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Drake – Live in Chicago (Mixed by Timbuck2) x Replacement Girl (Chuck Inglish Remix)

blame it on Shake June 3, 2009

Timbuck2 just shot over a mix he did containing high quality audio from Drake’s recent performance in Chicago (where the idiotboxes were fighting in the crowd). If that isn’t enough of a draw, he also included an exclusive Chuck Inglish remix.

Tracklist + Download link after the jump…

DOWNLOAD: Drake – Live in Chicago (Mixed by Timbuck2)
BONUS: Drake – Replacement Girl (Chuck Inglish Remix) f. Trey Songz | Mediafire

  • Steve_Rollin

    That Inglish Remix is dope as hell. Downloading the Live set now. Thank ya sir!

  • xlakers520x

    should i download i only want to hear replacement girl with the chuck inglish remix thats the dude whoever downloads this please put replacement girl (rmx) on youtube please let me know if you do

  • xlakers520x

    ha im so stupid its right there never mind


    really hope drake succeeds….rite now he got the internet “buzzin like the pizza man” had to say it but its true doe

  • Definitely downloading this. Good artwork too.

    I definitely agree yo. I hope he makes it to the top. He needs to get that “Best I Ever Had” video out and follow with another dope single. If they gave out BET Awards or Grammys for the best mixtapes, he’d win hands down. I really think at least the BET Hip Hop Awards should start giving MIXTAPE awards out (if they don’t already). But then again, not a lotta cats release a mixtape like Drake did that is really basically an album that he gave away free instead of selling retail. I think they should add that in their clause though because mixtapes are a big part of music now. Mixtapes = Free Music. If you look at in those terms (free music), R&B singers and even Coldplay would qualify cuz they’ve released a FREE EP. People should consider that. I guess it would be difficult to monitor who deserves the award though, but hey. Just a thought.

  • The Chuck Inglish Remix would have been a tad better if it was smoother and quantized better. It seemed lagging at parts and is definitely not holding a 10 foot pole to the original.

    No hate.

    Just saying.

  • kdjuggernaut

    dope inglish mix i want the instrumental tht shit iz dumby raw

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  • Dope as hell

  • ck47

    Oh shit!!!!!! this real dope.

  • About to see Drake tomorrow night in New Haven, CT…HYPE!

  • Props shake

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