• justin…..

    PA's solid, I'll check this out.

  • Myth_Seeker

    one of the few cats that still has that laid back soul on the mic...love it

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  • KnockoutKing


  • ghowgg

    dope as hell and one of the best things to be posted here in weeks like i expected but the bonus track aint extracting?? just me ?

  • tribalflex

    this shit is soooooooul...i hate toronto u talented assholes lol jk...bonus works fine for me..meh

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  • Draztic

    Dope respects for this download...definately worth the listen


  • Haight

    from toronto, a lot of dope music has been coming out lately, just wish the dude would have maybe thought about rocking a Jays hat instead, represent.

  • R.G

    this has been on repeat all day today for me..so refreshing

  • Cesc

    Yo this is definitely dope. Sounds a bit like the dude from Outlandish.. Gonna have this on loop for a while.

  • onetime

    2DOPE! for real..loving this mixtape

  • mkultra84

    PA OWNS.

  • Jason

    Dope shit..been listening to P.A from time..keep it up homie


  • http://www.twitter.com/jansportj Jansport J

    more consistent, dope shit from the homie P.A.

  • fresh

    P.A. keeps getting better with each release. The flow and the beats mesh nicely...