• skeme

    hell yeah new weathermen..dope..need tagless version asap

  • http://www.soulcommune.com/profile/ClintPartie Clint Partie

    They need to quite with the Weathermen shit if they're not gonna put out some kinda album or somethin'. Siiiick Mediks (that's my crew that hasn't done anything as a unit for like 10+ years...see how that works?).

  • Dexic

    New Weathermen album finally close to coming out? Aw yeah.

    And that Cage comes out in... two weeks? Score.

  • http://www.soulcommune.com/profile/ClintPartie Clint Partie

    No Weathermen album, nothing was said about that, just a track on the compilation.

  • stegasaurus badass

    schweet Imma check it out real promptly.

  • graf

    actually, there is a weathermen album coming. check their forums

  • http://www.soulcommune.com/profile/ClintPartie Clint Partie

    That would be dope...kinda late but better than never

  • opiate x

    if nutthin works he can just play a live concert of wayne loud yeah?

  • opiate x

    sorry,wrong post meh -_-...that was meant for the raof
    thanks for the cage

  • Kimbo Ice

    Aesop's verse is absolutely nuts

  • http://www.myspace.com/ebrewraps EBrew

    Haha. This post reminds me of how I was obsessed with the DefJux roster my freshman year in college. To this day... Bi-Polar HiRollers is one of my faves.

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