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Young Jeezy – 24 23 (Gucci Mane & OJ Da Juiceman Diss)

blame it on Meka June 16, 2009

You thought Jeezy forgot about his beef with Gucci Mane? “Stay Strapped” still goes in after all this time. OnSMASH just unleashed this joint taking Gucci & OJ’s heads off. Thug Motivation 103 coming soon! SHAKE UPDATE: Brought this back up as DJ Folk let loose of the explicit version; which features another verse as well!

DOWNLOAD: Young Jeezy – 24 23 (Gucci Mane & OJ Da Juiceman Diss) | Mediafire

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  • IAM…

    Its About Fucking Time.

  • IAM…

    need the dirty.
    inbetween me and you i think the boy is slow

  • Shady Universe

    LMAO!!!! Gotta check this out. I wonder what’s gonna happen next week when Jeezy and Gucci come rolling thru Greensboro NC for the Super Jams concert. Even though it’s a weak ass lineup I should go just to see what’ll happen but that would make me look bad.

  • nothin special
    but i guess it doesnt take anything special 2 go at these clowns

  • FUCK THIS PUSSY! U AINT STREET NIGGA!!! Fuck jeezy he just mad cause he aint relevant no more. the hood aint fuckin with u. I neva fucked with jeezy and Gucci too huge nigga…lets go to war..u fucked up now….u done jeezy i promise u..u dont know what u got ur self into..this time Gucci gonna show the world. before yaw didnt respect em and now that he got the world lookin at him he can finnaly show yaw he fucked jeezy up the first time but yaw was listening…now that yaw gonna listen…gucci get em…thats ll ima say..trap or die the only thing this nigga got…fuck all that commercial shit…Gucci get em

  • Shady Universe

    We have a Gucci supporter ROFLMFAO!!!!!!

  • D

    Finally jeezy went back in on this weak nigga and his ugly ass side kick, dude look like the vampire boy from those fake black n white gossis magazines. Gucci ain’t about to do shit but get murdered again by jeezy and the sheild gang. The Zim, u a funny ass dude.lol

  • Juicy Gucci Pussys

  • Digitek

    wow this shit is funny as hell

  • I need a number of people who think Gucci & Juicy just plain out suck?


    This is very interesting. On Friday, my local hip hop station 102 Jamz in Greensboro, NC is having their concert, Superjam. Now everyone is mostly crap on the bill for the event except for Young Jeezy and maybe Rick Ross. Jeezy is headlining the event and also preforming is Gucci Mane at the concert. This might get a little uncomfortable. We’ll see what happens in 4 days.


    @ ShadyUniverse

    Yeah, I wouldn’t buy a ticket for that either.

  • JK

    Jeezy came hard on this one Im in my Louie fuck a Gucci they cant keep they lips closed like Gucci and poor OJ is his career even gonna Young Dro and take off?

  • youknow

    daaaaaamn. he just straight up said gucci mane is retarded. haha. hopefully nobody gets killed (literally) by Gucci this time. My neighbor was actually the lawyer that got him off.

  • Gucci may be slow, but he sure knows how to sell those chickens!

    Is he a match for Jeezy tho?

    Let’s settle this beef with a brick sale competition.

    Special guest judges Malice, Pusha T, Raekwon and Simon Cowell.

    Higher end product testing by Scott Storch.

    Lower end product testing by DMX.

    Winner gets arrested, loser gets arrested.

  • jjones

    “This is very interesting. On Friday, my local hip hop station 102 Jamz in Greensboro, NC is having their concert, Superjam. Now everyone is mostly crap on the bill for the event except for Young Jeezy and maybe Rick Ross. Jeezy is headlining the event and also preforming is Gucci Mane at the concert. This might get a little uncomfortable. We’ll see what happens in 4 days.”

    Woulda been nice if i was at A&T right now. Didn’t the last time gucci was out in greensboro people was shootin outside of Jabbs? Anyway i was wonderin how long it was gonna take Jeezy to say somethin with all the noise the So Icey Ent was making

  • hopefully nobody gets killed (literally) by Gucci this time. My neighbor was actually the lawyer that got him off [PAUSE].

    youknow said this on June 15th, 2009 at 7:06 pm

  • Shady Universe

    @ BIG RED

    Somebody probably gonna get shot lol. Watch and see. Fans will most likely fight but now I got a feeling someone gonna get shot.

