Eminem - We Made You (Chew Fu’s GhettoHouse Fix) f. Substantial & Mr. SOS

I meant to post this yesterday but you know how shit goes... Substantial & Mr. SOS jump on Chew Fu's GhettoHouse Fix of Eminem's single. I'll let the good folks at QN5 describe it...

Chew Fu is a serial fixer. A what? Well, he takes your everyday top 20 radio fodder and transforms them into scathingly hot dance-club grinders. Or in other words, he “FIXES” them.

Case in point, Eminem’s latest single We Made You. Here, Chew Fu unleashes a wonky synth over a shuffling electro-kick and subs. And if that wasn’t enough, he’s enlisted the talents of QN5’s own Substantial & Mr. SOS to lay into his frankenstein-esque re-animation. This one’s strictly for the club and late night’s in the whip – so if you’re chest isn't rumbling, then you’re not bumpin’ it right.

It's definitely some left field shit for me, but I dig it for the most part. Not something I could play every minute of the day though haha. While I'm on it, be sure to check out QN5.com as they have revamped their site and have done a great job in doing so. Not only are these dudes some of the most talented artists musically, most of them have a background in graphic design too. Something I've always respected.

DOWNLOAD: Eminem - We Made You (Chew Fu’s GhettoHouse Fix) f. Substantial & Mr. SOS

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  • Adup

    QN5 collective holds you DOWN, stop sleeping people!

  • really not feelin it..at all

  • Blob

    I really can't stand QN5 w/ there elitist attitude and "I Hate Rappers" gayness.

    Cunninlinguists are alright I would probably like them a lot more if they seperated from Tonedeff and CO

    As for this song, not really 2DopeBoyz quality im used to. and its gay too.

  • Dre

    makes me think!!!! the girl who sings on this song has a voice

  • Morten C

    Sorry but I didn't feel this either. . .

  • Brock
  • Sasha

    A-Trak needs to rip this shit. It's not bad, but it won't repeated spins that's for sure.

  • David Jefferis

    could you please put a verson on media fire , alot of people carnt get z share to work thankyou

  • Eminem: Rapper Ternt Character Actor: http://tinyurl.com/o3m6mb

  • Sb 562

    @ josh east
    haha WTF portugal and spain!!!! damn eminem is making a fucking killing across the world not just the nation props my man props

  • Callous1

    I like this version much better than the original imo. Qn5 always finds a way to flip shit and this just thumps alot meaner. I like

  • Krhyme

    Just when I was beginning to like a song, these guys make me hate it again. If Chew Fu's reading this, then I'm gonna teach him the first rule of business: If it ain't broke, don't FIX it.

  • sam sneako

    I like the chemistry Substantial & Sos have on the song.

  • Game

    I was feeling it big time, like to see some shakeups and felt it really worked!!

  • ianism

    not a fan of the original... so it kind of needed fixing but the chorus is still there. and HOW THE FUCK is this GAY? Idiot.


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