Wu-Tang: Chamber Music (Artwork x Tracklist)

blame it on Shake June 15, 2009

I’ve posted two joints off this project already. Now we get the final tracklisting to look over. Wu-Tang: Chamber Music (June 30th) pairs members of the Clan with other 90’s-era NYC emcees. Executive Produced by RZA and features a combination of new beats and live instrumentation by Brooklyn soul band The Revelations. Hit the jump…

1. Redemption
2. Kill Too Hard f. Inspectah Deck, U-God and Masta Ace
3. The Abbot f. RZA
4. Harbor Masters f. Ghostface Killah, AZ and Inspectah Deck
5. Sheep State f. RZA
6. Radiant Jewels f. Raekwon, Cormega and Sean Price
7. Supreme Architecture f. RZA
8. Evil Deeds f. Ghostface Killah, RZA and Havoc
9. Wise Men f. RZA
10. I Wish You Were Here f. Ghostface Killah and Tre Williams
11. Fatal Hesitation
12. Ill Figures f. Raekwon, M.O.P. and Kool G Rap
13. Free Like ODB f. RZA
14. Sound The Horns f. Inspectah Deck, Sadat X and U-God
15. Enlightened Statues f. RZA
16. NYC Crack f. RZA
17. One Last Question…

I need Radiant Jewels now! And while you wait for that… here’s an unrelated snippet from Cormega; featuring another new verse added onto the previous snippet. Can we get the full joint!?

DOWNLOAD: Cormega – Journey (prod. Large Pro) [Snippet]

  • Widows Son

    Sean Price,Cormega and Raekwon in the same song!!!! Dios Mio!!!!!

  • b.y.k aka the kid

    Where the cock is Method Man???

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  • ahkidagreat

    Wu-tang ain’t the same wit out mef. radiant jewels looks like the only left worth listen2 on here

  • @ the kid

    This record is being rushed, so not everybody had time 2 get a verse in. IDK why E1 would’nt wait a month and get the whole clan…Good list of artists nonetheless

  • Jimbo

    No GZA and no Meth? wtfux

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  • Sean

    Word, Sean Price and Raekwon is definitely something to watch out for..

  • 18th letter

    i should be excited by this but i’m not

  • Sean Juan

    The two tracks posted so far are crazy. I’m pretty excited about this album.

  • Ashok

    How can you not have Meth an GZA. THey need to slow it down and get them to put some verses in.

  • MASTA KILLA u guys are forgettin MASTA KILLA!!!!! wtf!! dont u people include him???!? dude dope as fuck as well lol, im def coppin this

  • vishal

    They should reeeaally get a hold of Meth and GZA and get some verses from them on this too, then this would be absolutely bonkers.

  • DaSilva

    LUV Wu-Tang to death but without meth . . .

    Don’t relly feel it man =/

  • Looks alright, RZA’s on too many tracks solo…

  • doomsamonster

    its still gonna be strait. atleast the wu is puttin shit out. thats all people need.

  • Brandon

    All I need to hear is RZA is atleast producing everything and Imma go get some wipes to pick up the mess.

  • Unxpekted

    Radiant Jewels f. Raekwon, Cormega and Sean Price

    Man Masta Killa was always one of the iller ones, alil disappointing


    Probably will get this either way but where are the “90’s MCs” the whole album is about? I see Cormega, Havoc & Sadat-X … This is basically a RZA solo album otherwise, with a few tracks included of WU material?

  • Yasser

    Im lovin the fact theres so much RZA


    Just saw @ Kevin Nottingham’s blog that AZ, MOP & Kool G Rap are supposed to be on this project too. So I guess that would round out a good selection of guest spots then.

  • OD>

    too much rza, no meth, no masta killa, no gza… hmm
    still copping! i love wu-tang!!

  • “15. Enlightened Statues f. RZA”

    This looks dope !!

    not quite Wu though without Meth or the Genius..

  • primo915

    to whens this commin out or [email protected]
    got a link?

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  • download Wu-Tang Chamber Music 2009 here. it just leaked

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  • Nate

    the cd is ok i got a leak earlire this week
    its basically a decent wu track then rza says some deep OG shit and so on and so fourth. The songs are all good but like everyone else has already said its hard without the missing members(mef, Gza, and m.k.) but honestly the beats are tight the verses are all excellent and it completely destroys 8 diagrams. Supposedly this is only the first installment of what is supposed to come out this year, another album is supposed to drop by 2010. Its worth listening to even though its way to short. Id pick it up!

  • steve

    chill yall, Meth is on it :)

  • Squid

    With No meth, masta killa or gza it aint Real Wu Tang. To be Real Wu ya still need at least 1 verse from ODB rip.