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KRS-One & Buckshot – Terminator Salvation: Robot Trailer (Video)

blame it on Shake May 21, 2009


KRS-One & Buckshot’s debut song Robot (available on iTunes) used here in the official trailer for the movie Terminator Salvation in theaters everywhere today. KRS-One & Buckshot’s Survival Skills album in stores August 25th on Duck Down Records!

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  • Marshall

    seriously!? this is utterly fucked up. first of all this is the definition of sell out. preserve your music for a film with at least some artistic integrity. KRS says IN THIS SONG “it’s not all about the salary,” then sells his music to this blockbuster bullshit. secondly, this song has no relation to the movie other than the word robot. work harder. i would expect better from two legends.

  • dude u couldn’t haev said it any better. I def co-sign on that shit.

  • Riddlah51

    To Johnny G and Marshall:
    Ummm.. Shut the fuck up! I hate to use the cliche’, “haters”. But cotdam! How are they sellin out? Is the message the same as before they used it for this movie? Did they make the song for the movie? Let’s see…pay tens of thousands of dollars for promotion? Or get paid major gwop and have your song promoted by one of the biggest movies of the summer (a movie they’re probably fans of). Wow, I hope y’all aren’t in charge of anyone’s musical careers!