  • esskaywhyzee o o

    i ain’t a jeezy fan, and i havent listened to the track, but jeezy just went up in my book

  • Jay-wall

    Concert friday? expect a fight or five
    And LMAO at the one gucci supporter. you fail buddy, log off.

  • Jimbo

    Is it just me or does this sound unfinished? The sound quality is weird…

  • Young SD

    @ Shake

    “I’m Sooo Ice-ayy! Your Not Icey At All
    Looks Like You Got Your Jewelry From The Middle of The Mall”

    Jeezy >>>>> Gucci

  • Recap


  • A.S.

    Come on mannn.. Gucci and Orange juice man are trash. Jeezy been nice.. and really did the damn thing. ” They call me Mr. been had a sack”

  • youngkid

    yeah fuck guci and wack ass rapper oj jeezy went in thug motivation 103


    @ ShadyUniverse

    I would not be surprised to see a scuffle. Some of the NC A&T Homecoming events have had many of those as well. It is at the Greensboro Colisieum but its at the Pavilion. So anything can go down. Friday, we shall see.

  • A.S.

    Gucci mane is the worst. and OJ looks like a bat.. this shit corny uptop

  • A.S.

    by this I meant gucci and juice guy

  • Shady Universe

    103 is gonna go fucking hard. Expect more disses to Gucci. I think the album is gonna be called I Am Trap or some shit like that from what I remember last year until Jeezy revealed Recession.

  • Shady Universe

    @ BIG RED

    Yupp. Too many Gucci and Jeezy supporters here for it not to be a fight. I just thought of this too. OJ and Lo will definitely be there obviously so Jeezy better be bringing some useful people just in case something pops off then Gucci will be back in court again most likely like in 05 lol.

  • youngkid

    yeah i heard kanye did alot of beats for jeezy

  • kdjuggernaut


  • this beef is so 2005.

  • awwww [email protected]!!!! who dat Jeezy taking shot @??????

  • Nelly

    I fucks with Gucci and Jeezy. This diss was aight compared to “stay strapped” tho…..”stay strapped” is a fuckin classic.

  • WhoaWhoaWhoa!!!

    “I’m on my Louie shit today,Fuck some Gucci Mane”

    Ouch!!LoL.Get em’,Thug Motivation 103,I been ready for it.Yeeaaa!!

    IF YOU never heard of these mixtapes ur a certified pussy for one…and secondly u a internet “Curtains” Talib Kweli type nigga..i listen to all types of music from UNI to J. Cole to Wiz Khalefia…and Wale…and etc and etc…but at the end of the day gucci mane has always i repeat ALWAYS MADE BETTER SONGS THAN JEEZY….if you don’t have his body of work how can yaw comment on something u only listen to in passing? just because you heard a couple of songs on the radio and etc think u really know the artist? let me tell u…Gucci mane gets $50,000 a show any city in the country besides maybe NY or Cali…anywhere right now…the highest club paid artist in the country period…everyone knows that. its not because he got lucky..its because hood niggas like me that can weed out corny mutha fuckas that appeal to white america like jeezy listen to him. I got Colin Munroe in my changer right now with Gucci Mane next….so don’t try and discredit my listening preference. I know good songs when i hear them and all of JEEZYS SOUND THE EXACT SAME…EVEN THIS ONE..ISN’T THIS IS THE SAME BEAT OFF 102…OR WAS IT TRAP OR DIE?….UM I DON’T KNOW…because THEY ALL SOUND THE FUCKING SAME.. smarten up people. when are you going to realize yo can only hate for too long before you have to actually listen to the artist. Gucci’s Sosa and Chicken Talk and Gangsta Grillz are better than any album or mixtape Jeezy has ever done and I will put that on my life. if you don’t take the time to listen to the artist how will yo ever educate yourself without making an biased opinion. I listen to good music and Gucci makes classic music…everything is there except mainstream sucess which you all try to judge people on…just listen to some of his classic material and not leaked bullshit on the net then come back and comment. if u dont have one of those mixtapes…DONT FUCKING COMMENT U SOFT ASS PISSY FACE SNOWBALL SNOWMAN GEORGE FOREMAN LOOK ALIKE KEISHA COLE SONG SINGING ASS COMMERCIAL ASS SNOWFLAKE ASS BITCH COWARD ASS NIGGA. THIS FOR HOOD NIGGAS…IF U LISTEN TO POSITIVE ASS RAPPERS DONT CLICK SHIT HERE….THIS AINT UR CUP OF TEA AND GET OVER IT…MORE FROM THE SUBURBS AND GET UR SELF A GUN AND THEN U MIGHT LISTEN TO GUCCI MANE LA FLARE AND NOT SOME FAT GREASY BUTTERBALL ASS NIGGA NAMED YOUNG CHEEZY.


