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Kanye West’s the Michael Jordan/Jackson of Rapping?

blame it on Shake June 2, 2009

Sway catches up with Kanye West to talk about his upcoming (rap) album; in which he says the lyrics are promised to be awes-mazing! Check the video above, with some choice quotes below…

I kill that rap sh–, that’s what I do. Lyrics right now, they’re awes-mazing. They’re basically untouchable. I’m about to take it to a whole ‘nother level. I’d be scared if I was not me.

As far as rapping goes, how can I say this? Jordan, Michael Jackson — it’s what I do. It’s time for me to bust another rap album.

I will say, Kanye has been killing everything he touches as of late. I’ definitely anticipating the new album.

  • Real

    i agree. cuz mike wasnt the greatest.

  • Myth_Seeker

    is the new trend to hate & deny legends? smh

  • Well his lyrics aren’t untouchable (huge Kanye fan saying that) but he’s been absolutely killing his guest spots as of late.

  • Bloomer

    …haven’t had the opportunity to check out the video just yet, on account, I’m in the office; how’aire, in noting that it’ll be another ‘rap’ (infused with lyrics) album, I too, am slightly intrigued.
    He’s not the most amazing lyricist that I’ve ever heard in my lifetime, however, he is a pretty interesting character.

  • Shady Universe

    Kanye needs to redeem himself and get off the autotune but that shit ain’t gonna happen anytime soon SMFH…..just let the lyrics and beats take over our ears, not the autotune.

  • Just a thought, I remember him saying he was gonna tone the ego down after the whole South Park episode lol. What happened to toning it down?

  • mike wasnt the greatest?yeah i guess the trend is hating on legends..these comments are getting out of hand

  • Real

    when i said mike, i meant jordan

  • Shade

    Real your stupid, just shut up haha.. Anyway, Kanye been killin’ a lot of shit as of late, the sneaker game, his guest spots, just everything for the most part.. I’m lookin’ forward to this album and the BP3..

  • Wayne on tracks Lately >>>>>>. Kanye on tracks lately

  • looks at your name^

    thinks better to respond to the Lil Wayne comment

  • wow, was that dudes laugh real? he neeeeeds to quit…lol.
    i guess i’m the only one who got the sense of humor in this video, sounds to me like he was being overly cocky intentionally. but whatever, kanye has been shittin’ on everything he’s done lately…..INCLUDING 808s lol.

  • Tre

    co-sign, Tommy

  • rea1

    LMAOOOOOOOOOOO at this dumbshit kanye

    this bitchass fagget talks too much shit

    i bet slaughterhouse is shaking right now LMAOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO

    let him say someting abut the SdotHdot and he’ll get murked on the m.i.c

  • Shady Universe

    @ esbe

    I have to disagree about 808s. I like Kanye but I just couldn’t get into 808s with the autotune saturated all over the album.

  • justin…….

    kanye (rap wise) is more like ron harper haha

  • Lazy Izzy

    *Big L Voice*

    “Ha ha, Kanye you’se a funny nigga”

  • no hate here,but someone gotta remind me about the songs Kanye been killin so I can check this mysterious shit out!!!!

    all I know of so far is….
    -Kind of a big deal(Clipse n Ye)
    -Walkin on tha moon(Dream n Ye)
    -Knock me Down(Keri Hilson n YE)
    -Flight School(GlC n Ye)
    please add more insight if u can,cuz these tracks are dope but
    Kanye discussin being MJ of rap is way too big of a statement if ur using these records to back it up,just my thoughts

  • Sway needs to shop more in the mens isle not the kiddie stores for his shirts

  • ArtLives

    Yo kanye has fell off mightily on his mc game. His guest spots been all pop shit. He needs to talk alil junk maybe it’ll get em back on that dope shit stead of the boo hooing he been upta.

  • FAM!


    I know he was working on a new album! Homey can’t sleep!

  • ok

    Shady Universe, you gotta get off the whole autotune thing its old news, we all realize a lot of people dont like autotune. How a persons voice sounds doesnt make or break an album, you should know considering Em made a whole album sounding like he hadnt blown his nose in the past five years.

