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Chamillionaire: “Venom Isn’t Gonna Drop”

blame it on Shake June 4, 2009

I originally posted about this in the Patron post. I saw a few c-boyz saying this deserved it’s own post, and I agree. So earlier today Chamillionaire went on a live stream and basically said he was not putting out Venom and that Mixtape Messiah 7 would be the last mixtape he ever does. The tone of the message seems as if he won’t be doing much music at all anymore. But I highly doubt and hope that’s not the case. I really don’t know what to take away from it all though as he leaves room for mystery. He then spoke on his relationship with Paul Wall and a few other folks. If you’re a fan of Chamillionaire and his music this is a must listen. No question about it. Since the stream, he put up a blog on his MySpace that I’m not sure if all of you saw so I included it after the jump…

DOWNLOAD: Chamillionaire’s Live Stream (Audio)

Let me say these things real briefly so this doesn’t turn into something that I don’t want it to be and so I don’t have people thinking this some kinda stunt….( I don’t get why some people would actually not believe me saying something like this anyways… )

Do rappers do so many publicity stunts that you can’t tell what’s real and what’s fake?
Well I like to tell people what I really feel and its hard for me to keep it back. People can read my facial expressions well when it comes to what im passionate about.

I don’t think I said anything about retiring. I tried to make sure I didn’t use that word. You shouldn’t either regardless of how it looks.

Fact. No More underground mixtapes after part 7. No jacking beats and putting out full cds. That Formula is old. To me. I have done it 100 million times and its just doesn’t inspire me anymore. Sorry if it makes you feel a certain way. There are plenty other artists out there doing it that you can choose from.

Fact. Venom isn’t gonna drop. Its not coming out. Im not dropped. Not depressed. Im not sad. Just telling you what Im thinking and what Im gonna do. No press release about it. No label rep saying it. Straight from the bosses mouth. You want me to “keep it real” right? The label seems very excited about releasing new product and thats a good thing right? There are a lot of people involved in the process now and what I think is dope is just becoming a different kind of dope. Fast forward. Scratch Venom. Im not gonna call it something else and still release it either. Whoever edits all that wikipedia info mentioned people I worked with in the past year but a lot of that stuff that was never planned for the cd anyways. Cant miss something you never had. The Past dope concepts will go into my vault. Key locked thrown away. Except for a couple of these that could fit anywhere .The music should fit together and not sound like its all over the place. You agree? Good.

Anyways … someone that will probably read this always says to me that BARRY GORDY with the old MOTOWN RECORDS used to say this about music. K.I.S.S. “KEEP IT SIMPLE STUPID” … I guess meaning that simple music isn’t stupid but the person that doesn’t wanna do it is…. (Yea I thought the same thing you are probably thinking about that quote.) I won’t elaborate further on that but “at least David had a rock when he was fighting Goliath”……I got my hands tied and ain’t a rock in sight.

This may seem off topic but….

FYI. I didn’t pick hip hop police as a single just played cool in the public so I wouldn’t sound like a disgruntled artist on a major. I liked it because of the creativity and because of the ruler but just not for a single. Hands went up in the room and I lost. Funny because thats what happened when me and paul were in a group but the results were in my favor and IN LOVE WITH MY MONEY WAS BORN. Any past record you may have questioned…I questioned also…. and any past record you thought was dope…I “knew” was dope….I still think Im good at knowing what sounds good even though im always at constant battle to prove that. About my past single choices- I could break down who did what but I wont. Who cares. I have always let people put the blame on me. ” Im the one who recorded the songs right?” No problem. I can deal with it.

There are too many different worlds that I fit into and that would make a person think that I don’t know which one Im supposed to be in. I know exactly who I am as an artist but its like the story is getting told for me in too many different ways. Now im erasing all of those lines and making one. If this explanation still doesn’t make sense then maybe I can find a crayon and paint the picture clearer later. Thats the goal.

The end is a little bit more clear 6-12-09 (BAAWSE)

Let the discussion begin…

  • thatdude

    yo shake there’s no link there. it’s just “http://”

    momentarily anyway.

  • paperslug


  • R.o.B.

    He’s hella weak anyway. No one will really miss him.

  • he only said VENOM wasn’t gonna drop another album might

  • Fernando

    He’s the best..simply the best!

    FC from Portugal, Europe

  • yes

    he’s joining the Black eyed peas DUHHH!!!!!! the E.N.D, come on guys he is gonna be the fifth black eyed pea…..boom boom cham!!!!