  • KOJ_the_YDC

    “even his own momma know, radric davis a bitch/to be honest nigga ain’t nothin gucci about ya” – sheeit…been mudered

  • Jeezy you suck, kill yourself lol… but real talk gucci got the real hits you sleepin on the game nigga

  • Shady Universe

    Holy shit ROFLMFAO!!!!!! Gucci fans are fucking retarded. Typing long ass essays and shit lol.

  • ur mom sucks my long ass cock as well

  • Up until this post I had no idea there was Gucci Fans..and up until Five minutes ago..I didnt know Gucci Fans could type/read

  • Shady Universe

    @ Jeremy

    LOL!!!!!! They sure know how to buy tickets as well supporting a wack ass artist

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  • KOJ_the_YDC

    ok gucci ma…i mean “the Zim” stop tryin to plug yourself, ok ok you’re classic and have a lot of mixtapes, top 5 lyrcist dead or alive, now beat it

  • Huh?

    @ The Zim

    Nobody, and I mean NOBODY is gonna read that shit.

  • brian
  • Verbalitercourse

    @The Zim STFU take a PAUSE… If you’re not Gucci take his ish outta our mouth son…LOL it’s NOT that serious.. I listen to gucci only because I am amazed by the stuff he says..Like for real? Stay high like gerrafe Pu$$y? Blind you every time I pick a boger LOL… Just to make you mad son

    Jeezy Goes way harder [pause] than gucci… 103 Lets get it!

  • Dexic


    Notherfucka, have you even heard a “classic” with you head up Gucci’s ass?

  • copkilla.44

    and that should be the last we hear of jeezy..

  • Preo

    Jeezy has been one of the few dudes that got mainstream that i still like, and dissing 2 of the worst rappers Ive heard in my life (dont get me wrong, Gucci haas 2 songs i kind of like – not OJ thou) makes me like him more

    Also, i think Gucci raps with OJ cuz he needed to find somebody worse than him

  • youknow

    @ The Zim

    wow. you really think gucci makes classics? for who? 8th grade dropouts?

  • D.

    the zim = lol everything you say makes you sound more and more like a joke. havent heard those mixtapes so im a pussy? SMFH

  • @Shady Universe

  • DP

    http://www.twitter.com/jabari….go grab that Lupe Fiasco “Shining Down” CDQ…yes sir he goes in

  • lol whoops i forgot to add more. um yeah..someone has to support his addiction to jewlery that doesnt make any damn sense.

  • Shady Universe

    @ Jeremy

    Yupp. I still remember when that white chick stripped down to bra and panties for her man at the radio station for tickets standing out in the rain. I just don’t understand it lol.

  • bank$

    Yeah, Gucci stans aren’t no joke. Homeboy is definitely the best rapper alive, at least thats what half of everybody here says. Maybe I’d agree if I understood one word that came from his mouth; *looks up lyrics*, nevermind still whack.

  • demise

    two terrible rappers battling. its like watching the knicks play the clippers for fucks sake

  • Kal

    Lol good analogy

  • @ The Zim –

    Are you sure you’re not my ex? i would put your name out there but you know i take jeezy over gucc anyday. finally. i just played ‘still strapped’ before listening to this. and Jeremy & Shadyuniverse are hilarious! Made my night.

  • APayne

    This shit goes way too hard. Can’t wait for TM103.

