Donny Goines - The Breakfast Club (Album)

We in a recession, so it’s free. You don’t have to cop anything, just go to a blog or website and download it.
- Donny Goines

On top of the major releases (Em, Red&Meth, Busta Rhymes, etc) the homie Donny Goines releases his sophomore album. And like the quote above says... it's free bitches! Featuring production from Apple Juice Kid, 6th Sense, Cookin' Soul, Frequency, The Government, etc; and guest spots from the likes of Skyzoo, Planet Asia, Poison Pen, Naledge, Termanology, Big Lou, Reks, Che Grand, ESSO, Emilio Rojas, Tanya Morgan, Outasight and more. Do yourself a favor and download this asap. Real hip hop is here folks, it never left!

Tracklist + Download link after the jump...

1) Don’t You Prod. by Cook Classics
2) Bring It Forward (New York, New York) Prod. by Versatile
3) Whatever It Is (Ft. Mela Machinko) Prod. by Frequency
4) Money (Ft. Mistah F.A.B) Prod. by DJ Static
5) Don’t Mess with a Woman (Ft. Amanda Diva & Naledge) Prod. by Dub Z
6) Sublime (Ft. Peter Hadar & Outasight) Prod. by Buckwild
7) She Like (Ft. Che Grand & Izza Kizza) Prod. by Apple Juice Kid
8) Make Me Feel (Ft. Emilio Rojas) Prod. by Kwame
9) Oh No (Ft. Patent Pending) Prod. by The Government
10) What U Expected Remix (Ft. Rain, Termanology, Reks & Big Lou)
Prod. by Statik Selektah
11) A Love Song (Ft. Lydia Caesar & Skyzoo) Prod. by Digga
12) Closer Prod. by Dame Grease
13) Digital Genocide (Ft. Planet Asia & Poison Pen) Prod. by DJ Snips
14) Grateful (Ft. Tanya Morgan & Jeremy Carr) Prod. by Cookin Soul
15) Party Apple Prod. by Apple Juice Kid
16) Can’t Get it Right (Ft. A.Pinks, Esso & 6th Sense) Prod. by 6th Sense
17) These Times Prod. by Dub Z

DOWNLOAD: Donny Goines - The Breakfast Club (Album)

And check out Donny's personal break down of each record over at illRoots.

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  • KnockoutKing


  • Treez

    Nice, I had no idea this was "Goines" out so soon...bad joke

  • kobe

    i'm only downloading if a song samples the theme song from the breakfast club

  • Tribe Fan

    ^^^how would you know unless you download it dude?

  • kobe

    omg fiiiiiiiiiiire

  • hamptonsweb

    it does sample the theme from breakfast club in the intro and i'm very impressed by this album

  • andy cool

    album is FIRE!

  • SOC4L

    loooks goood but too many guests ! lol havnt listened yet though

  • karmaSOULJA


  • 1 blog videos of album being mixed down

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  • KnockoutKing

    this is just as good as i expected

    too many ppl sleep on donny he been a beast


  • jedi

    this is dope all the way through. it's free and better than all the other joints dropping is stores today. (all of them)

  • Steve_O

    That Digital Genocide lineup looks TOUGH! Downloading now, shit better be done before I have to leave for work.

  • cKd

    after first listen i must say this sounds really nice..



  • derrik

    This album is amazing. Definitely worth the download. Thanks 2dopeboyz!

  • Maestro Mike

    the reason its digital and free is cause this dude never had a deal and never even released anything in a physical format.

  • Krhyme

    Yo Shake,

    You got a link for his first album?

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  • yesyesyall

    wow i actually like this album.. REAL GOOD STUFF

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  • goingin

    why isnt this album featured on the main page of 2dopeboyz along with emilio, uni etc....this album deserves it....donny put alot of hard work and time into it

  • DocCosmos

    ^^ cosign

  • DocCosmos

    oh it is now mybad, but make that shit bigger lol

  • Parodi

    Anyone wanna Re-Up? please...

  • scoobysnax
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  • Ben

    what up yall
    i just wrote a review of this album for my blog,
    i would really appreciate it if you guys could read it and comment.

    Thanks again in advance, much appreciated.

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