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Louis Logic – Sound Session Interview (Audio)

blame it on Shake May 30, 2009

Louis Logic might not look like your typical rapper, but you better believe he can rap circles around some of your favorites. And in this recent interview with DJ Hyphen & J. Moore, Louis speaks on the early 2000’s underground scene (I miss those days), his work with the Demigodz, his musical and personal evolution, his time as roomates with Travis McCoy (Gym Class Heroes), why Spork Kills is his best and most important work to date and much more. Great fucking interview. Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m gonna put on Sin-A-Matic and run around killing people The Odd Couple and tip back a few Coronas.

DOWNLOAD: Louis Logic – Sound Session Interview | Mediafire

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  • Bloomer

    Interesting. I appreciated this post — as I initially gained my exposure to Louis during his “Factotum”, “Loud Mouth” release days; however, I’d never really dug all too far into his origins and musical background before.

  • KnockoutKing

    louis >

  • Quen’a

    My man hyphen got artists comin through every week…sound session probably one of the best hip hop radio stations on the air and he gives local artists shine too(all dope). Seattle comin up.

    Dope interview.

  • Steve_Rollin

    Logic is insanely dope. Sin-A-Matic is one of my favorite “underground” hip-hop albums ever. I ordered that shit and got a free autographed poster, and Louis Logic barf bag and shot glass, lol. Classic shit!

  • SysOverride

    Wow..thanks for this..I was wondering what Logic was up to…dude is dope..

  • Steve_Rollin

    I honestly didn’t even know that the Sin-A-Matic 80’s Edition was out already. I heard about it a while back but didn’t know that it was done. I just ordered it for $5 though, the snippets sound EXTREMELY dope. Very cool twist on an underground classic.

  • kravets

    who the fuck is this poor man’s lenny kravets. get your own look cornball!

  • Lazy Izzy

    Louis is one of the dopest MC’s but I swear with him its out of sight out of mind type shit.

    Interview is nice as hell

  • Lazy Izzy

    LOL @ The part about Apathy, Seems like nobody likes him anymore….

  • Steve_Rollin

    @ Lazy Izzy

    I agree, and I don’t find it coincidental that there hasn’t been much music coming from Apathy recently. I honestly haven’t heard shit from him since that Eastern Philosophy album (which did have some great production).

  • Wonderin

    I had a friend of mine say that every time she listened to Factotum it reminded her of me. HAHA.

    Louis Logic is the shit.

  • ayjosh

    Never heard of dude, I wanna know what he says about the roommate thing.

  • Viktor

    What happened between him and Apathy?