bun b fuck wit everybody....hes a hip-hop head 4real. i dont think hes ever been in beef.....living legend

  • Mr. Swagright

    that track is co-produced by un upcoming producer by the name of G-Rocka..he's Dj Muggs' lil' homie...ask Muggs about G-Rocka he'll tell you that G-Rocka gots heaters for days..G-Rocka is definitely on that Dj Khalil level.Be on the look out for him..Meka&Shake need to stop sleepin on G-Rocka...and holla at him ASAP... check his myspace page out myspace.com/grockaundersea

  • http://rainycityradio.com Kanemku

    I was actually listening to some M1 earlier today... he came up whem my pod was on shuffle

  • BLuHaZe

    that track that play at the end of the interview is niiiiiiiice!

  • http://www.pacinlaw.org Drew

    I second BLu. I can't wait for that new Dead Prez. My boy told me listenin to that stuff is gonna get me locked up but I love it who the hell else is warning people about the Codex. Stay healthy prepare for war.

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  • http://www.myspace.com/js410 J.S.

    this is the HARDEST FUCKING SONG i've heard this year.