• Wonderin


    You got me. I'll take a listen.


    link isn't working

  • BeanTown

    yeah download link isn't working

  • syool

    what they said^^

  • Chuck

    works for me...

  • sdonns

    are all the artists featured on each track?

  • DocCosmos

    They shoulda dropped jd and put 3 stacks on here. But i'll download and give it a listen.

  • Shake

    link works fine. step your bootlegging game up.

  • boi-1da

    word, fix that link..

  • Shakou

    only 9 tracks?

  • m.

    jermaine is an excellent producer.

  • Chinks

    dats what she said

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  • http://patrick.breathesmoke.com Patrick

    Love that Heart of the City flip.

  • http://misterandre.com Mr. Andre

    I heard about this 'super group' through Maestro.

    But, only ten tracks?!

    7 = Ep
    12 = Lp
    15 = Mixtape

    The math doesn't add up.

  • http://www.ryanhutch.com Ryan Hutch

    This mixtape is actually NICE! For real ... musically, Im impressed.
    Songz is a damn monster on ANY beat!
    And Nelly wounds like he did back in the old days.
    Yeah ... I'll admit that I was a Nelly fan when he first came out!
    JD ... still sounds like "Money Aint A Thang" to me ... I dont mind it.
    Overall, dope mixtape. I suggest yall download it if you wanna hear some real flashy music from some real successful dudes.

  • Lazy Izzy

    JD's intro makes me wanna punch an infant.

    Dope tape to ride to though.

  • http://hidefinitionmuzik.blogspot.com The Most Hated

    Yo this shit is actually good. I'm shocked.

  • http://www.myspace.com/faggiiboiipree Pree

    omg. maybe i expect too much from ppl who have been in the game for so long. vocally Johnta and Songz have it but not the right setting for those cats. JD was ugh. Nelly sounds outta place. WHAT THE FUCK IS TY'S OCCUPATION! but i guess u get what u pay for...NOTHING

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  • dubsmith

    Interesting concept, all these cats must have too much time on their hands