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Wale & 9th Wonder – Back to the Feature (Mixtape)

blame it on Shake June 19, 2009

After many delays and a slew of people bitching (for free music, smh) Wale’s new mixtape is finally here (shouts to elitaste). Brought to you by the good folks at LRG; mixed by Nick Catchdubs; and featuring Joe Budden, Skyzoo, Talib Kweli, Joell Ortiz, Young Chris, Black Thought, Big Sean, Torae, Memphis Bleek, J. Cole, Curren$y, Jean Grae, Royce Da 5’9″, Bun B and many more.

Tracklist + Download link after the jump…

DOWNLOAD: Wale & 9th Wonder – Back to the Feature (Mixtape) | Sharebee | Zshare

  • yup


  • Sterlz


  • Deneire

    it’s about fuckin time!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Mezzy

    Ur fast SHake.
    Just saw him post it on twitter 2 minutes ago

  • HaTrik


  • AZ

    bout fuckin time.. CANT WAIT TO HERE SOME OF THESE SONGS… love 9th wonder, some real shit.

  • tms

    lmao the “listeing session” at walemusic.com is fucking pathetic

  • lbj23

    hell fuckin yea

  • pr99

    holy shit a lot of features…

  • Chuck

    as promised, I’m almost surprised.
    gracias Shake.


    damn this shoulda been 2 disc set for the time it took damn but i love wale dude nice

  • Myth_Seeker

    yesssss better be good!!!!!!

  • Sterlz

    ahh i hope zshare doesnt give me a virus like last time i used it

  • ck47

    wooooo finally tracklist looks real nice.

  • Finally…


  • wow. lots of guests. wasn’t expecting that. guess i’ll check it out :)

  • Chuck

    smh zshare is being so slow for me right now, why did Wale upload it there

  • tdottttt

    this worth the d/l?

  • dcruz.88

    OH MY FUCKIN’ JESUS-PIECE… i think i just shit my self. #4 on the tracklist looks dope just by lookin’ at the damn name!

  • JDS

    Yesssir about damn time.

  • Mezzy

    he just posted it, don’t think anyone knows, but most likely.

    dis listening session is fucking crazy.

  • Sb 562

    waits for the dedicated fan to upload on mediafire hahaha

  • Dfrye

    So this just came out and Back to The Future is on TV right now, coincidence?

    Even though back to the future is on tv pretty much daily.



  • xastey

    I was just about to send Shake an email about this.. good looks

  • MikeDaooo

    ^^^^^^^^^^^^ The fuck? Of course it’s worth the download!!!!*#(&$#@#*(&&$)_#(

  • what’s considered complaining? glad its finally here. you did get it posted quick, because i went to the twitter. saw i had to sign up and came here…

  • Shake

    “wow. lots of guests. wasn’t expecting that.”

    you do realize the mixtape is called “back to the FEATURE” right?
    and im reupping on mediafire now, so yall can have a mirror.

  • DP

    yeah this shit is going to take a minute so let me take a nap and see how this sounds in an hour or so…

  • Damn, bout time. This tracklist looks insanse, great features.

  • Can anyone post an alternative link? Zshare is fucking up.

  • it d/ld quickly off zshare for me.. i wonder whats up with that.

  • Steve_Rollin

    This shit is downloadin hella slow.

  • YESSSSS… this is going on the Zune asap!!!!


  • WOW! I WANTED TO DO THAT YAEL NIEM “NEW SOUL” remix like a year ago. I thought that song was off the chains!


  • Anyone interested in the original:


  • Uh..


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  • A*STAR


  • Jimbo

    So far so good

  • jcrunk

    ive been waitin 4 dis shit all summer

  • its about fuckin time.

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  • Gilad Gefen

    Man, I’m excited to hear this ish!

  • AZ

    shit just cut off at like 70%

    lets do this again…. *downloads*

  • yoyoyoyo

    zshare blows…. never works in mac or on safari…..

    still thanks Shake for the upload… maybe I’ll thank Wale if the wait ends up being worth it…

  • j2daizzo

    great f*in start to my weekend thanx

  • doomsamonster

    fuckin-A…been anticipating this shit for a minute. now im waitin for the album and the joint hes doin with young chris.

  • Dfrye

    @AZ mine cut out at like 55%, WTF?

