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Slaughterhouse x M.O.P. x DJ Premier (Video)

blame it on Shake June 16, 2009


showbiz was also in the building, bottom line… A LOT of hip hop in that room !!!! i’m leaking this record this week, them niggaz just gonna have to be mad at me, lol

I’ll give Joey a pass for mispelling Premier’s name; only if he comes through with the leakage haha. Let’s go!

  • james

    I hope shit don’t get leaked that’s on the album until it drops. I ain’t downloading the album.

  • Huh?

    This shit is gonna be epic.

    Slaughterhouse FTW.

  • sounds ill for real

  • lil ish

    Can’t wait!

  • this shit is going to be ill

  • tical36

    Damn that shit is banging. Can’t fucking wait!

  • jamo

    i cant remember the last time i was this excited for an album to drop. SLAUGHTERHOUSE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • James

    That shit sounds so sick.

  • rea1

    SLAUGHTERHOUSE about to explode..pause…

    SLAUGHTERHOUSE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • NYxSt8OfMind

    im only going to download or listen to tracks that leak but once that album leaks im not even going to look at the link..LOL.


  • b.

    that actually sounded ill. niceee.

  • Dcruz.88

    Pardon my thoughts, but wouldn’t it be fucking insane if Saigon was in the group? Imagine that…

  • james

    You’re thoughts are pardoned.

    Slaughterhouse is perfect with these 4 MCs.

    Huge Sai fan but he don’t belong with these 4. He needs to do what he does, keep his head straight, avoid the bullshit, and keep making moves. Got to get that label situation fixed and just get over The Greatest Story Ever Told.

  • Bliz

    did primo produce that track or is he just there?

  • justin…..


  • Benny Blanco from Da BriX

    Aug.11 + Slaughterhouse + OB4CL2 + a fat fuckin blunt = Best day of the year

  • Wasn’t really looking for Slaughterhouse…but this has just changed all that lol

  • Dcruz.88

    ^^^^^^^^ I think it would be crazy for all the while it would last. Joey don’t like that Saigon, anyways. It would probably cause the group to seperate, too. I’m waiting on that GSET as well. That shit needs to come out!

  • Digitek

    MOP is the essence of hip hop, their shit is dirty, brutal, and unforgiving ..can’t wait for this shit.

  • Dfrye

    Damn, I’m going to make a time machine, go forward and pick up all their EP’s, the album and OB4Cl2. Or try to freeze myself cartman style. That song sounded crazy, and what I could hear of Joell’s verse was ill.

  • it’s about time we get a track ain’t it?

  • SlaughterhouseIsAMovement!

    I said it last night and I’ll continue to say it. Slaughterhouse is a fukin movement!

    It’s just crazy how 4 of the nicest niggaz in the game can all have such huge individual success. And then out of no where to come together at this point in time and give hip-hop what it’s been needing for a long time. Because a lot these artist be talkin about unity. But these are the first niggaz to actually put they love and respect of hip-hop first and all that other bullshit if it even exist second, and do it.

    If hip-hop was on life support, then it ain’t no more. Because Slaughterhouse took it off it!

  • cannonsmcfly

    Is the LP self titled? Can we get a cover n track list soon please!

  • Johhny

    unity man, this bringing that alliance sht back!
    good stuff, need more collabs of greats like this –
    good to hear some MOP up in there too!

  • KEV


  • eminem relapse, method and red return, blueprint 3, slaughterhouse and rae on the same day, duck down bringing the indie scene back, skyzoon droppin his debut, drake, j.cole asher, wale, the west coast comin back with jay rock and nipsey to uni and pac div and blu and fashawn..i swear whoever said hiphop is dead is crazy 09 is becoming 98 all over again…cant forget about jada doing well and fab is coming..lupe droppin and hopefully kanye drop an rap album this year..hiphop run shit

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  • concur, ALOT of hip hop going around in this video

    slaughterhouse are for real for real all of them spit that doooooppe shit

  • Steve_Rollin

    This shit honestly just made my day. Nothing like waking up and seeing some epic hip-hop shit going down. This shit had me cussing at nothing. I’m hyped!

  • Slurpie

    Damn. I get more excited for this album by the day.

  • james

    The four of them individually haven’t had huge successes as solo artists.

  • Steve_Rollin

    ^^^No but they’ve built huge allegiances of fans individually.

  • Cage

    I think that as a group these cats are gonna do well….. The only thing that would break the group up is joey continuously bumpin his gums on those blogs… As long as he stay in the studio its gonna be a great summer…

  • Peekay

    This shit’s gonna be historic, very exciting. MOP & Slaughterhouse on Rock the Bells. YES!

    I’ll give Shake a pass for misspelling misspelling.

  • reesonn

    Damn, this looks mad dope! Slaughterhouse is really doing it, can’t wait to hear more music.. The album is gonna be CRAZY, I’ll buy it!

  • As far as I’m concerned, August 11th is an official holiday because all I’m going to be doing is rockin the Slaughterhouse and OB4CLII joints all damn day.

    Neck breakin’ music is back, bitches. Hip-Hop might have died but Slaughterhouse bought that bitch back like Lazarus…

  • yo

    I might buy it twice…

    Maybe three times.

  • chef

    lil fame has the biggest teeth i’ve ever seen.

    this collab is going to be murder.