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Tyga – My Glory (Video)

blame it on Shake May 29, 2009

Official video for the latest leak off Tyga’s upcoming album, The Introduction. Look out for his mixtape with Green Lantern, The Potential, coming soon!

  • Shake this kid is nice ! Classik video of the day ?

  • ya he’s improving
    after no intro flopped
    he has come back full force with his latest tracks and features, and now the potential mixtape before the introduction album…he’s gonna kill it
    outraged and underaged = 1 of my fav mixtapes

  • AdubC

    Just think if dude would have jumped on the scene with something like this rather than that ‘Coconut Juice’ shit….

  • This is hot!

  • arke

    good shit…kinda sounds like kweli on the chorus :)

  • ChYnO

    wow impressed.

  • Yeah. Like I mentioned on this previous video posts, he just realized that just doing “fun” music wasn’t gon make you a legend. You had to be coming with bars, because ’09 is the rebirth of hip hop. A lot of new school artists are emerging that have legend potential.

    He can’t pass this chance up. I’m sure having a YM affiliate mate like Drake had something to do with him stepping up his game as well. Legends beget legends.

  • bluhbluhd

    wants to be weezy and hov too much

  • enrico

    he is dope!

  • SHOWMAN3000

    Fuck what ya heard this boy has arrived. He got and is getting waaaayyyy better. This video adds a new dimension to the song. I’m routing for Tyga. I hope he keeps it up. This song is real good.

  • wow i actually thought these comments would be filled with hate but i guess u dopeboyz are thinking like i am! Tyga is improving and i hope he doesn’t go back to that eating money and trying his best to be hard way cause thats some bullshit. and coconut juice was pure commercial shit and was a good start. make something like that then come with a track for the real hip-hop heads, that way you please both parties.

  • klark kent

    damn not a Tyga fan but this kinda is changing my thoughts
    hot track

  • larocscott

    tyga is fucking raw he always been raw since 2007

  • DopeSir

    tygas starting to bring the heat.

  • Tizzie

    tyga can be better than hov with the right marketing

  • Mac Mic

    I still don’t know about this kid. I didn’t listen to the track when it first leaked, but his swag is obviously at 100. I ask myself though, did he actually say anything of value or clever or intelligent? I think he might have just pulled a Lil Wayne here where he tries to act like he just spit something prolific and it actually doesn’t make sense or the words have little impact. I’ll listen again another day…

  • Mac Mic

    Btw, that is a cool ass video

  • Mac Mic, I think you have a point there. As I continued to listen to this and a few of the other joints I’ve said I’ve been liking from him, I’ve noticed he really doesn’t say anything significant. It’s like the audio equivalent of being hungry, and then eating something, but still feeling empty. The songs didn’t lyrically move me, but the presentation and swag on it all was dope.

    He needs to work on his sincerity in my opinion.

  • chase

    tyga swag is what makes him dope no lie im a fan but tyga is that dude

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