  • yadida

    haha damn ima be mad if download cuts out too..zshare goin hella slow right now.. right on for the linkage tho!

  • Chillin Remix is WAY BETTER than OG.

  • dope

    right on time to bang dis in tha whip on my road trip. dope!

  • tms

    im upping on sharebee

  • A*STAR

    What happened to the suspect art work?

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  • JustinCase

    I hope wales album has no feautres


  • Above is a reference to Justin Case

  • @justincase

    …The only rappin features are Bun-B & Kn’aan the other features are singers. The songs they’re are on is different than the ones on this tape.

    *back to waiting for a non-zshare link*

  • wow. lots of guests. wasn’t expecting that. guess i’ll check it out

    Theo Zissou said this on June 19th, 2009 at 3:48 pm


    im sorry but this is one of the dumbest comments i ever seen on here

  • jamo

    havent been a huge fan of wale but family afair and chillin were both dope and this mixtape has a lot of hype and looks promising so im actually pretyy excited to hear it…..downloading now…..


    yea Shake, y’all should really keep this post as the top……fa at least like a week hahaha


    HAHAHA, glad they changed the cover. that 1st one was pause worthy.

  • tms
  • Shake, you the man homie. Gotta jump this off during the graveyard shift. *Jay-Z voice* Sweet.

  • tms
  • jabboud

    Shake i gotta say ur offbase criticizing people complaining about delays in free music. When an artist announces a timeframe for the release of new material and then disappoints his fan base as many successive times as this, the complaints are entirely warranted. remember, this project’s first projected release was october-ish….

  • AZ

    thanks for the other links, zshare cut out TWICE on me..

  • bsswine

    most “anticipated” shit ever, i cant believe i didnt download in the first minute this shit finally dropped. better late than never


  • tms
  • brian

    Too many features imo.


    @ brian

    Like shake said, obviously you dont understand the title of the tape.

  • esskaywhyzee o o

    I was hoping for a new track with Skyzoo on there, but still dope. Pot of Gold, Warwick Avenue, and Cypha are all pretty old too. Didn’t expect any of those on this tape, but all worthy, and people should hear them. Shit’s got 10 minutes left, then it’s getting burned ASAP and bumped in the whip

  • bsswine

    20 mins

  • BenzoWashington

    lol @ brain …….maybe he can’t read?

  • womp womp womp


  • nickalie

    j.cole and spitta on a track together is 2dope

  • ck47

    lmao womp u cant be serious?

  • Ryan.T.

    SHHIIIIIITTT!! I was waiting for this all day. I checked the site before my shift started and was hoping it was available, because now I’m @ work and can’t DL.

  • Myth_Seeker

    i find it funny that a tape called BACK TO THE FEATURE (keyword FEATURE) is catching people offguard by the features

  • rgf
  • devo408

    its called back to the feature for a reason fuckheads!!you guys complainin bout features shouldnt gtfo

  • Lewnilli

    This is what I’ve been waiting on since April. It’s about time Wale.

  • NeoDaMatrix

    48.1 kb/sec, swear this shit will have 100k d/l by tonight

  • demise

    megaupload was quick with it

  • Boston

    Worth the fuckin wait. This is rap at its purest. Nothin but a bunch of niggas spittin

  • jamo

    good lookin on that sharebee link cause that z share had fail written all over it.

  • womp womp womp


    are you listening to everybody or just wale? he aint really coming with it he can spit way better than what im hearing.

  • womp womp womp


    i meant to say the features are going harder than him

  • Shake


    actually im right on base. fans want a great product right? so if the artist doesnt think its to their standard by the time their FREE project was supposed to come out, then youll have to wait. would you rather them put out something thats not to the best of their ability just to reach a fuckin deadline? no.

  • Boston

    Amen, plus I’ve met Wale and he seems like a stand up guy. He clearly didn’t enjoy jerking around his fans, he just didn’t think it was ready

  • jb

    ^^ great point.

    i’d rather wait for something great, then get something average faster… even though everyone (including myself) wants everything as soon as they hear about it.

  • LeNoirPhotog

    Not that i care much but am I the only one to notice nicki minaj aint on it….He said awhile back that he was waiting on her to finish her part on a track..

  • Timbo

    Thank god for the features. Looks like he realized he’s not talented enough to carry shit on his own. Thumbs up to self realization.