  • im proud of you admitting his lyrics arent untouchable tommy, i remember a few months ago you were saying you stan for ye and cudi… haha

    im looking forward to this album… im laughing at him talking about he doesnt write his lyrics down tho

  • true

    ”The more niggas said they didn’t write down lyrics
    The more it started to sound like they didn’t”

  • i started to quote that. thought people might not be up on those 15 mins of fire

  • @realtalk82

    -Magic Man (track with Yusef, John legend and i think Common)
    -Ready To Go (track from Scratch’s CD)
    -Big Screen (GLC, had an ill verse from Ye)
    -Poker Her Face (now called Make Her Say or something, track with CuDi and Common)
    -Digital Girl (still kinda auto-tuney but his verses were good. from Jamie Foxx’s CD)
    -We Fight/We Love Remix
    -King (Teriyaki song w/Big Sean)


    lol, well they are still some of my favorite “rappers” around right now but im not gonna front like they are the best MCs because thats a lie. i just enjoy their music more than most.

  • sway’s thinking like this dude kanye is an asshole

  • Shady Universe

    @ ok

    How is autotune old news??? More artists are jumping on the bandwagon singing making millions while at the same time making real artists who can do it naturally look like shit by the success and credit and you can’t compare Em’s voice to autotune considering Em has always had some kind of voice for Slim Shady. Em has nothing to do with this. And no, I won’t get off about the autotune cuz I’m against the usage of it. I’m not gonna fold on something I believe in and that’s hard work. Blood, sweat, and tears.

  • Quen’a

    LMAO @ dudes laugh at the end! I gotta feeling this next album is bout to be his best so far if he doesnt try to make it too artsy and futuristic n shit, but no song is touching last call..period.

  • Snyd3

    Damn Kanye is one cocky dude…and yeah cosign to Sway bein like damn this dude is an asshole…

    Ha but Kanye comin with good shit lately and one song dudes left out was that “Wheelie Shit” snippet…that was a sick verse

  • Cr!tical

    Kanye never did NOT make a good album.

  • YC


    Woah… Listen 2 da mixtape LV’s & Autotune 2… He str8 beest in 09

  • i aint hatin kanye he’s probably the best artist in the game right now

  • kurbstomp

    lmao anyone notice that dude in the middle got a hi-tone chipmunk laugh?

  • chris

    sway’s thinking like this dude kanye is an asshole
    +1..was thinkin the same thing bro hah

  • SHOWMAN3000

    Such an overacted lyricist. He spends albums talking about Loiu Votton, clothing, models and an occasional track where he complains about his life and the media. Wow! Prolific. There’s no big competition so he feels like he’s that nigga when he is by default. I know I’m gon get tons of hate but I’m just speaking my mind.

  • SHOWMAN3000

    It’s funny how ppl call music that has no direction or weird “futuristic” lol

  • Pssssst

    KANYE SUCKS DICK!!…just saying

  • Pssssst

    kanye could never be wavy

  • SHOWMAN3000

    After watching the video and remember several other interviews he had, I’m convinced he has a disorder of some sort. I am not dissin him… I saying on some real honest shit it seems like he’s out of touch some times. They say narcissism sometimes may seem as a disorder to some people because of the major insecurities that comes with being narcissist.

    I’m not sure if he’s narcissist but I’m definitely convinced that he has some sort of personality complex. Something is very wrong with this dude.

  • ok

    @Shady Universe
    What I meant was your complaints about autotune are old news, especially when most of the ill shit Kanye has come out with lately is autotuneless. And the only reason I brought up Em is because you’re obviously a big fan, and Em is someone who uses a annoying accent that at times is harder to listen to then autotune.

  • JaYdAgR8

    Michael Jordan = The Greatest
    Michael Jackson = Great… Not The Greatest
    Kanye West = Like Top 20 All Time Hip Hop Artists

  • ok

    Oh and ShadyUniverse your boy is straight homo considering it came out today that he agreed to let Sascha Baron Cohen 69 him on live television.

  • Big_E

    @ SHOWMAN3000

    I agree with u on the whole “disorder” thing bout Kanye but if u dont think Kanye West is one of the most talented Hip Hop artist in the game then i just dont kno wat 2 say..he is def not the best lyricist but he makes outstanding music..i wonder if u really listened 2 evry Kanye album..u cant overlook talent like his even if he is a asshole

  • redd

    Kanye is on legnd status like honestly who is really touvhin this cat

    4 classic albums yes 808’s was a classic it was a work of art if you cant see that then your just narrow minded

    he’s killing the fashion game,he’s killing the feature game and on top of that he probally has the best label in the game g.o.o.d music the whole roster is fire.he’s cocky but he has every reason to be because this cat never falls short when it comes to his material

  • new album this fall? :)

  • Krhyme

    Um….no. I just can’t take Kanye seriously. No shots to him or his fans cause I love his productions, but I personally find him/his voice/his style freakishly annoying.

    He’s in my Top 10 Producers but Top 50 lyricists.