Table For 6 With Cook Classics, 6th Sense, Outasight, Nieve & Tunji (Video)

Spotted this at Mario's tilt, but Cook himself came to me with the following message:

...there's no fucking explanation to it that relates that the entire thing is just a freestyle, and that we're listening to the tracks through a 10 dollar boombox, or that 6th's mpc was fucking up.

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  • Cookie 2 Tone

    Just wanted to shed some light on what was going on in this video, because there isn't much explanation. Thanks Meka...for posting EXACTLY what I wrote in my email to you. hahahahaha. The f-bomb is just a result of my foul mouth. Apologies to any youngins out there

  • rampart213

    Dope shit.

  • bob

    tunji killed it as usual

  • every single cornball in that vimby video is weak as tired of all these lame yes men/fags on this website...all you should go back to the square ass place u r from and do what u squares do..leave the rappin and beats to real niggas....cook classic doesnt cook shit other than meatloaf..and sixth sense has the sixth sense for bein a natural square fuck..hahahahahaha...all you bitches need to get slapped like rihanna lol

  • heat

    dont hurt your self hating so hard

  • "dont hurt your self hating so hard nigga…lol"

    Good one!


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