• Mr. W3st

    *looks at the name DJ SCREAM*

    do ya'll think this tape has a dj screaming all over it?



  • jeremy

    I hope its dope..bucks been correct..good to see a mixtape..now he only needs a photoshoot.

  • http://www.eyezup.net.Thekushlife The Kush Life

    good lookin out ! will let chu know...

  • Nelly

    this what I been waiting for

  • http://www.youtube.com/elonskeetv ElonSkee

    lmfao @ now he only needs a photoshoot hahahaha

  • jeremy

    anybody else notice in the artwork the money in his bag is like a hundred...then its like a twenty ..a five..a ten..a one..lol..cashville in in a recession.

  • jeremy’s only friend in the world, the internet


  • black9


  • Demon

    GET 'EM BUCK!! Hope this is heat

  • http://N3Wschool.wordpress.Com Trey

    where's good food!!

  • Shake

    ^^drops tomorrow.

  • Krhyme

    I hope this is good. I find Buck's songs sounding too similar nowadays. I don't want this dude to turn out n become just another Southern Artist

  • jazzyphizzel

    yo thanks man.. but PLEASE dont use sendspace.. use


    it has ALL big filesharing systems in one (like rapidshare,zshare,sendspace,megaupload and many more)

  • rashard lewis

    buck!!! hope this is better than the mixtape he did with "the future"


    Buck woulda made 50 more money than yayo and banks combined....
    50 u lost 1.......mayb 2!

  • m

    hey is there another link somewhere i want this mixtape and that site took it down get back to me someone

  • BigSean

    can someone reup it?

  • http://www.7anak.com m 187

    n!ce albom


    yes buck you are the shit aim from amsterdam keep on make real G music blesss yess the best of THE UNIT BUCK YOUNG BUCK