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Fresh Daily – Universal Medicine f. Oddisee & Mela Machinko

blame it on Meka May 19, 2009

Fresh told me he’d send a new picture since he doesn’t like the one above, but since he hasn’t yet *shrugs*. Anyways, here’s the latest leak off his Tomorrow Is Today mixtape, which is finally dropping May 27th. And have you checked out his MySpace blog? I don’t really patrol the ‘Space like that anymore, but when I did his always kept my interest.

DOWNLOAD: Fresh Daily – Universal Medicine f. Oddisee & Mela Machinko | zshare

  • Starscream

    If that guy can’t make it rapping, I bet Howard Stern could make him some fuckin’ money in the Wack Pack.

  • WoWZers

    LoL.He look’s like a new Biz Markie.Damn homie(50 voice).Good luck with a career full of imagery importance and marketing value

  • high my name is sean

    Wowzer’s… thats some harsh shit haha

    I was just gonna say if you got a the ill bearded/grill, maybe you should avoid upclose shots of your face from hereon in.

  • Nuggs

    we sell images in the hip hop biz, not music anymore. That being said this cats gonna stay broke. But i still fucks wit it. AOK is that new crack

  • thanks, AOK collective did mention to Mek that this was a twisted pic and that posting it was throwing Fresh under the bus. In the email that went out with this mp3 was a pic. for whatever reason Mek decided not to use it.
    Fresh never sent THIS pic actually either. We cant see why 2dopeboyz wouldnt just grab a better pic from wherever they got this one from, but We’ll make sure to personally send em a new one. thanks for the support and kind words guys! AOK UP!

  • ah, thanks guys!

  • chronwell

    Nice laid back groove.Im feelin it!

  • The music is WHAT matters? True or False…if this is true I’mma comment on the track.
    This is bananas big homie..
    June 1st u at Blender Theater right it’s hard to hear the hate when the crowd is screaming.