  • donato


    the point is that he said he was gonna deliver and aint follow through the first few times. you cant blame fans for being upset over that.

    id rather someone tell me on january 1st they were gonna release something on june 15th, instead of telling me it was gonna be in feb, then when feb comes saying march, etc. i dont mind the wait for a nicely polished product, just dont get my hopes up and let me down. /shrug

  • why the change in artwork?

  • man real talk people need to rewind wale’s verses…. im readin these comments and some of the c-boys talkin bullshit like “wale cant hold his own” and “his features are killin him”. yes the features are killin it, but wale is ON HIS SHIT here. fact is his lines just simply flew by yall craniums lol

  • Jimbo

    The song with Royce….royce destroys it

  • kindbuddy

    Nick, haha why keep the artwork when ppl thought it looked homo

  • Vegardizzle

    “fact is his lines just simply flew by yall craniums lol”


  • 780 & Heartbreak

    knaan joint is the best

  • JT

    I agree with MOOSE, Wale AND the features are killin it. This tape is dope

  • tms


    at one point he said nicki minaj was holdin the tape up

    apparently she aint even make the cut

  • @yoyoyo zshare works perfectly on my computer and i have a mac book with safari 4.0….but anyways the tape is hotter than the stove….firrrre!

  • bc1391

    Wale and Skyzoo should do a mixtape together, they flow off of each other perfectly

  • Ha. nope wasn’t keeping up with this. Like that nothin to worry about. thanks shake :)

  • bizzy

    damn the wait and hype for this tape made it that much better im gettin the chills just looking at the cover/tracklist

  • tms

    drake bout to gte shot on The N

  • Tuck

    Lyrics to Rhyme N Reason are unreal

  • NoloLin

    Hell Yeah!

  • lil ish


  • good stuff. great to have a mixtape without dj drops

  • Bo

    Fuckin unbelievable how BKS flipped that Yael Naim track for. Great way for the tape to end.

  • Kwesi

    @ Tuck. hell yeah shit is fire

  • Nelly

    I think the mixtape could have been better, I like Wale but I aint wanna hear some of the other artists. The joint with Jean Grae is the best track on there hands down.

  • AZ

    co sign Nelly


  • Nelly

    to the other artists or the Jean Grae joint??? lol.
    but yeah the other artist kinda ruined a couple tracks for me. overall I give this a 4/5 tho.

  • MR

    i like what Wale is doing. A Mixtape About Nothing was just Wale going hard on sick gogo beats. Back to the Feature is no gimmicks, no bullshit, just wordplay.

    i’m happy that theres somebody real between the Swag Surfin and hustlin. if youre looking for some hot singles… this isnt the tape. this is some shit to bump at 11 pm when youre ridin through the city.

  • stegasaurus badass

    awww yeah imma bump dis in mah hoopty

  • AZ

    the jean grae song is the best, then the one with talib.. this will be nice to play in the morning.. on the tube.. on my way to college and work :D

  • Dee

    @MR…..yeah, mixtape about nuffin was about gogo beats, but also proof that dudes subject matter was on point, and that he can produce a conceptual piece of work, which it was….kramer, perfect plan, manipulation – ill tracks

  • MR

    @Dee.. youre right. i loved Mixtape About Nothing. dude made an entire mixtape around a show i dont really like…. and it was dope. that shits been in my car for months. Manipulation and crazy are two of my favorite wale records. i just think people might sleep on this because its not driven by ridiculous beats. and that would be WRONG. this is tight as hell… just different

  • TE

    it’s not even that good. sorry.

  • t.a.morales

    I wanna see what Wale does with that New Soul track…I liked AC’s version of it. Mental Instruments did a nice job with it so it’ll be good to hear what BKS does…looks like this was WELL worth the wait.

  • ight hands down… Rhyme N Reason is prolly ONE of the dopest tracks on this mixtape…dead ass.

  • lasean

    bout fuckin time

  • Lado

    dat joint wit J Cole and Currensy is creative and dope..

    da tape is nice..only problem is same rappers didnt fit some beats..and some didnt come as hard.

  • ck47

    Mixtape is the shit 10/10

  • Z

    Worth the wait

  • i honestly dont think it was that bad.

