Apathy - Liquid Swords Tribute pt.1 x Love Lockdown (rmx)

DISCLAIMER: Neither of these are brand new, so you can save your "late" bullshit for another post. Considering Mos Def just rocked over a Liquid Swords beat, and everyone is on their kill autotune shit. I figured both of these tracks are fitting. That, and I'm sure there is a good percentage of folks that haven't heard either of these (and should). Demigodz!

DOWNLOAD: Apathy - Liquid Swords Tribute pt.1 | Mediafire
DOWNLOAD: Apathy - Love Lockdown (rmx) | Mediafire

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  • can't wait for some new apathy/demigodz shit.

  • thatdude

    props to thatdude for telling shake about the love lockdown remix.

  • Shake

    ^^uhh, you didn't.

    i posted that shit waaay back when.

  • thatdude

    but I reminded you :D


    That Love Lockdown remix is a MILLION times better than that new Jay Z. Props shake.

  • nick

    Apathy kills shit. You should post the track he did with Ryu and Scoop Deville for their new project, The Get Busy Committee.

  • Another reason to respect Shake... he gets it in with his bringing shit to light that otherwise would not.

    DOPE boy.

  • sargeant slaughter

    APATHY..........so damn under rated !!!

  • Apathy is one of the sickest, had both of these for a while but more people def need to check Apathy out... Wanna Snuggle coming soon haha...

  • kaohtix

    man im happy im getting that love lockdown back
    i lost in a pc crash
    thanks alot

  • keyzer

    speaking of ap, anyone know if white on white crime is going to/ has dropped?

  • He said on live stream he's still talking to Big MIke about it but he's focusing on his album "Wanna Snuggle", the AOTP album, Demigodz album, and Get Busy Committe album first lol, dudes working on a lot of music...

  • @ Shake.. everyone is on their kill autotune shit. I figured both of these tracks are fitting"

    once again props to Meka and Shake ! For being on top of there hiphop. My dude in Az has been screaming on me regarding this mc right hereeeeeee...

    Dude is a lyricist ! Do those still exist ?

  • Woah this dude is sick!!!!

  • i was just talking about Ap yesterday. haven't heard these.
    i'm mad late.

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  • Wonderin

    Ap needs some new music ASAP. I been waiting on a collection of new shit from him forever it seems.

  • JackKerorap

    is Ap on the new AOTP album?

  • Shake

    "You should post the track he did with Ryu and Scoop Deville for their new project, The Get Busy Committee."

    send it on through! i'd post more of ap, celph, and everyone of those folks if i was updated more about them. its harder to keep up with what they are doing or get their music as they dont send shit, etc. u know?

  • Heres that track...

    They haven't released anything in a while but they all got albums coming this year...

  • JLP

    this shits old as balls

  • Shake

    "this shits old as balls"

    glad to see you paid attention in reading class. smh..

  • sneakaholic

    o shit
    whos this guy???
    he killed love lockdown.

    Shake- what does smh mean?
    ive been wondering for hella long

  • Shake

    shaking my head

  • slo

    just heard the love lock down damn that was good

  • W10

    i slept on dis dude

  • dope. ap is much doper when he rhymes wt aotp. cant wait to cop the new aotp and wanna snuggle

  • tony

    shut up with that underated shit. you either know real shit or you dont.

  • Niiiiice.


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