• C-Town

    This guy was truly a genius. RIP, homie.

  • http://onmymama.blogspot.com/ Steve Spade


  • Brock


  • self con

    upload on mediafire plese

  • JackKerorap

    Dude was nice. MHZ was the shit with Copywrite, Camu and Jakki

  • http://myspace.com/producedbybang Bang

    R.I.P. Tero!!!

  • a friend

    MHz. Rerelease. Of tablescraps drops june 30th. Proceeds from the rerelease WILL be going to the Smith family. Camu Tao aka Tero Smith will forever live on through his music & the memories he's left behind.



  • lupang

    R.I.P. Camu.

    Plot For a Little & Oxycontin are played often. Am going to kop King Of Hearts later in the year and now maybe that MHZ release.

    In the meantime: thanks for the mixtape.

  • Wonderin


  • Wonderin

    And a Mediafile link would be much appreciated from someone.

  • graf

    As a friend of mine wrote recently on Camu: "...it is made abundantly clear that music enthusiasts will never bare witness to the potential this young man could have fulfilled." word. RIP

  • sick


  • skeme

    R.I.P. CAMU

  • http://getrightcolumbus.blogspot.com/ cashola

    R.I.P. camu. dude will always be remembered in columbus...

  • chronwell

    I got hip to him thru the NightHawks album which I still play time to time. Rest, brother.

  • http://bkcyph.com BK Cyph

    R.I.P. dude was a beast on the mic and soooo underated!

  • b.

    the shit he was doing (was about to drop)... was gonna rip one in the music scene. heads weren't ready... hope we get to hear those verses on the new WM album.

  • b.

    p.s. in a world where every muthafucka sounds the same, boring and tired... this cat had some nasty edge.

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  • http://coldrockdaspot.blogspot.com Jaz

    This is the compilation I did last year, it's funny how things spread.


    R.I.P. Camu

  • rob

    h3y thanx much0 for this,,, i just got turned onto Tero/Camu Tao & feel fortunate to have the free DL mixtape & to read all the g00d vibes...my best to his family, p3ace, rOB =][=

  • Evgeny

    Rest in peace.
    Will remember and love for ever.
    Thank you for making my life a life, your music made me who I am.