Lakers 101 vs Nuggets 120 (Game 4)

blame it on Shake May 25, 2009

Are the Nuggets gonna tie the series back up? Or are the Lakers gonna pull ahead and take a commanding lead? I vote for option 2. END GAME UPDATE: Damn, Smith had a hell of a game. And the Lakers aren’t gonna win when they let 7 players have double digit scorring. Back to LA we go…

  • tms202

    too bad option 2 not gonna happen

  • G-420

    ^ too bad your wrong

  • Demon

    I think you mean ‘commanding’ lead but I’m thinking Denver bounces back to tie this up. They know they need it or the show’s over.

  • Too bad he’s right


    Does anyone else hate the EA sports virtual playbook? LMAO when someone sets a screen, and the AI lets the player being screened right through to the “wide open” shooter.

  • ST

    Cool story, bro.

  • Shake

    you’re right. commanding not demanding.

  • Burk

    Black Mamba

  • Lets go tie series!

  • vick

    hasnt started yet? :S

  • G-420

    Too bad yo momma ain’t right…
    both of yall momma’s

    we’ll see

  • MarK AnthonY


  • hiphop4life

    every1 knows these 2dopeboys are laker and esp. kobe d riders, pause, but the lakers are takin the L 2night

  • tms202


    who plays live anymore

  • Melo > Kobe tonight

  • hiphop4life

    damn that nigga on denver jus took off on that windmill !!

  • It’s Early Black Mamba has the coil wrapped around the nuggets.. Entertain the circus during halftime… Is Jerry West crazy ?

    Jerry West Article

  • Lakers …here we go!!! Come over and check out my blog today too fellas-we are officially live

  • BrAv3 RaG3

    imma give it to Denver tonight…

  • Hopefully the refs wont get whistle happy…If the Lakers can stop denvers runs and force turnovers, and make freethrows we getting that W.



    No I don’t play it – they show it now on the pregame, it’s EA Virtual Playbook and the analysts walk through the virtual players and show you the keys to victory. I think they just started doing it because I’ve never seen it until this playoff series – ESPN’s NFL Live does it too with Madden virtual players.

  • I will take that on the road down by 7 ! Bidrman will got shot down in the air ! lol… Black Mamba… Jr. Smith is coming into his own… Check it out http://www.myspace.com/blaqpoet

  • Demon

    J.R. Smith has been nuts tonight but they need Melo at least ar 50% to close this thing out. 1-for-11 shooting, feeling sick before the game, tweaking his ankle.. they better hope the crowd can help them out in the second half. This is too close for comfort.

  • I have a feeling…Lakers are not going to win tonight! sux

  • tms202


    my bad
    i should’ve known what you were talkin about tho

  • whocares?

    Im not a fan of either team but you can see the lakers dont have that killr instict. Its like there relying on home court

  • kolbs

    Dahntay Jones is a dirty mother fucker



  • looks like 2-2

  • jaydee

    there’s still 8 mins left… chill lol

  • Brandon

    Looks like its mos def gonna be 2-2. Beside Kobe the Lakers have not done shit. I mean Odem & Bynum are right under the damn basket and can’t get a damn rebound. Also, seems to be alot of phantom calls by these refs. They see what they want to see!

  • jaydee

    Kobe has been doing great this quarter, but it is starting to look to late cuz the Nuggs keep firing back. Idc tho, I’m not a fan of either team, I just wanna see Kobe and LeBron go at it…

  • Yeah I dunno, this is the first game of the conference finals where it seemed like the team, lakers in this case, weren’t into it. almost like a regular season game.

  • E

    better get ready to change that icon on the side to 2-2! go nuggets!

  • G-420

    ^ fureal

  • nuggets losing they head right now giving out too many free shots… game getting physical.

    shit should be good though, 2-2

  • DP

    dahntay jones is a bitch dude.

  • J.R. Smith lol

  • not liking this game at all! Denver is doing too good tonight!

