say his lack of one…now Trademark is legit

  • ducky314

    WizXSpitta MANNN that shit gon b the shit…cant wait

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  • evilgenius102

    i feel like a fuckin dummy just gettin my hands on this now.

  • Fly Shit, Where is dat Young Roddy stuff doe?

  • daethiopianking

    anyone has a link to this?

  • GRobin

    The link is not available any more.
    Someone got an other link ?

  • The Renaissance

    ^^ Co-sign

    New Link PLZ!!!

  • The Renaissance

    this is literally the hardest mixtape to find online!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 0_0

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    Will you please upload this tape?