  • @ the zim

    why is it imperative that i live in the hood and own a gun to like a persons music? thats the dumbest reason for liking someones music ive ever heard, what you REALLY need to do is move OUT of the hood, get an EDUCATION, and THEN maybe (just maybe) you’ll understand that just because you live somewhere and tote a gun doesnt mean you have to listen to shitty music.

  • Shady Universe

    @ The Zim

    Are you that cartoon character from Invader Zim that used to be on Nickelodeon??? You seem familiar. Invading this website blasting bullshit about Coochie, opps I mean Gucci.

  • bc1391

    @ The Zim
    So Gucci is for the hood niggas? Wow you keep E-thuggin on a whole different level.

  • DP

    i live in mississippi and niggas idolize this man…I don’t know why…niggas laugh at me when I bump Lupe, Wale, Curren$y, Joell, royce, crook, royce, charlie ham, sean….niggas just like drake cuz they ride wayne’s dick. I guess where I live dudes feel they have to live the way gucci lives and just talk about stupid shit.

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  • Shaekwon

    Nobody’s reading that fuckin paragraph Zim. Lol and gtfoh with them lame ass yo mama was on my cock jokes. Grow up nigga.

  • MR. 9O7

    Zim stop trying to be mister super thug and shit, you’re a nerd just like the rest of us (yes, you niggas are nerds)… and you’re trying way to hard lmao

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  • Gucci and OJ are pretty lame. I don’t like Jeezy, but I think he can go harder than anyone of them.

  • hell yes!
    i dont understand why err’body on oj’s dick anyway!
    ay ay ay ay ay ay ay ay ay ay ay ay ay ay ay ay ay

  • SHOWMAN3000

    I’d rather listen to the Jonas Brothers before Gucci Mane mangggg lmfao!!!!!

  • SHOWMAN3000

    But between me and you I think da boy slowwwwwwww

  • H-town

    LOL at the nigga zim going to every hip hop
    Blog and posting that long lame ass story
    About his heroes mr gucci Wackman and a
    Ah ah ah okay oj da Wack man

  • Steve_Rollin

    I don’t know what’s more ridiculous, the Gucci fan’s logic or the fact that people are even responding to his slow ass.

  • Mr. Dexter

    “but between me and you i think them boys slow”

  • Peekay

    HAHAHA @ Jaydon

    ‘winner gets arrested’

    Can’t understand a thing Juiceboy or Mane say so Jeezy wins for that alone.

  • phreshness678

    Jeezy went commerical. To me he fell off since Thug Motivation 101..My nigga Gucci is for the Hood and the real trap niggaz..But the beef shit is old..Jeezy tryin to build some hype around him..Since Gucci hot right now

  • y.o.reppa

    SMH…Could it be??? The south is actually crumbling??? T.I. is in jail…Lil Wayne makes rock music…The Dungeon Family puts out NO material…Lil Jon vanished…Rick Ross can’t go platinum…Luda has lost his luster…Swisha house sold out…Scarface retired…Devin the dude doesn’t have enough fans…R.I.P. pimp c….Dance/Rap songs have become a priority for radio play in the south…and now the internal BEEF begins which is the ultimate reason for every dynasty’s demise.

    Yeah…I think 2009 is a huge indicator that change is inevitable for the south…Im starting to see the shift…And it ain’t pretty but there are a few glimmers of hope on the come up. J.Cole and Nipsey Hussle may be a couple of them…but DRAKE and CUDI, as well as the like have the one up…

  • I read all ya’ll comments, some of Yall are just haters..I don’t think Gucci is the most lyrical, but he got way more swag than Jeezy..Jeezy need to work with Shawty Redd more to take the south again…I own all the mixtapes and overall.. Gucci’s beats and content are better than any of Jeezy’s material. Thats why Drama aint messing with this cat..Jeezy just jealous cuz Gucci took the streets, and everybody who worked with Jeezy working with Gucci, I’d go at my enemy too…Besides, if you know their history who really came out on top or who’s really better at this beef.. Jeezy sent CTE goons at Gucci to rob the nigga…Gucci murked one of them niggas (Pookie Loc of CTE).Ya’ll can talk E-Trash about Gucci all ya’ll want, I ain’t gone diss none of ya’ll,Gucci better overall ta me…You like who you like….In the streets Gucci run it…I’m sorry. Real recognize real, and when it comes to beef..Gucci took care of business…But I’mma just see how it turns out..

