• 16padBeAsT

    As a drummer/beatmaker/musician and aspiring producer and engineer he is one of my biggest influences definitely a living legend This is going to be DOPE maybe I'll hit the lottery and get to check out one of the shows lol good up J. Kim

  • http://www.twitter.com/brotherdante BrotherDante

    Damn man, I wish this tour would come to New York. Been a fan of Karriem for a while.

  • tee

    new YORK?!!! we need to ship hi behind to london, QUICK time! legend!

  • dope

    2dopeness right there.

    Does anyobody know that where that final beat is fro though?
    Shit is crazy

  • nrh

    True, what is that song at the end?

  • Iaeshia

    wow this guy is amazing & a cutie pie!