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Jay Rock – L.A. Song (Laker’s Anthem)

blame it on Shake June 3, 2009

With Game 1 around the corner, Jay Rock drops off an anthem for the soon-to-be NBA Champions. That’s right, I said it. Shouts to Digital Product.

DOWNLOAD: Jay Rock – L.A. Song (Laker’s Anthem) | Mediafire
BONUS: Nutso – NYC To L.A.: Respect The Flow f. Jay Rock

  • 3f3

    J-Rockkkkkk!!! Girugameshhhhhh!

  • Nigga is fierce on the mic. I coulda done with that hook though.

    — A.D. Six, Bulls, Pistons & general NBA fan

  • lanative08

    yeaaaa just heard this shit…..jay rock clownin on mistah fab on twitter right now lol

    follow me twitter.com/lanative08

  • Shake Sr.

    man fuck the lakers niggas look worse than the team who made it last year if you couldnt win then how u gone when now lmao niggas suck magic in 5 their matchups will kill them

  • *without the hook

  • lanative08

    it’s funny you say that…cuz FAB was like “don’t download that shit, it’s a virus, trust me.”

    Next thing I know, I’m being told that a Trojan attack was blocked LMFAO!!!!!!!

  • shashwat

    dont jinx it!!!!

  • Damn that was super corny.

    I think that was worse than the Pitbull song after the Heat won the championship that they played down here.

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    MAGIC IN 6…..

  • dam why the background pics need to be the Celtics?lol

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  • yadida

    i just threw up in my mouth a litle bit after listening to that

  • SHOWMAN3000

    Aww man Jay Rock this shit gonna jinx them now!!!

    Remember last year Snoop Dogg did the same thing and the Lakers got handled with easily by the Celtics!!

  • lmao I love laker Haters. It just tells me my fav. team is the shit. just like the Yanks. smh Go Lakers!!! Dope song.

  • rashard lewis

    bump dem lakers maaaaaaan…. jay rock is the dude though.

  • yadida

    you’re favorite teams are the lakers and the yankees that tells me your a bandwagon fan that follows the winning team

  • yadida

    winning/popular team*

  • sargeant slaughter

    LAkersssssssssssssssssssss……..all day everyday…..we in the finals every year, aint shit change………….

  • sargeant slaughter

    r.i.p. chick hearn.

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  • Magnificent

    lol Duke is a YANKEE fan too? lmao scust’ at the obvious front running, at least try to cover it up by riding with the Mets or some shit. Even the Dodgers would suffice, but the Yankees?!? SMH, and this track is wack if Magic win game 1 they got this series on lock shouts to Jameer Nelson’s comeback

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  • YouthHominid

    does anybody else think this nigga sounds like the game?lol

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  • redd

    song is fire lol and im not even a laker fan. No jay rock and game sound nothing alike. This joint is wayyyy better than that overhyped kobe bryant song lil wayne dedicated to just kobe lol. At least Jay rock did something for the whole team/city

  • GottaWannaNBA

    Magic in 5? WTF…. Anyways after that first game blowout, its over, i will leave it to the stats to decide who is gonna win the NBA Finals, Phil Jackson has made me one happy person, he has never lost a playoff series after winning the first game, and were not talking about 10 series, well over 40, and this song by Jay Rock wayyyy better then that gay shit by Wayne, Wayne on Kobe’s dick, Wayne need go BACK and make something about Hornets 59 point loss to Denver. I will say it 1 more time Lakers in 5, exploiting the nerves in Orlando’s team.

  • mike

    Lakers Anthem 2010 – Ice Cube, Ray J, Chino Xl, Roscoe Umali, Lil Rob, New Boyz, Dj Felli Fel

  • GEO