  • Buck3ts

    JR Smith with 2 daggers in a row.

  • dat nigga

    son of a bitch

  • jakefromthebean

    yup sorry to say but the lakers took an L tonight….

  • G-420

    Lakers lazy on D

  • kindbuddy

    Glad I didn’t see Kobe make that rape face again tonight, this series will go to 7. Who wins? Probably LA.

  • kindbuddy

    No homo

  • B Tank

    J.R. Smith was killing this game
    2-2 let’s go nuggets

  • Kal

    Lol @ the announcer. Smitty! “Right from off the bench”
    Dudes know how to make things sound epic/dramatic.

  • NotoriousRambo

    2 DOPEBOYZ U MAD???????? LOL

  • Bryant Kobe

    Smart move by the officials to put Trevor Ariza in early foul trouble. 2-2 is no big deal. LAL got this.

  • rea1

    nba officating is a fuckin joke this is sad
    this is the mothafuckin playoffs let them play

    stillll fuck denver
    LAKERS bitchesssss

  • kindbuddy


    Smart move by the officials to put Trevor Ariza in early foul trouble. 2-2 is no big deal. LAL got this.

    Bryant Kobe said this on May 25th, 2009 at 8:06 pm

    So it was a smart move last game to have all of Denver’s players in foul trouble. Sure the refs can call a bad game but its not like LA cant win just like last game.

  • So I take it by the score we didnt play D. didnt force enough turnovers, and a few boards…They must have been drinking that bullshit instead of that “killa” smelling blood…we still taking the series but toughness needs to be there every game

  • Bryant Kobe

    @ kindbuddy:

    It was just a sarcastic comment. I knew before the game even started that the Lakers wasn’t going to win solely because I know the officiating in the playoffs have been bad ALL PLAYOFFS.

    Not hating, Denver’s bench was crushing and my team lost. No big deal, unless you’re Pusha T and Malice, because then it would be kinda like a big one.

  • simple. Denver came out to play… Lakers didnt. its a whole new series now. game 5’s gonna be dope.


  • kindbuddy


    @ kindbuddy:

    It was just a sarcastic comment. I knew before the game even started that the Lakers wasn’t going to win solely because I know the officiating in the playoffs have been bad ALL PLAYOFFS.

    Not hating, Denver’s bench was crushing and my team lost. No big deal, unless you’re Pusha T and Malice, because then it would be kinda like a big one.

    Bryant Kobe said this on May 25th, 2009 at 8:17 pm
    I know lol its all good man, nice clipse reference.

  • Mac Mic

    @ Shake & Meka

    I agree with y’all cats on many subjects and we have the same tastes in hip hop, but you gotta come off this Lakers tip my dudes. It’s time for the nuggets to shine, if the nba officials and David Stern didn’t suck so damn bad we might actually see the best 2 TEAMS, not players, play in the finals. Which would be more than entertaining enough if all the big money and powers in place stop trying to dumb America down.

    Who knows, Melo might actually be the no. 2 guy right now after these performances. Wish they would stop trying to injure him and JR Smith!! One

  • Shake

    ^^ how is being an actual fan of a team being “on their tip”. smh…

  • Buck3ts

    I’m hoping for a Nuggets vs. Magic finals. Both teams match up REAL well.

  • Who knows, Melo might actually be the no. 2 guy right now after these performances.


    Dude isnt even the one holding his team up right now, Billups is.
    Melo’s last two games combined:
    7-29 FGs 1-10 3pts 8 rebs 8 asts 11 fouls


    Kobe > Lebron > Wade > Paul > Howard > then just maybe Melo

  • Chris Paul is overrated Tommy. He scored 4 points in a 58 point blowout

  • Mac Mic


    Just for clarification: “off this Lakers tip” and “off the Lakers’ tip” has 2 completely different meanings, hence I said the first one. I’m from Detroit, there’s two sayings for two separate reasons, that’s why we made them up. I hope you’re on board with my meaning now cause it was no disrespect.