  • Me


    Gucci too goofy and ignent for a nigga

  • Me

    All Gucci’s fans are ignorant, slow, high school dropouts and pretty much anything to be ashamed about yourself.

    Jeezy isnt the most positive rapper but alteast he has brains and he’s more of a adult.

    Gucci Mane…im still tryna figure out how the HELLLL he even got such a buzz he has now.

    All his records sound the same and he always rhyming the same words (ex: bitch, shit, trick, dick. trap, strap. etc)

  • How you gone stereotype Gucci Fans, I’m educated, graduated High School top-honors and went to Howard University..Ashamed, you should be ashamed dissin Fans Of So Icey, just cuz you don’t like em..You must be young..So Jeezy don’t rap about the same trap content…Me…You’s a Lame..and a Contridiction..

  • Shaekwon

    Redvillainy you lost all chances of making a point when you brought swag into this. Swag = an exuse for niggas that can’t rap. aka Gucci.

  • me

    cant wait for TM103

  • me

    dirty version with another verse added

  • Shady Universe

    @ RedVillainy

    Real recognize real, Gucci ain’t shit. When he drops an album, he flops. What did his last album do??? When I checked the charts he was sooooo far down on the list then the next week, POOF he was gone. Stop talking about dude like he somebody. Your just making yourself look bad and looking even worse calling people haters. That’s some feminine shit.

  • SHOWMAN3000

    I’m sorry if you say the words “content” and “lyrics” to describe Gucci then you should really get your hip-hop education up because that is not hip-hop homie. NOT AT ALL!

    So basically what you Gucci fans are telling people is that as long as you have a good beat (particularly with heavy base/808’s that drown your vocals out), you don’t have to rhyme or flow on time to the beat well, just shorten your words with lots of space in between your lines and just play around with words you should rap.

    You can not be a realistic listener of hip-hop with integrity and honestly tell me that Gucci Mane can rap or even better give you an emotional feeling behind his words.

    So you’re telling me a man who has very little vocabulary and understanding for words and timing can draw an emotional likeness from you people???? lmfao

    It’s like there’s a big wave of listeners who are easily impressed. Yet the skilled mc’s you scorn at. BLASPHEMY! Why are you people destroying this culture? Why? It’s not the rappers it’s the people who support this bullshit that makes these gimmicky artists with no integrity relevant. Listen to alternative music or punk rock or something. Ya polluting this genre.

  • SHOWMAN3000

    Ps. most people don’t even know the definition of “swag” and is when some disagree with you these days its called “hate”

    I swear everybody got a fucking hater huh… fucking please!
    There are peons that don’t even exists to a large majority of people and when the person appears they call us haters. lmao come on.

    I guess calling people haters is a person (with insecurities) defensive mechanism!

  • stack.


  • Cage

    Hmmm…. I’ve lived in a couple of hoods, owned several burners… and even met gucci @ a club called the compound in GA… Down to earth cat… And the music is STILL WACK!!!! Cut out all the weak excuses.. His bars are garbage, if you like his music, pls keep that shit to yourself and you wont get laughed at….

  • OnAQue$t

    @ SHOWMAN3000

    Its easy to be a realistic listener of hip-hop and still like Gucci or any other rapper that makes music of the same realm. (OJ, Waka, Jeezy, Yo Gotti, etc.). When i listen cats like that Im not expecting lyrical content or meaningful music its just music for the club/part type mood. When im chillin listening to music i want to hear lyrical thought provoking type shit but not when im about to go to a party/club or there. I take music for what it is and dont compare music that obviously made for a different purposes.

  • oh my god.. there are 203483204832948 comments on this shit..and i just read them all..and im so fucking mad at myself and feel stupider..i feel so stupid..that i just typed stupider. And @DJRedVillian..if you went to Howard and like Gucci..you really just helped alot of America narrow down their college search lists lmao..dude..fuck this. @SHOWMAN..I Agree. I mean for fucks sake..Gucci sounds like he raps with a mouthfull of corn. At least plies is educated outside of the booth..Fuck.Fuck.Fuck a Gucci man..and a fan of Gucci Man. Go play In traffic.

