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Magic 75, Lakers 100 (Game 1)

blame it on Shake June 4, 2009

Might as well jump start this off early today. Game 1 is going down in a few hours. Who ya’ll got? I’m taking the Lakers in 6. UPDATE: One down, three to go. A lot better start than last year’s. SHAKE UPDATE: That’s right. Just like I thought… no phone calls, no text messages, etc. Take that take that!

  • high my name is sean

    This picture is so corny haha it’s great i love it

  • lakers n 5!!!

  • Deneire

    magic in 6

  • Orlando.
    Cause if I could I would send Kobe to jail for being a bitch and rape. it was funny when i thought it up.

  • Joe

    Bynum and Gasol have ZERO chance of body-ing Dwight into his horrible running 90mph hook shot that Perkins forced him into when they played the Celtics. Dwight will dominate and hopefully stay outta foul trouble. And since they live/die by the 3 on most nights, hopefully the rim is kind to them.

    I’ll take the Magic in 7 (cause if the Lakers get blown out AGAIN, i’ll never stop laughing at Lakers fans…)

  • Melo15


  • and who doesn’t want to see Skip and Dwight have a real chance at a ring? The O-Town bench, too. And Hedo. And Mike P. And Rashard Lweis. Eh. You see where I’m going with this. YOU name 5 people off the Laker bench. Don’t worry, I’ll wait…

  • the last 2 times the lakers made it to the finals i thought they had it won for sure but they got destroyed by the pistons and the Celtics i don’t even know what to think any more D wins games and magic have the defensive player of the year like the Celtics had garnet last year at least they got home court this time

  • Honestly, who cares who I pick to win it? I’m just excited to watch it…

  • quickV

    anyone who just blindly thinks the lakers will win, just because, is a moron.

    none of them can stop dwight. period.

  • Heresfivenolookin

    odom walton farmar brown the machine vuyabitch

  • lanative08

    i agree with shake 100%….lakers take it at home in game 6

    follow me twitter.com/lanative08

  • Farmar? that big eared freak? The ‘Oh I Think I Can Shoot Like Derek Fisher But Have The Worst Attitude Ever’ 3rd string dude?
    Odom? I’ll give you that. I rocks with him on 2k9.
    Brown? Him too. So that’s 2-1.
    And just think about the last name you typed. Seriously? So now you’re 2-2.
    IF you woulda said Adam Morrison then I ALMOST woulda gave you a pass. Jut for the stache.

  • Joe


    i was just about to type that, anyone who watched a second of the western conference finals knows who’s on teh lakers bench. and i hate the lakers… much easier to know benches on playoff basketball teams than pretty much any other sport…

  • Shady Universe

    @ lanative08

    Lakers ain’t at home for game 6

  • SCB

    Magic in 6

  • Cannnons

    Lakers In 5 or 6. I Know Magic Won The Season Series But This Is The Finals. And Kobe Is HUNGRY. Last Year Pau Played Soft And Our Bench Wasn’t As Good As It Is This Year. We Got This. The X Factor = Shannon “Chris” Brown. BET

  • quickV

    last year ur bench was the best in the league lol

  • tms

    magic in 7

  • I got the MAGIC. Can’t stand the bitchassness spokesperson of the Year that is Kobe Bryant….

  • um is @JunieP crazy? Who do the Magic have OFF THE BENCH? Pietrus? Gortat? that’s 2 homie, shard & hedo start.

    Lake show on the other hand: Odom, sasha, walton, shannon brown, farmar. that’s five—take your L just like Orlando.

    lakers in 6.

  • Benny Blanco from Da BriX

    In any sport when my team isn’t in the championship I usually root for the underdog unless I hate them. LA has many titles already, I want Orlando to win their first, plus I do hate the Lakers. I like Dwight, Jameer, Lewis, don’t like Kobe, Pao, Odem, pretty much the whole team annoys me. My right to hate the Lakers is like every body’s right to hate my Yankees.

    Since the turn of the century the Lakers have had so many dick riders, bunch of “Winner-Pickers”, whatever happened to being loyal to your hometown team through thick & thin? I get so heated whenever I see somebody in NY/NJ wearing a Kobe or LeBron jersey @ Knicks/Nets games


  • Shake

    “Lakers ain’t at home for game 6”

    ummmm…. yes they are.

