Cassidy - Apply Pressure (Mixtape)

As promised, Cassidy's brand new mixtape with DJ Thoro & Big Mike. Folks will be happy to know there are limited with the drops (if any). I can't remember even hearing a BIG MIKE shout haha. Shouts to KP over at DatPiff on the linkage.

Tracklist + Download link after the jump...

DOWNLOAD: Cassidy - Apply Pressure*

*The artwork shows 25 tracks but there is only 24 in the .zip. Bullet plays right after track 11 (Apply Pressure). Everything in the .zip that I uploaded is tagged and labeled right though, so go off that and not the artwork.

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  • Royal

    first.. cass is fire!!!

  • Downloading now.

    We all get three free Datpiff

  • jakefromthebean

    cass is back on his BS.....fucking dopppppe.

  • nice! *downloads*

  • Ive waited all this time for a new tape from him...Ill get it first thing in the morning hahaha

  • jakefromthebean

    anyone only get 24 tracks and it says 25 on the track listing? which track is missing? can anyone help me out? please someone let me know thank you

  • Shake


    refresh the page and check the *

  • jakefromthebean

    thanks shake

  • Okay Let me get this straight ! Awww never mind ! Melo is doin the same thing to Trevor in the paint ! Apply Pressure huh ! Summer is around the corner get your bars... up the East Coast is Back ! Check the site

  • jakefromthebean

    eh yo SHAKE good looks on tagging the tracks with the names......saved us all some time.

  • Dre

    Shake Please make a direct download because my datpiff account was cancelled

  • Shake

    ^^umm.. i did? zshare link is there

  • damian

    Shake is this worth downloading? Last Cass tape I got (7-7-7) was a dissapointment...

  • Dre

    Thanks SHAKE, really been lookin foward to this tape

  • good tape, especially if at least 5 tracks weren't over a year old and on several other big mike/cassidy mixtapes, big mike fell the fuck off, tape is hot none the less though

  • kurbstomp

    u can knock to this but djs needa stop with that rewind/playback shit..

  • @Damian

    just listen to Nightmares, that should be all the reason

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  • Scotty Rock

    Who's Rodney? Because Cassidy just assassinated him.

  • MR. 9O7

    big mikes white?

  • MR. 9O7

    this is a big disappointment.. not the content but the dj.. i would rather have big dikes fat ass screamin than these sloppy ass virtual dj bring backs.. big mike needs to die, ill supply the gun

  • thanx shake

  • Cali

    @ MR. 907

    Hahahah. Damn Alaska, you so gangsta...

  • MR. 9O7

    @ cali lol no just ethuggin a lil bit.. but big mike still needs to die

  • Damn Not Every Verse Deserves A Pullback...

  • ck47

    Cassidy on autotune smfh

  • theone

    Damn I hate DJs. Just play the fucking record and stop with the fucking rewinds if i want to hear the track again I will fucking rewind it my damn self

  • Shady Universe

    Is there ANY way for us to have this mixtape without the rewinding, name dropping fuckery??? I can't enjoy this shit with all this fuckery.

  • rashard lewis

    should i dl?? i HATE when djs mess up tracks like stepping back and shit... how much of that is there

  • Doc Dreezy

    def worth the download regardless...Cass and Gillie should do more shit together since they both from Philly...that shit would be ill

  • uzi

    good shit

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  • DN

    Stealin lines not a good look Cass hope it was a coincidence

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  • AlexBrown

    good mixtape from cass, despite the pullbacks which everyone noticed. lol
    but yeah, who's "Rodney"- diss was unreal.

    worth it to download, but i still like Back To The Problem mix better.

  • SHOWMAN3000

    Rodney is Akbar who was apart of Larsiny Family. He left the team, he made a song dissin Cassidy and has some interviews where he's dissin Cassidy including his moms as well. You can see the interview video on Youtube. Claims Cassidy was jealous of him etc.

  • SHOWMAN3000

    @Scotty Rock

    Rodney is Akbar who was apart of Larsiny Family. He left the team, he made a song dissin Cassidy and has some interviews where he’s dissin Cassidy including his moms as well. You can see the interview video on Youtube. Claims Cassidy was jealous of him etc.

  • AlexBrown

    dude's on drugs, huh?

  • J_More

    damn dis nigga wack, get it together Cass lol

  • phantom

    wtf man......cassidy's songs on this tape are hot, but i dont even wanna listen to the fuckin mixtape anymore because of faggot ass dj kick rocks fuckin up every song. the first fuckin song he spent a fuckin minute fuckin shit up! I JUS WANNA LISTEN TO THE DAMN MUSIC!!

  • Cannnons

    Can't Believe How Many Times This Nigga Rewinds... SMH

    Won't Download Till A NO DJ Version Drops.

  • link dead now? why!? my 1st one cut off :(

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  • DJ

    wheres the updated one without the cuts?

  • lakeside

    ay cassidy the best but all peolple who read this check out our music on g.s.q. music page on myspace


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