    P.S. Nuggets goin too hard right now…

  • Lil’ Nello

    Real lazy D from the Lakers tonight but this is on the refs partially to cause you know David Stern wants it to go 7 games just to make it entertaining & max out all the revenue they can for the NBA! Lakers will still win the series in 7 games!

  • Dontbesalty

    Man some Laker fans, OK , fuck it ALL Laker fans are pathetic man. Never mind the fact 99 percent of yall outside the LA area( and inside too shit how many of yall root for the Clippers) are unrepetent dirtbag bandwagoners, but on top of that you gotta be amongst the most obnoxious, hating ass fans the NBA has ever had to offer. I just read thru a thread on Lakers ground where dudes went on full cism’ mode talking about the Nuggets are classless thugs( read the new ” Nigger”) who should be at the Rucker( lmao) instead of the NBA. Then this dude above me has the gall to try to insinuat a 20 point win is somehow fixed SMH. On a side note JRS duck walk after the dagger was the funniest thing the NBA has seen all year. Heres the gif if you missed it lmao http://i39.tinypic.com/sestft.jpg JR celebration deserves its own post

  • Bryant Kobe

    @ Dontbesalty:

    I dont think us Laker fans are pathetic, unrepentant (yeah, this is how you spell it) dirtbag bandwagoners. Fans of a team is supposed to hate other opponents (that’s what competitive sports is all about), but we acknowledge the fact that we lost the the Nug Thugs. Come on man, Dont Be Salty.

  • Lil’ Nello

    lol @ you thinking my statement was saying this 1 game is fixed
    my statement was that the series is more then likely fixed to go all 7 games & have the Lakers win same with Cavs & Magic so they could have Kobe & LeBron in the Finals to max out the potential revenue they could get from it & pretty much everyone wanting to see that

  • truth

    howard stern can only do so much in his power as can the refs sway a game in one team’s favor. the Cavs are outright getting fucked by the Magic, i dont see them advancing at this point in time

  • Menlow

    David Stern, Howard Stern is on radio buddy lol

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  • MR. 9O7

    Magic vs. Nuggets

  • Dontbesalty

    Lakers have a huge number of bandwagoners, if you disagree with this statement you more than likely have never visited Cali, interacted with fellow Laker fans, or even checked yourself lol! The current fan base( outside of the kids they get a pass) has almost exclusively started supporting after the 3-peat ask the majority of these cats about those Van Exel, Jones, Campbell and Divac days and youll get blank expressions. This comes with success im not delusional to that, shit the Bulls had the same effect in the 90s and I hated their fanbase all the same. Just look how their fanbase shrunk post 90s, back in the day you were guaranteed to know at least one fool who repped the Bulls now its back to being only a regional thing. As for the obnoxious part, thats absolutley true visit any of the Laker forums( Lakersground etc) and youll see nothing but Nuggets hate threads, guys even letting their inner prejudice out going into tangents about the Nuggets so called criminality without giving any credit to them for the win. Fact is itll be a great day for real NBA fans if two teams with huge bandwagons( not to mention media support) get knocked out of the conference finals. And to the dude claiming its fixed to 7 your an idiot thats all, you could argue NBA officiating is very biased but to attempt to place a Laker based spin on it throws it all out of the window

  • Lazy Izzy

    @ Tommy


    Delete the .rar or .zip and your music will still be there.

  • dat nigga

    @ MR. 9O7 you really think so? magic and the nuggs. hmmm that would be some shit.

  • Yp, kobe should of have put hands to mr jones…that shit was maddd dirty…Im usually calm but on some principle sht, he ordered a knuckle club w extra whoop ass for doing that

  • Ryea

    He tripped homie on purpose…
    No call???
    Fuck was that about?

  • Micky

    take that take that take that

  • added a b ball post in my for the fellas section- post your thoughts

  • jr smiths duck walk was freackin awesome yeah