    2-3-2 (finals)

  • quickV

    sasha, walton, and farmar have been SUCKING DICK this postseason man. odom is my favorite player in the league but hes mad inconsistent right now.

  • “no shaq…no robert horry! don’t worry lebron, your next year.”

  • Last guy has no idea what he’s talking about. Pietrus & Gortat murder the Lakers bench whether you acknowledge it or not. The Lakers are good but way overrated. Neither team is that great. Weakest championship series ever. Currently, the NBA is really good from team 1-30 but there are no truly great teams…just sayin’

  • Daaamn 26 comments alrady!

    I take the Magic in whatever! I just don’t want the Lakers to win! Underdogs! (Sorry Shake lol)

  • Well I guess it would be good for Kobe to win one without Shaq but after this year no more Lakers for a while

  • Fruuur

    lakers in 3 lol


  • 421


  • Jimbo

    Lakers will probably win but I wouldn’t be surprised at all if Orlando came through with the upset. That being said, I am a Celtics fan…so go magic lol

  • vamosarapiar

    lakeshow in 5 as much as i hate to say it, long as the celtics are out i’m rooting for the orlando

  • …that was directed at Myk Blaaauw! or whatever it is. It’s a very fine line between NBA players & those guys for the Lakers are very interchangeable.

  • Shady Universe

    @ Shake

    My bad, forgot that the Finals are different. Thanx for correcting me.

  • tms
  • @ Shake dam ! new pic comments full let me read this thread !

  • gospher


  • texas raised

    lakers all day!! lakers in 5 or 6 kobes to hungry no1 can take it from him.. hes the best in the world!!

  • bruddaman

    im taking either the lakers in 3… or the magic in 8…

    where amazing happens. (as long as david stern approves of it :tu)

  • Bizzy

    i like Kobe, Odom, Ariza as player…sooo lakers go get yours

    but let be serious lol ……KNICKS please DO NOT TRADE DAVID LEE…. DONT DO IT

  • so-cal SMALLS

    Lakers easy sweep

  • @ Myk Blauuw!

    Your bench is mad inconsistent. The whole Orlando Magic have stepped it up cause they want it. All of them. So it’s not like Adam Morrison getting a ring just cause Kobe wins. The team with the most passion should win. Not the most fans on their knees

  • I will be back by halftime for commentary need that kush !

  • lanative08

    @Shady Universe bruh game 6 is in LA…its the finals

  • Benny Blanco from Da BriX


    They won’t, hopefully. The Knicks should at least be a playoff team again in 10-11 season. The summer of 2010 is gonna be a special one for the whole NBA.

    Whether we get LeBron or not (I doubt it) there is too much talent out there & the Knicks have too much money to not sign some major talent next year. Out of all those big name players u know there has to be a good number of them that will be drawn to the big money & big market that is the Mecca of basketball @ MSG in NYC. Not to mention D’Antoni coaching

  • Shady Universe

    @ lanative08

    Brah…..your late as all fucking hell. I told Shake thanx for correcting me. I forgot the format of the 7 game series is changed for the Finals.

  • I agree lakers in 6, but if they come out the gate every game executing, then it might not get to 6 games.. Yea dwight is a beast, but that hook is an eye sore, and he might get charged up with the fouls real quick.. Lakers bench has to deliver if they want to win, and transition D needs to improve. No easy shots

  • melosz


  • Bryant Kobe

    Just because they beat us in regular season twice, doesn’t mean a thing.

    If Lakers execute, then we’re taking it in 5.

    If Lakers slack, then it’ll be only for 2 games.

    Lakers will be champs for the 16th time in Game 6.

  • whocares

    I really dont know I just hope its as good or better than than the Bulls/Celtics Series.

  • I think whoever wins game 1 wins the series. If the magic take it tonight it will be as tough for the lakers as it was for the cavs to keep up. The lakers seem to have a little more depth then the cavs did, but the inside presence of Dwight Howard with all those outside shooters seem pretty tough to stop. My prediction Magic win tonight and the series in 5. Maybe 6 if they want to finish it at home.