  • t money

    lmao @ yes

  • While it doesn’t sound like he’s giving up, It’s still a shame that such a great artist is having so many headaches about the industry lately. Ultimate Victory was such a slept on album. Shame.

  • Shake

    link should work now. and im off to sleep.

  • ocurtain

    Dang. I really enjoyed his mixtapes. It’s sad to see him go this route.

  • kuci06

    damn, people. read the post again.
    He WONT retire. The message says, he is tired with the labels, and that they always fuck him up. (maybe that means he gonna take the independent route, like slim thugga, and the others?)

    Then… no more mixtape messiah’s. So? He can start another series, or whatever.

    I think he just wants to stay *himself*, and not just another rapper controlled by the labels

  • How ironic. I was literally thinking, “where’s cham” like hours before this post. It sounds as if he’s tired of the industry which in all actuality, BS. Much respect for keepin it real and doin him. It seems to me emcees are finally seeing that rap = money was the beginning of the end in artistry. its deeper than rap, (no c.o.) death to monopolization;

  • Tre

    1. no more Mixtape Messiah (after part 7)
    2. and nobody would get to listen to Venom
    that’s it, he is NOT retiring

    NOT A NEW CHAMILLIONAIRE ALBUM [/in my I font give a flying fuck voice]

  • bennybullets

    whats the 6-12-09 about?

  • Kix

    C’mon Chamillionaire put out that album amd the mixtape & dont stop the music . i love your music man your an awesome artist . 1 of the Dopest artists in the game . hope he doesnt stop the music .

  • Blindsyde

    6-12-09=release date for MM7?

  • Acid_Sav

    Fuck i was lookin forward to Venom, hope dude still puts out some new shit soon

  • I’m happy about this. The last tape i felt was Mixtape Messiah 3. Quality has been much lower since then.

    I’m also happy he isn’t retiring tho. He can be dope when he isn’t preaching.

  • He kind of fell off..a long time ago!

  • Blindsyde

    Even if he did fall off, he’s still always going to be leaps and bounds better than Lil Wayne when it comes to everything. Wayne can’t touch dude lyrically or flow wise.

  • stik to my gunz

    man it hurts me to see Cham in some pain like this. I wish he was happy with what he does, but you cant keep pushin when nothing there for you. CHAM DONT QUIT DOIN CHAM..THAT MIXTAPE SHIT IS, WAS AND ALWAYS WILL BE your SHIT! me and my boy where talkin the other day about the Blue Light kmart special sand homer pimpson tapes..damn it will be a shame if you cant find your happy place again and give us some music to love

  • 3rd coast raised dnt mean im texas made

    mann see these idiots who say he preaches and they dont care must not like good music… cham is one of the best rappers in the game a creative person and other artist see him that way to thats why he gets alot of features.. homer pimpson, starvin marvin, bobby booshay, if you aint from the south then you dont know about these cd’s it makes lil weazels cd look like trash so shut the fuck up cham dont live life for his fans.. he puts what he likes out and dont care what you say hes like eminem do you think he is ever like if i talk shit about my mom would they feel it?? na this dude is real.. hope he dosent retire though.. cynthia can kick a log jack and lick a ball sack.. lmao

  • I’m a huge Cham fan….but come on quit being a little bitch. If your not gonna make music anymore just shut up so we can move on…I don’t want to hear you whine and complain how you can’t be creative anymore.

  • JayRock!

    Don’t Be a Menace to South Central While Drinking Your Juice in the Hood

  • Shady Universe

    After hearing the full 30 minute audio last night he pretty much said he’s finished, just didn’t use the word “retiring” cuz he can eventually jump back in the game. No Venom, no more Mixtape Messiah’s, no more mixtapes, and no more album’s is what he said. I hope he comes to his senses. He needs to come back in the game and set an example of how to make music for yourself and not what the fans are feeling like this trend of Soulja Boy music, Stanky Leg, Swag Surfing, and the rest of that wack bullshit. If he comes back with an album, it should be Sound Of Revenge 2.

  • Myth_Seeker

    why are fans so ungrateful? can’t you respect the man’s wishes? especially if you respect his music?

    obviously this doesn’t apply to the blind hate in here…

  • best-of-both-offices

    I’ve just received word that chamillionaire will just be releasing singles and EPs digitally from now on.

    6-12-09 this will be confirmed.

  • yeahyeah

    man, that’s lame. chamillionaire is one of the best in the game and his flow is out there. but as long he is still releasing singles digitally, im happy.

  • Well if best-of-both-offices is correct

    that changes everything.

