Braille - Skepticold (Video)


Brand new video off Braille & S1's CloudNineteen LP. Shot in Portland, OR; directed by Liz Vice.

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  • SHOWMAN3000

    You Shake check this out.

    Y'all check that SLAUGHTERHOUSE behind the scenes video shoot for "ONE" The song and video sound BANANAS!!!!!!

  • Landforce

    blown away to see this dude on 2dope... he's from my area. grinds harder than anyone and gets lots of love internationally, probably more than he does out here in the NW. props.

  • TyCity

    S1 ia a real dude he was putting me down with production when I didn't have anything

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  • Sb 562

    damn shake i didnt know you lived Braille hes mad dope good to see his music up here

  • omar

    yea that was dope

  • Gremlin

    i quite like this joint i cant front

  • kurt gobang da2nd

    this was ok. gotta listen to it again.

    oh yeah. i feel obligated to say that Earthtones was the worst cd i've heard all year. tracks weren't too bad, but the lyrics were subpar at best. and i only say that because i am putting him up to what i've been hearing from his "peers" thus far this year. we've (surprisingly) had a LOT of good music this year (oh thank you lord jesus christ god of all things great and small. a little late with the answering of my prayers for a lot less wack music, but i forgive you. just kidding. please don't strike me down. at least until slaughterhouse drops). maybe next time he'll look at who he's in company with before he steps in the booth...

  • kurt gobang da2nd

    i will say that i found it funny where he was about to give the homeless guy a bill and changed his mind when he peeped the 'gators. hehehe...

  • Caaso Dinero

    C/S to Landforce. It's always good to see somebody for the hometown getting recognition at this level

  • Caaso Dinero


  • Caaso Dinero


  • jay

    mad props!! dude is sick..

  • AdanGenny


  • pike

    braille makes very good music both solo and part of the crew lightheaded. his and s1 latest cloud nineteen is very sick. if you go to a show they have been giving them out free on tours.


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