  • bruddaman

    LMAFOOOO @ the new lil dez/lebron puppet commercial

  • Doc Dreezy

    I got Kobe and the Lakers winning it in 5 games…big Jameer Nelson fan though cuz I went to St. Joe’s…but I’m also a Kobe fan because I live near Lower Merion…get em Kobe

  • doomsamonster

    lakers in 4 fuck all of you. kibe is pissed and will rape the magic like he did that white girl in colorado

  • Lakers!!
    FUCK Whorlando!!!

  • Oh yeah GO Lakers!! Hey everybody..Half time check out my blog…added some hot pics !!

  • PRBoi1229

    orlando in 6.

  • definitely magic in 6!

  • Lakers in 6

  • MR. 9O7

    magic in 6

  • STLAllDay

    the fuck is Andrew Bynum doing that pic?
    He’s nothing with that competition he’s standing by

  • Agree with you STALLday..should be Derrick Fisher instead

  • “Lakers ain’t at home for game 6″

    ummmm…. yes they are.

    2-3-2 (finals)


    that is correct because my Heat were on the road when they beat the Mavs in Game 6

  • oh! Jameer!

  • def. not a laker’s fan but phil jackson should be ashamed of himself; big ears [fermer] in over shannon brown? and MISSING?

    and what abotu that boy jammer! laker’s can’t catch his ass! like he never left.

  • i see weakness ! Black Mamba the venom !

  • Facial

  • ewww. that’s gay.

  • Half time…10 point Lakers Lead WOO HOO! That is me in the first Kitchen picture the first pic you will see! We have a special poll for the fellas at the bottom of our page

  • attn attn New Subject this series is over !

    My halftime analysis is the world slept on the Lakers Big Men.. Orlando with Jameer has no answers ! Turk finally looks like the super role player that he is…

    Black Mamba starting to wrap his coil around there necks !… Dwight Howard young Shaq ! Patrick Ewing is going to develop his jumper

    ****** Demar Derozan ****** Steal in this year draft.. Straight out Compton !

  • DeLaGhetto

    Lakers are winning by 10 points

  • tms

    Dwight Howard got his own commercial!! FIRST TEAM ALL-GALAXY!!

  • Hold the gayness, but mr nelson needs a rubber on if he’s gonna be penetrating like that lol…I swear I saw on the bottom of the screen it said he would miss game 1..Its all good tho, Lakeshow getting this W

  • yeah we saw that before the game and he came in the game…been shuttin shit down ever since. sorry skip – take a knee on this one.

  • ha lol… He is an inspiration for all of bros on the playgrounds who feel they have Nba game but circumstances there round is longer… Skip 2 my lou is a modern day Connie Hawkins ?

  • 18 point lead!! DAMN Lakers are doing it

  • blowing it open. Magic don’t make any sense. Hit a million 3’s against the cavs and nothing here.

  • DayO

    man, orlando shoulda just lost to cleveland so we can all see the finals we wanted.

  • 421

    how does it not make sense? if they hit their 3’s it’s a totally different game, they lose when they have shitty 3 % it’s that simple

  • Are you serious ? Black Mamba ! Best Player in the NBA currently ! No more arguments lebron you need 4 !

  • Kobe. Bryant. Slam dunk giant. test the kob? Son don’t try it :P lol

  • ChYnO

    god damn!! did you kobe?!? lol

  • ImaManiak

    Lakers in 6 Kobe iz on fire!!!



  • 421

    wanye made that song for kobe? more like wayne made a song dickriding kobe lol

  • Song is Fire!!!

  • 421

    lol song is the definition of jumping on the bandwagon

  • count chocula

    Lakers in 3!!!

  • cannonsmcfly

    Lakers killing! And that bitch cynthia can get it RAW!

  • why she gotta be a bitch?

  • 421

    agreed cannonmcfly, cynthia can get it

  • Thank you Junie

  • no problemo, cynthia.
    hate when it goes like that & niggas lips run loose.

  • kindbuddy

    LA won. Hand them the ship now so ppl don’t have to see another spurs/cavs.

  • 421

    magic are not getting swept, it is game one of a potential seven game series, shit is far from over

  • Yeah Lakers can’t get too comfortable…all this means is Orlando is going to come back even harder next game

  • ^^^ truth.

  • Bryant Kobe

    1 Down. Let’s go L.A. *applauds*

    We can’t sleep here. We have to EXECUTE EXECUTE EXECUTE!!!!

