• kdjuggernaut

    who r these guys?

  • rashard lewis

    yeah.. never heard of em what are they like?

  • http://mlmhh.com ike@mylifemyhiphop.com

    original dynasty was a banger when it came out...
    mixtape is worth listening to

  • rea1

    hellyeahhhhhhhhhhhh been waiting for this man
    custom made is the fuckin shitttt man these dudes are real as fuck
    people dont sleep on them


    thanks shake

  • http://www.sizzerb.com DJ

    these guys are good, original dynasty is the shit

  • la2thebay

    some of tha rawest unheard of niggas..got most they tapes..all worth tha d/l

  • http://theurbankerouac.blogspot.com TheUrbanKerouac

    The reason people don't know what this is because every video/single drop to prep this album was not even featured on this site. Then it was premiered here? That's kind of a failure of a an album campaign (on both parts). Respect to both parties involved, but that's a total botch.

  • camokemp

    the made!! rawest LA niggas. who else in LA is comin this gutta and always keep it consistent

  • http://www.myspace.com/334tilthedeathofme ADSix┬░

    Damn, this is some good shit to come home to...

  • Krhyme

    YES!!!!! I've been following these dudes for some time now and hopefully soon they will get the shine they deserve!

  • http://twitter.com/jcrillz jcrillz

    For those of you who've never heard anything by these guys, check out three of their songs here if you wanna listen before grabbing the mixtape. http://is.gd/MXuI

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  • TheLastEmperor

    I'm having problems extracting this !F:\cm-lostweek09.zip: Unexpected end of archive

    Anyone else?

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  • http://www.madsociety.com Squeegee Hi

    these kids are from the suburbs rapping about shit theyve never experienced...smh

    Scoobz is a toy

  • risen357

    scoobz can spit. and any1 not knowing about custom made check out sidewalk mindtalk. a little collection of their previous mixtapes

  • mcheadaeks

    they are the future.