• ck47

    thanks shake

  • Elroy


  • Tizzie

    ur welcome

  • andusaychicity

    Good look, I can already tell this shit gonna be fire. Jeezy underrated as fuck!

  • phantom

    link isnt workin

  • djface

    cant get the link to work?

  • Shady Universe

    Jeezy's underrated for a reason. He spits the same shit. Drugs this, drugs that, baking soda this, baking soda that, trappin this, trappin that, etc.....

  • Pitter

    is it just me or does this sound quiet too? (like when i'm goin' in just got leaked)

  • Chives

    How's that Air Forces 2 track?

  • Shady Universe

    @ Pitter

    Air Forces 2, My Money, and The Underdawg sound low to me. I aint heard anything else but those I mentioned are on the low quality side.

  • Turner

    Is this official?

  • JKelly

    how are the dj drops on this?

  • ck47

    Turner it's official.

  • gberdin

    the hell is wrong with this link????

  • Lime

    The audio on this is low and the dj drops are loud as fuck

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  • Blob

    snap crackle pop im bout to listen to me som jeezy awww yeeeah right on right on yall rock for this

  • Blob

    @lime its not as bad as Who the fuck is BOB but yeah this is mixed shittily, real shittily

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  • Nelly

    yeah the audio was mad low, mixtape was crack tho. reminds me of the old gangsta grillz he used to do.

  • killablksmi@tmail.com


    can someone tell me what beat that is. im going crazyy i need to know

  • Gio

    N.I.G.G.E.R. (The Slave & The Master)- Nas

  • YoYo

    Man, I never really take Mix-Tapes that seriously, but this one has such a good flo throughout the whole thing. This is a fucking album.

  • WHite Yayo

    Shake, can you up a version without drops?? It would be greatly appreciated. 2DopeBoys doing it right.

  • Shake

    added a new link with a better mastered version. vocals are louder, etc.

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  • Rafae

    what the hell.. air forces 2 is just a bonus track off the recession that was actually called "done it" .. which was released like so long ago..

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