  • oooooooo

    its obviously that hes going to change his stage name and style.

    its obvious. i guarantee that and he’ll probably do what best of both offices said too.

  • Lime

    Good Move … Chamillionaire fell off after he stopped cursing. Mixtape Mesiah 1 and Sound of Revenge was his hardest shit.

  • Jones

    whatd bobo say?

  • Folabi

    Fuck Rappers! Im gonna listen to some MCs

  • Blindsyde

    Lime, you’re an idiot. Cham RARELY cussed in his old shit. He only cussed on SoR cuz the label made him.

    Go back and listen to his older shit, dude BARELY says any cuss words and shit. Ignorant ass bitch.

  • j

    cham’s smart he knew he was gonna flop. he knows dat people ain’t feelin him like that. sure he has a core audience of 50K-100K but that’s not good enough to be great ,but good enough to be independent. he gave it his last best shot with this chamillionaire shit when he dropped “creepin on the low.” when he saw that shit get little to no response after he dropped 3 mixtapes back to back he said it’s a wrap for this shit. “creepin” is a good as it gets for chamillionaire. plus his mixtapes were wack. all he did was rhyme over other niggaz beats and copy their hooks. niggaz got mixtapes out now with all original shit. bottom line , cham’s wack, always was. he just proof dat if you do somethin long enough someone will like it.

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  • Mezzy

    Cham is great, and I guess we should all respect his wishes. But I was lookin forward to Venom . And the rest of the Mixtape Messiahs, even though the last few weren’t as good as the older ones. I thought MM3 was great. Oh Well. At least he said he wouldn’t retire.

  • Mezzy

    @ J
    I guess your entitled to your own opinions, But Seriously. Cham isn’t wack, and his mixtapes are great. He can use other beats if he wants, thats why they’re fucking mixtapes and not albums. And he didn’t use other peoples beats on all.
    I swear people have no taste these days.

  • T.J. connor

    @ J wow ur an idiot… Mezzy is right thats why they are mixtapes instead of albums

  • quickV

    anybody that thinks cham is whack doesnt know rap, go bang your lil wayne.
    ultimate victory was mad slept on, should have won him a 2nd grammy.

  • p.k.

    respect to cham most rappers wont talk too the fans like tht one of the best and i agree wit u quickv

  • well do like y’all did wit Killer Mike. LIBERATION!!!

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  • Ami

    I only have to say : ”Chamillitary Mayne….” …

  • Final Word

    To everyone sayin Cham is wack and just needs to disappear n shit, you’re a dumbass…To everyone sayin Cham is the Greatest of all time and his shit is still complete fire, you’re a dumbass…Everyone that honestly thought mm5 and 6 were FIRE needs to look into sum of Cham’s older shit…they were average mixtapes with cham rappin about money, swag, and how he is a different kind of artist in the industry…when in fact he was turning exactly into the artist he was rapping against…since Ultimate Victory, Chamillionaire has just turned into a maintstream fans underground rapper…When in fact he wasent really mainstream or undergound, just stuck somewhere in the middle and I think he finally realized it and thats why he’s doin this…to gather himself and come back with a totally new sound…he’s def no retiring, that would be pointless…and just cause he says hes not realeasin Venom doesent mean he wont…Even if he realeases it under a different name the fans will never know the difference (expect for the leaked songs obviously)…I’m glad Cham is doin this cause I’ve been a fan for years and this decline in the quality of his music has been killing me…I hope he comes back with a fresh sound and kills it like I know he can

  • boombapproject

    King Koopa has got to get his fire back! I’m not sure why he has lost his inspiration but I remember on his mixtape messiah series when he would talk about ‘I’m not going to stop until mixtape massiah part 24″ or something like that. Why doesn’t he want to rap his ass off anymore? He is a rhyme animal!
    Here’s a concept… if Koopa is sick of rappin over other artists beats (beats that are commonly known) then why not start rappin over some other less-known producer beats & he could help put them on. There’s tons of talented producers out there looking for a Chamillionaire to spit hot fire so why not put some of these people on? (assuming sample clearances etc are in order).

    What’s up with locking Venom away? Fans have been waiting a year to hear that album (with a couple of delays). Is he not happy with his work? At least give fans a reason why it’s not being released. (label woes, industry bullshit etc). Ok, so maybe he wants to keep the reasons private, & we can all respect that, but giving up on the mixtape messiah series & not releasing Venom is bad for business.
    I’m almost positive that he’s still touring & doing shows. Maybe he’s just sick of rap & wants to get into different things aside from music.