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Eminem – Respect My Conglomerate x Chonkyfire x Alchemist Freestyles

blame it on Shake May 22, 2009

I’ve been waiting for this! Low just put up three freestyles Em did while across seas with Tim Westwood. The volume was a little really low so I turned it up and re-upped. Enjoy! UPDATE: Video for all the freestyles as well as the interview can be seen at BBC right now. But if you’re like Shake (living in the States, etc) you can’t watch them yet. I’ll make a post when there’s a more international friendly player playing them.

DOWNLOAD: Alchemist Freestyle | Mediafire
DOWNLOAD: Eminem & Mr. Porter – Respect My Conglomerate | Mediafire
DOWNLOAD: Eminem – Chonkyfire Freestyle | Mediafire

  • Awww yeah… (downloads) Can’t wait to hear this shit!

  • Dre

    The first one is Dope i havent heard the other ones yet

  • Dre


  • jakefromthebean

    em sounds so hungry…so dope…hes back to his fire flow.

  • Blob

    first one sounds like a random Alchemist beat, maybe unreleased

  • Alex Zim

    sounds like Evidence saying “Microphone” LOL

  • Blob

    lmao @ Westoowd “We drippin in swagga juice” lol

  • That Alchemist beat freestyle is a monster. That’s a hungry Em.

  • Nous


  • james

    haha he said

    “how did anyone find me?
    I disappeared
    I was hiding in freeways beard”
    – chonkyfire


  • Blob

    i think that chonkyfire beat is too dope to just freestyle over though

    he struggled with that one a little

    you gotta compare him to Andre 3k on Aquamini its hard not to

  • Mr. W3st

    I think that song with alchemist is going to be on his new chemical warfare cd because I saw the tracklist today snd ALC has a song with eminem on the cd called chemical warfare.

  • ck47

    Anyone notice The Alchemist track could be the microphone joint from the slaughterhouse album.

  • sick!

  • james

    “in the slaughterhouse cause ya styles been butchered”

  • E

    dope x3 period.

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  • Batman

    wow i like this better than the album! album would be a lot better if he just used his real voice instead of the wacko voice!

  • SHH

    “in the slaughterhouse cause ya styles been butchered”

    was that a shot at Slaughter House? hmmm…Joe always said he wanted to battle Em.

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  • JKelly

    wow..ive been blessed..that AL freestyle is some shit he could have spit 10 yrs ago…

  • Digitek

    Damn Em’s been staying taking pictures with those crazy ass looking eyes ….shit looks like he might have really done those ‘3AM’ lyrics lol

  • This Shit Is Ill

  • Busy

    i got you slippin on my swag juice lmao… ima say that to the next braud i j down!

  • melosz

    in the conglomerate one hes like “jerkin off bumping asher roth!!”

  • Where is the CDQ;S?

  • The Interview is where?: DOWNLOAD/LISTEN: Pt.1 [Mariah Diss] Pt.2 [Twitter Questions]

  • Shake

    oh josh, you are the best!
    i really hope you start a site and it will take over.
    oh wait… you already have one; and it sucks. smh…

  • james

    shake shake shake shake it off

  • Hey Lisp Ya get mad cuz i tell ya the interview clips are clear and the freestyles arent. Go suck a straw to get some whitecream Mr. Lisp.

  • Anyone notice The Alchemist track could be the microphone joint from the slaughterhouse album.

    ck47 said
    Good point. So what I’ll need is for someone to take this and combine it with Royce’s verse and give us the Bad Meets Evil version.

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  • Shake

    “Ya get mad cuz i tell ya the interview clips are clear and the freestyles arent.”

    well considering the mariah clip came out earlier this week, it means nothing. smh



  • There should be cdq somewhere so get on your aqua teen hunger force shit and go get it

  • smh @ Josh East

  • Pitter

    yo josh east chill. you are on shake’s site.

  • james

    I never knew blogging was so beefy.

  • That alchemist freestyle is nuts.

  • arke

    smh. Any hip hop head knows that its rakim.

    microphone fiend.

    go back to school kiddos.


  • If you like Em you will love me!


    I do all my beats and rhymes.

  • Shake

    ceran wrapper? that cant be your real name!?!? buhahahaha

    and @arke … quit talkin shit and listen to the frestyle. its not rakim.

  • arke

    lol i’m sorry i might’ve sounded a bit arrogant :)…i apologize sick freestyle btw…and…..i mean….is it rakim sampled on the alchemist track ? anyone ?

  • Some of these people need to get humbled sometimes. Look how quick this guy is backtracking now. A second ago we were all kids.

  • I got you slippin’ on my swag juice….lol

  • tunji

    this shit is incredible!!!!!!

  • dam em is back! luv these freestyles man!

  • Blob


  • Blob

    i cant stop bumpin this shit

    even his freestyles trump most peoples written material

  • The Blog Bully

    WOW @ josh. being particle pile of lameness. how you gonna have CDQ on a fucking live freestyle??

