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Drake – I’m Goin’ In f. Lil Wayne & Young Jeezy [NoDJ]

blame it on Shake May 31, 2009

Talk about one of the most off centered ways of finally getting an official track. First we had the incomplete version with some other rapper, then I premiered the NoDJ with just Drake & Wayne, then the official line up (with drops) appeared on the Trappin’ Ain’t Dead mixtape. Now we get the official version, sans tags via Mr. NoDJ X.

DOWNLOAD: Drake – I’m Goin’ In f. Lil Wayne & Young Jeezy | Mediafire

  • Finally, lol.

  • anonymous

    ^what he said aha. this shit’s crazy.

  • Dre

    It seriously took this long for this track to come out. hilarious!!! so who’s album will this be on, Drake’s right?

  • Money

    drake is dope.

  • anonymous

    is there any chance an instrumental’s comin soon?

  • Shake

    ^^hopefully not. i don’t care to hear 0981205125 “rappers” try to “go in” thirty seconds after the official version drops.

  • blaow

    co-sign with shake
    nobody should touch this unless they can actually match the level of the song

  • anonymous

    well im sure people will loop the ending anyway. its not like no instrumental’s gonna stop some people as long as they have the loop. so im betting that there’ll be a lot of freestyles regardless.

  • Orange Blaze

    i still like this beat but wayne is slackin Again

  • David Jefferis

    shake the media file link doesnt work .

  • SHOWMAN3000

    That’s funny because my set comment was gonna be

    “Fuck now there’s gonna be 1 BILLION rappers doing their version of this song and they won’t live up to original song; even if their version is dope. It’s somewhat pathetic at this point before it was pathetic it was just annoying. It advanced.”


    I give it no more than 2 days before ____ (fill in the blank) drops their version (aka “Remix” lol). I could even make a good guess already too.

  • SHOWMAN3000

    Some songs are better just left alone! At least let the shit breathe for 6 months or something. Give people a chance to forget the beat so you (rappers) can make your own mark on the beat. Trust me even if your version is dope most people hit the “skip” button or their slightly annoyed at you for doing this.

  • jimbo

    I dislike Wayne’s voice in general…but it sounds HORRENDOUS over this beat….just my opinion or others feel the same way?

  • deVICe

    This is off topic. But there’s a Drake album on iTunes? Wtf? When’d that come out?

  • Yeah, I saw that too. It’s called “The Girls Love Drake” Somebody probably just uploaded thru one of those distribution companies and getting money for Drake’s work! NOT COOL. All them songs are free right now anyways.

  • Pssssst

    meh…part duex

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  • AJG

    When I heard the version on Trappin Ain’t Dead I was like Jeezy still got it but glad the official dropped. I heard this shit on Power 106 the other day, is it gonna be dropping as a single?

  • Drake rips this track, totally outshines both Wayne and Jeezy

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