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GLC’s Verse on Kanye’s Spaceship (Video)

blame it on Shake May 31, 2009

At the beginning of the month, GLC shocked us with some still shots from the lost Spaceship video from Kanye West, himself & Consequence. Now he steps up the anticipation by dropping a portion of the video that includes his verse. I’ve included it after the jump since I can’t seem to turn off the auto play. Now let’s get the full version!

  • i miss when kanye made tracks like this
    n glc ripped this track

  • GhardWe

    should have made this public to get GLC more out man

  • WOW!

    MAN, we need this video RIGHT NOW I can’t believe that this wasn’t dropped back in 2004.

    I’m saying, IMO, this song is like in the Top 10 for my list. This would’ve won Grammies yo!

  • Spiffdanger

    GLC’s verse isnt that good..
    but the vid seems pretty interesting.. and that chick at the end of the clip was stacked..lol

  • Is that 88-Keys standing there after the credit card shot???

  • Finally. One of the most underrated songs. One of my favorite songs.

  • I can’t believe I actually just saw part of the Spaceship video lol…never thought I would see a second of it!

  • Kal

    Dope Song and even Doper Video Man I wonder why it was never released grammy potential is there.

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  • @Tommy yo that is 88 damn i missed that in my first viewing. i can not wait for the rest. if there will be more…

  • markeith504

    everytime i hear this song i think about a grip of things

    like damn thats how most people live day to day
    including me

  • this song is a fucking classic, i don’t give two shit what anyone says. kanye’s verse is amazing, glc’s verse is amazing.. the whole song is amazing. it speaks to so many people in so many different walks of life. this video would have been defining for kanye and glc, i believe.

    been listening to this song since it’s dropped and i sing it in my head almost everyday while i grind away the hours.

  • AreEn

    This track is dope as is was when it dropped. One of my favs.

  • this really takes me back man, KanYe could really make those “everyman” kinda songs on his first album and this one more than any captured the struggle and frustration of everyday mediocrity, and this video was amazing. Not too many crazy effects, just a simple theme and the song is still so relateable

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  • qwan

    haha my nigga 88 keys was lookin rough

  • DP

    song is a fuggin classic….i fell like this every damn day at kroger. kanye inspires me to snap on my fucking boss..


  • @ DP, shouts for working at kroger, it’s like my favorite grocery store but now that I live in LA the closest thing I have is a Ralphs!

    Detroit what up!

    I still like this song. The concept is dope, the lyrics are dope and the beat still bangs.

  • lll

    Back when I first heard it, this song made me reevaluate my life. The album pushed me to return to university. Heh…now, I school-out in Hawaii. Pretty sweet.

    Kanye’s other albums always come like a fresh battery in the back. I fuckin’ love it.

  • those still shots were enough to make me go crazy, and now this video clip!!! dang … now we just waiting on the entire video

  • ill slick west

    oh my god maaan i need to see this full video.

    this is amazing.

  • BrotherDante

    This would have been a good look for GLC.
    This shit is hot.

  • DocCosmos

    damn video wont work for me,im about to go crazy

  • damn…this shit wasn’t even that long ago and damn it takes me to a certain place, song is fuqin ill, classic Ye

  • Marshall

    word to kroger. michigan rep

  • tricky

    damn kanye leave that gay fish shit alone and come back makin music like this

  • chas

    88 keysss my dood

  • Theraust

    damn…..esther baxter lookin thick as HELLLLLL

    This video should have been put out instead of new workout plan

  • damn spaceship bringin back memories! i remember 5 years ago 6th grade singin and rappin along to this shit on my cd player… i was the only one in my middle school bumpin college dropout! everyone was like “whos kany-ee west??” and “why his cd got a pink bear on it?? is he gay or somethin?” lol those were the days

    anyway this video looks dope… simple, none of that flashy bullshit. glc HAS to drop tha full version!


  • m

    i wish it would play damn it

  • thai-stick