  • Zeee

    Gucci Mane can rhyme, but when it comes to rappin Gucci Mane can’t rap for shit. Go listen to some real music and stop supporting wack shit. I don’t care how real Gucci is, when it comes to his music it’s wack. Any idiot with a beat can do the same shit he’s doin, but it takes skill to rap like Drake or Snoop or anyone who knows how to actually rap, instead of making wack ass 2nd grade rhymes.

  • Cupcakesss

    @ jeremy
    WOW there are basically 100 comments and i read them all. I didn’t realize there were that many till you said that. i co-sign that shit lol
    FUCK gucci. Jeezy>>>gucci+juuman

  • Jeezy hott as fuck.. But y would u drop a diss song on another artist if u “so called” Atl best …I fucks wit gucci like really fucks wit him and juice…them boys on sum whole other shit rite now …I’m riding wit gucci n juice on this one ..this just shows that ole boy jealous bout sum of either tryin to steal my boy street buzz…

  • J Will

    LMAO @ ZEEE using DRAKE and SNOOP as examples. Is that the best you could come up with?

  • !Jones!

    Gucci da shit Bitch!!!

  • !Jones!

    I aint heard enuff Drake yet but Snoop been wak since ’99! any1 remember that “u can make mine Extra cheesy” line he dropped on a warren g track???? No? U dont know shit about this hip hop shit then!!!! Snoop been payin niggas 2 write his raps since then! Bottom line jeezy did some jealous ass fuckboy made shit like bitch niggas do and nobody knows what provoked him!!! The nigga might be homo LOL

  • !Jones!

    PS Fuck Showman 3000 U dont Know shit about hiphop u prolly 1 of them talib kweli ass niggas cryin about hiphop is dead and aint no art no more and all that bullshit this shit just evolved dumbass aint no back inte day those days are gone!!! and fuck any1 that agree wit that nigga Dumb bitches!!! JONES!

  • !Jones!

    And the zim is my nigga uuuuaaaahhhh!

  • J Will

    @ !JONES!

    I agree with that shit you said about Snoop. And I remember that line. Snoop is done he should stick to family shows. And I like Jeezy’s music but this looks like jealousy to me.

    He mad cause Gucci taking over Atlanta right now. It’s just jealousy.

  • !Jones!

    Well Said J Will

  • Danny

    Rap may have ‘evolved’ (into some bullshit, to say the least), but that doesn’t change the fact that the art is gone. Talib and all related artists are completely right when they say that hip hop is dead.

    The More You Know!

  • SHOWMAN3000

    Lames always used the “old school” line! Get a grip.

    I’m a fan of good music. I could name numerous rappers I constantly listen to that are “new school” or whatever term u use.

    There are a lot of rappers who fell off that are “old school” and very few that are relevant that’s obvious. My comments and opinions are best on quality not old school and new school.

    Y’all just a bunch of people that are mad the truth is there are more wak rappers than good ones and the reason they exist is because people like you support them. You hate being criticized for having bad taste. I’m not a big Jeezy fan but at least he can RAP! Y’all niggas deaf. Anything with a good beat an a ok voice on it is hot music to you. lmao

    Don’t hesitate to type malice towards me I embrace the hate for my honesty. It’s almost protocol.

  • SHOWMAN3000

    Shit for the dude who said the “I know shit about hiphop” line explain what is the definition of hip-hop? And try doing it without going to wikipedia or googling it to be sure. If you have to think hard to touch up on ya history or better yet what it is then chances are you’re just an ousider that listens to hip-hop music aka “A Follower”

    You know nothing else than that. I’m not perfect but I embrace things I haven’t learned about hiphop today and in the past everyday in my life. You don’t. You just choose what you want to learn

  • Drellz

    Gucci goes hard 4 da team i mean i like em both but everybody in the hood can relate to gucci more! i fucks wit gucci and jeezy hard and by the way at the supajamz dey did nothin but nobody wanted gucci or jeezy 2 leave sooo yeeea!