  • wow

    I know that was just the first game, but damn! Superman must really be scared of snakes

  • SHOWMAN3000


  • How Bout That Magic?
    Lakeshow N****z!!..lol

  • cannonsmcfly

    Junie your a bitch as well. Cynthia your blog sucks balls.

    Lakers win! Josh Powell with the dagger. Umad?

  • fro

    ^its not a dagger if they were up by 20.

  • 421

    the dagger? hardly, up 20 taking a meaningless 3 with seconds left, classless lol

  • i could go into all this back and forth but i’d rather get on with my life, cannons or whatever the hell your name is. the game is off. go back to porn.

  • rea1


  • Ringer

    How about Penguins in six? Back at the igloo.
    NHL playoffs >>>>>>>>>>>>>> NBA playoffs (based purely on entertainment value for now)

    But this whole series is all about the Magic hitting shots. If they don’t hit shots, they’ll get crushed. If they make shots, they’ll win close games. (Dwight becomes a factor if you have to guard every perimeter player.) So basically it just depends on the night.

  • cynthia is basically the ONLY person who can get away with promoting their site in the c-section. everyone else should take notes.


    WOOT WOOT LAKESHOW/BLACK MAMBA! Haters keep yappin!!!!

    Cynthia- wut up beautiful! Yous lookin wine fine in them new pics! Keep it coming! ;)


    Sidebar – REAL NOISE! Niggaz could really learn alot about the opposite sex and what not from Cyn’s blog…..good shit!
    And I aint being bias cause I’m diggin Cynthia hahahaha…

  • I checked it out. It’s nice tho.
    I would cough cough mine but eh, who gives. besides me.
    game’s over.
    blow a lake show. next game is orlando

  • Lakers 09

    LOL @ all these bandwagon Magic fans

    Lakers in 6!!

  • SHOWMAN3000

    Damn Cynthia you looking real luscious and classy lady.
    I think I likey!

  • texas raised

    yall laker haters gettin mad just admit it the series are over and like i said cynthia can kick a log jack and lick a ball sack.. LA ALL DAY!!

  • bandwagon my ass.

  • ImaManiak

    as expected a F*** hater will go to work today.
    KB24 Bitch!!!!

  • Ghost In The Shell


  • 421

    don’t kid yourself, laker bandwagon >>>>>> magic bandwagon

  • MR. 9O7

    Cynthia when you gon let a nigga do the motorboat with ya sexy ass?

    lol jk but it’s still Magic in 6 maybe 7

  • Felipe

    Based on the first 30 or so comments, a lot of yall don’t no shit about basketball… calling magic in 5, spelling names like “derrick” fisher, “pao” gasol, and my boy blunts “odem”. Funniest comment: referring Rafer Alston to Connie HaWKins… shit, he couldn’t even compare to Hersey Hawkins! And Junie P, don’t start a bench argument with Laker fans, when you got Tony Battie and JJ Redick contributing NOTHING to the game, while Courtney Lee (who should be off the bench) got abused all night by everyone. The Magic will bounce back, but you tell me how many teams can lose by 25+ and still win the chip. This isn’t the ’85 Lakers. LA in 6.

  • 421

    only reason i am saying magic in 5 is cause i got 14/1 odds on the series lol

  • Magicians hands




  • Hey Pancakes! Thank you..we try we try! lol Do our poll fellas …take you 2 seconds

  • Had to post that Kobe song on my blog! Signing out fellas see you game 2

  • Lakers in 4 anyone?

  • StReTcH!

    LAKERS IN 4!

  • texas raised

    lakers in 2!! when kobe was asking for a trade i was somewhere crying so you dont know me!!! lol

  • kindbuddy

    looks just like lebron’s numbers against the magic THE WHOLE SERIES :) cept he has no teammates to help him win.

  • Ghost In The Shell

    That’s what these fags get for eliminating a great match up. Kobe wants to get traded? So maybe we can get the 2k10 with kobe as a knicks on the cover

  • jcrunk

    lakers gonna sweep!

  • texas raised

    na he did like 2 years ago but last years said he wants to finish in LA

  • K

    lakers in 4…big statement i kno

  • doomsamonster

    ^ nah thats whats gonna happen, kobe fuckin RAGED yesterday

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  • DWgJcW comment2 ,