  • ilovedeadprez

    i love it when EM jus spits.. why the fuck didnt he jus keep it like this on the album? myabe he’s just warmin up again.. hopefully he puts somethin else out next year or sumthin

  • Bikoc

    “i love it when EM jus spits.. why the fuck didnt he jus keep it like this on the album? myabe he’s just warmin up again.. hopefully he puts somethin else out next year or sumthin”
    u took the words out of my mouth!

  • ybmenace

    SICK!!!!! Sounds like old school Em! Now who the fuck said he fell off????

  • ybmenace

    Anyone hear Cage’s new album that came out yesterday? Fucking Bullshit!!! I’v been a fan for years & that was so disappointing! Fuck it, at least Shady’s back!!

  • Dbchuck.

    yeah boy,bringing it back to some reel freestyling shi..,Go Em.

  • 2 Shoes

    Evidence on “the microphone” loop sample, Alchemist on the production board, and Eminem on the mic with the freestyle?
    Nuts. Absolutely nuts.

  • This nigga dumb as shit, talking bout Rakim

  • Hermann

    dope freestyles !

    My Blu-Ray Collection: http://bunaldinho.bluray-filme.com/

  • CheechDaIronLung

    See, this is the Em I’ve been missing. All of these tracks are way hotter than anything on Relapse.

  • Dre

    Why wasnt relapse like this!!!!

  • Ski

    Damn this is good.

  • sloop

    i love missing posts for a couple days then coming to read a bunch of half retarded comments. so nice.

    like everyone else said, that alchemist free is dope.

  • Lotlan

    just got around to listening to these….god-damn, this is the old hungry Em that went back and forth with Royce for 10 minutes lol.

    there’s no possible way that the Em stans can hate on these drops because he went in *pause*.

  • Rami

    Relapse was a concept album he said it in a interview .

    He Also said that relapse was recorded exactly how it is on the track list, being ” track 20: underground ” and then relapse 2 will be out 4th quarter of 2009

    Relapse 1 was him warming up , you guys have to cut him slack i was so fucking surprised he came back that hard. Think of it after all the bullshit he went threw it wasn’t easy.

    he also says in a lot of recent interviews he had writers block. He wasn’t able to write anything that was on par with his first 2 albums

    Relapse = Slim Shady LP 100% because both of them where just funny and shocking lyrics . only thing changed is he decided to make a horror album this time around.

    relapse 2 = marshal mathers LP underground pretty much tells you that check the first verse out when he says

    ” Dre im down here , dig me up , broken Tiberius , fix me up !!!! ”

    that’s him tell you that he is back.

    these freestyles pretty much are proof that im at least 85% correct .

  • ^^^^my god…hop off of him…”cut him some slack”…everyone doesnt have to like relapse…they have good reasons not to…just like u have good reasons to like it

    but i came into this thinking i was gonna hear freestyles…oh well…i forgot people dont freestyle anymore

  • Shady Universe

    @ Rami

    Cosign. Concept albums are much more better than random writing/recording to put an album together. You can easily tell that Relapse was wrote/recorded from track 1 to 20 other than maybe Crack A Bottle cuz that was a last minute decision to add on Relapse but I could be wrong with that one. Relapse 2 will definitely be a monster. Underground was fucking sick.

  • drew

    im too lazy to read all 60 comments about all this and im sure its been said but i think that whatever relapse is in terms of quality, relapse 2 is gonna be way better and these freestyles allude to that…no one said this shit was gonna be like detox where he goes all out and makes hella good music, i think hes just on his way back up to the top after a long break. im optimistic about relapse 2. and if it isnt what im expecting then who gives a fuck, i have plenty of other good music from him, i dont HAVE TO HAVE new shit. sure itd be nice but im not gonna bitch and moan about the quality of his new music cuz the first album he drops in 4 years isnt top-notch. on another note, i think people need to stop talkin about dick-riding and other supposed examples of obsession cuz if you trip so hard off wat someone says that in response you say theyre “dick-riding” (of all things), your “dick-riding” them cuz you care so much….come on, really?! everyone has their opinion, just dont abuse your right to it and maybe those who are actually interested in what other peoples opinions are on music wont have to sift through 400 internet fights to try and find that shit out. and maybe i should condense my opinions down to 1-liners from now on hahaha

  • FakirWise

    Well if you read comments on other posts with Eminem’s music, you’d probably change some of your sentences. I could point out a few people posting how much they like Em on these tracks, but previously made comments how Em is “wack” or how he “fell off” and such. Those there are “haters turned dick riders”.

  • Champ

    need that ALC beat!!!!

  • PJ


    Yo, Dre I’m down here, under the ground dig me up, broken tibias, fibias, ya fix me up

  • dats wack shit

  • daanswer2k6

    who think its a freestyle? and who thinks pre-written leave a reply please