Papoose - Feelin' Some Way

Pap hops on Curtis' latest Dr. Dre produced single. And I fully agree with nation (except I send shots). Step it up Pappy.

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  • J Kelly pap hate?? i like that...

  • woowoot

    last track I listened to from Pap was Victory 2007. He put out what, 21 mixtapes?, and had probably 1 mixtapes worth of nice tracks

  • SHOWMAN3000

    Hmm wow dope track!!!!

    Dude was super nice then became overatted quickly, he started feeling himself more after that stupid $1.5M deal that Elecktra (or whoever it was) gave him, then when he realized nobody wants him that bad (for $1.5M) he felt back and as a result REALLY fell off!! Nevertheless, I like this track but he has was to go to get that same buzz back.

  • SHOWMAN3000


    ...he fell back and as a result he then REALLY fell off!!
    Nevertheless, I like this track but he has ways to go to get that same buzz back.

  • NY

    WOW SHAKE, quit being so damn bias against papoose, maybe he isn't the greatest rapper ever like some people seem to think but he ain't that bad, personally i like some of his shit (this song too), I ain't a dick rider but i would buy his shit, he's real, he's got ill lyrics, and he goes hard(no homo) on every track unlike these rappers going commercial just for money(even though i think papoose really needs to get signed and put out an album)

  • JKelly

    i'm 25 yrs old and been listenin 2 hip hop steady for 10 yrz and i still don't understand "no homo"...

  • NY

    ok well the rest makes complete sense, shake i respect you and i love the website you and meka always give us the best exclusive rap but i hate the bias on papoose.

  • NY

    yeah fuck you shake, its a good thing you about as relevant as me in the rap gamed

  • NY


  • DRL72

    Pap is a prime example of how labels ruin your career. He built a great buzz with the mixtapes as a street spitter. Since he signed that deal and lost it, most of his work has sufferred. He's trying too hard to make a hit. He needs to get advice from Royce who sufferred the same fate in 2001-2 and then came back on some fuck the industry type shit.

  • etrain

    Poose's rhymes are poopy..dude sounds like Shells
    and aint nobody remember his lil battle style rhymes


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