Lakers 103, Nuggets 97 (Game 3)

blame it on Shake May 23, 2009


  • 345345

    lets goooooooooooo

  • Bryant Kobe

    Ariza once again Shake!!!!! He said “Gimme them cookies!!!”

  • Young856

    DAMN…i want them lakers outta here!


  • Jersey

    Go fucking Lakers. Ariza is Mr. Clutch. The Lake Show is back in syndication.

  • Shady Universe

    And sooooo many people said the Lakers wouldn’t win in Denver SMFH…..


    HELL FUCKIN YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    ARggggggggghhhh!!!!!! h;asd klfh asdkl;hfkl;sdhflk;hdaskl;fj!
    Cynthia….hey boo! ;)

  • dat nigga


    fuck the shit nuggets.

  • Digitek

    exactly Shady, sooooo many ….I’m a Nuggets FAN and had a feeling the Lakeshow would take this game …Kenyon Martin is NO LONGER allowed to throw the ball inbounds lol …FUCK!!

  • chase

    you needa put picture of ariza up next game cus hes a beast

  • Shake

    ^^yea. i just switched it haha.

  • dat nigga

    and while were at it. kenyon martin is a bitch who is dating a hoodrat who use to suck of a junky for coke and rent money. That junky is lil wayne. fuck you nuggets. Lakers all day everyday even on a leap year niggaaaasss.. shake i honestly respect this site to the fullest cuz i know lakers fans run it. haha

  • YEAH!!!! 2 – 1




  • WIL

    Nuggets in 6.

  • KOBE

    look at the dumb face on carmello in the pic. THATS THE FACE OF A FUCKING LOSER.

  • kurbstomp

    im a fan of neither, but the mamba put on that FACE i kno u all saw it…

  • Lakeshow Baby!!!…FUCK YEAH!!!

  • Shady Universe

    Mello look a lil upset LMFAO!!!!!

  • Gay. Fuck Lakers. Fuck Kobe.

  • exclusivekid

    hype…cuz ya won a close game with a bad game from mello

    Go Nuggets

  • Digitek

    @ dat nigga

    Kenyon Martin would stomp a hole in your bitch ass dipshit, don’t talk about that man unless you’d say that shit to his face ..people like you make me sick …fucking shit-talking little bastards on the net that are softer than baby shit

  • Nuggets!?!?…Who Cared About Them Until Now!!…lol….Lakeshow All Day!!

  • FCK!! I missed the game, but That W is wass up. Im watching espn for highlights right noW LOL..the Lakeshow put up 32 in the 4th


    HAhahaha! Damn! MIGGGZZKOBEEE broke the post box hahahahaha!
    Yo shake! Good shit on the lakers game tracker side bar!

  • elohime88

    @hustleGRL, fuck you and your blog. do i have to star leaving comments on your page saying fuck carmello, cuz i’ll do it in a mutha fucking new york minute hoe!. your man drake is a laker fan.

  • LMFAO @elohime88

  • elohime88

    @Digitek , it’s the internet you cant stop it. people are going to talk shit regardless . stop being so sensitive you little bitch.

  • GzUpHoe

    dis y kobe is dat nigga. he a straight assassin. he a killa. lakers got dis chit n 5. done deal

  • Jpeezy

    Melo can be best, lebron can be king, but Kobe is God none higher (PUSHA)

  • freakinrican

    Nuggs got thissssssssss 7 Games…. but they got this. Billups gonna take over the series

  • Digitek


    I’m not being sensitive fag boy, it annoys me when people fly off at the mouth at someone THEY KNOW would body them up …dig?

  • dat nigga

    @Digitek and what are you doing right now? shit taking on the net. I tell you what, have you seen me before? ( no) what that being said how do you know what im capable of? you dont… i would retract that little statement of yours. WE ALL KNOW YOUR A BITCH LIKE YOUR DADDY.

  • Ray Allen

    let’s all stop fighting and get along. k? (:

  • Calm down fellas….it’s not that serous! GO LAKERS LOL

  • CB

    Ariza does it again & KB24 is clutch like usual. Dat clutch 3 he had was da dagger. Ive seen him do dat so many times its not even funny. He goes 4 da kill. They dnt call him da black mamba 4 nothin…Lakers got dis hands dwn.

  • Whatup, just lettin yall know..

    new Maino ft. Young Jeezy & T-Pain – All the Above Remix


    SHAKE: you’ve been warned.

  • Digitek

    your CAPS lock button has me very shook right now…and I will end because its fucking stupid and a waste of time, you’re right I don’t know you, but I was technically talking shit about YOU talking shit about someone else..follow? …but anyways, do you ..I’m just gonna continue to enjoy my drinks and hope some new music gets posted soon…ONE.

  • 421

    lakers win but they still soft as butter

  • Ariza=Underated

    I’ve Been Tellin Everyone At School That Ariza Is The Shit And Look At What He Did Today
    Fuck Yeah!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Every Since That Suns Game Last Year I Knew He Was Special

  • DN

    Carmello Neeeeedssssss to demand the ball….. its all good thou

  • Another good game!

  • truth

    lol @ ariza being the shit

    ariza’s steal was not as impressive as kmart’s pass was terrible

  • and not as impressive as the game the refs played tonight, they almost pulled out a W. maybe next time.
    GO LAKERS black mamba all day. He strikes again. and those two shots that Gasol made. smh ILL.
    I like How Nugget fans think its all good, like having your team lead a whole game and then lose composure and poise in the end, is a good thing. loved that air ball by “MR.Big Shot”

  • Russ

    alright lakers won…but that comment about billups shot was a little much. the game was over already and he pulled up from like 28ft tryin to drawl a foul in the process. you must have missed that 4 point play in kobe’s grill moments earlier?

  • Dwada

    that shouldn’t have been a 4 point play ne how, kobe had his hands str8 up…billups was the one who drew contact

  • isiah thomas aka ucf coach

    kobes in beast mode yall need to bow down till yalls knees hit yalls foheads!! lakers are soft okay then the nuggets are soft.. yea shut the fuck up yall expect them to be like the old pistons man they aint the bad boys of the nba.. kenyon needs to relize hes pure trash stop actin like he has any game cuz he dont.. lakers in 5 or 6 but not goin to 7 for sure..

  • Micky

    How does it feel to have 2 games giftwrapped and given to you? If karl was worth a damn Nuggs would be up 3-0. Peezys

  • whocares?

    Lakers in 7