  • Zed

    Can’t wait for the album

  • Aye Shake Was J.cole n Curren$y supposed to be on the track “Talkin Shyt” cuz Bun b shouts them out at the beginning of the song n u kind hear j. cole at beginning.

    If all them spit on that beat it would have been the sickest track on the mixtape…I say we push them to released a remix with them on it hahaha

  • ShowMeMoney

    all of his fuckin mixtapes come out dumb in itunes…shit should be dope tho

  • @cretin05

    Shit was on point.
    BIG ups to 9th Wonder. Nice

  • “so while the world go Drake crazy // im Danny Granger im just workin wit a different Pacer // speed up, patience // cuz slow and steady wins the race”

    word to Mr. Folarin. just finished givin the mixtape 2 whole spins. some of the beat selection is questionable, but as a whole shit was 2DOPE. patiently waiting for Attention Deficit!!!


  • WOW

    is all i got to say about this fucking dope mixtape

  • Blindsyde

    This tape is dope. The J. Cole “The Warm Up” tape is dope as well!

  • Ballermal

    hey world continue to ride the drake wave but my man Wale is the goods.Drake deserves much credit but Wale is my favorite of these new cats cus the lyrics are CONSISTENT and alot of u lames i understand it goin over your heads so do HIP HOP a favor and keep listenin to Wayne.

  • ShakeJr

    i honestly havent listened to wale and ive been wondering what all the hype was about.. at least before i downloaded it. its nice.

  • S dot H dot

    Love all the features.. Liked the song with Royce the best

  • Jazzy

    ok…..so I’ve listened to the whole mixtape while working out. and it was pretty much the greatest mixtape of the year so far. to me, Wale is the one of those rappers who’s brinning hip-hop back to itz pure years. the whole freshmen crew(wale, c. Hamilton, Asher Roth, kid cudi, Drake, etc.) is makin this year a great year for hip-hop.

  • Wonderin

    The amount of comments in here is wild.

  • WhoaWhoaWhoa!!!

    Rhyme N Reason,New Soul,Night Life,Rather Be With You and The Sun.CRAZY.Mixtape as a whole…NICE,some were off scale but the majority was nice.Wale,J.Cole,Kid Cudi,Wiz Khalifa,Curren$y,Big Sean.They’re on the way,Drake’s hyped the fuck up too much and looks as if he’s been gettin helping hands since the beginning tho.Can’t roll with that.But anywayz,GO WALE!!NICE!!

  • whitemamba

    everyone else’s beats on this mixtape > 9th wonder’s beats

    wale should stick with BKS. dope mixtape though.

  • Niiice! Can’t wait to finally bump this.

  • JustinCase

    From what I’ve heard so far great effin tape…definitely worth the wait.

  • Blindsyde

    Why the fuck do people bring up Drake in topics that don’t partain to him?

    Leave that shit out!

  • Adup

    9th production = :|

  • lasean

    its kinda dissapointing i like wale and 9th but the beats kinda are boring average i kno 9th can do better

  • Ryan.T.

    Went home on my lunch break DL’d it, synced it, gonna be listening to it for the rest of my shift… YES!!

  • *Downloading*

    LRG? That’s kinda random, I have a bunch of their shirts


    I never really gave wale a chance, but now that I have… Average. I wish I could say it was good I needed some good new music. Shitty.

  • james

    I like how BKS sampled Yael Naim. That’s my favorite track on the tape.

    The Budden one was dope as well.

  • dstyles

    wale idc, your the best freshman and i’ve been listening to you for like 4 years now, your my top 3, this mixtape is too ill, i’m in cardiac arrest, attention deficit !

  • Adup

    What really, really got me angry right now is how he ruined the chorus by Duffy on Warwick Avenue. Dude, shut the fuck up when she sings, her voice is fucking amazing.

  • Kweku

    I like this Chillin beat 300000000x better…I’m only on track 4 right now but I’m lovin it!

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  • whitemamba

    “I never really gave wale a chance, but now that I have… Average. I wish I could say it was good I needed some good new music. Shitty.”

    Download The Mixtape About Nothing.

  • Direct Mirror Downlod http://tinyurl.com/BTTF-DDotOmen

  • King Solo

    2dopeboyz 4 life. Thanks for the UserShare link SHake

  • Chives


  • J-EaRLy

    look at the time..and im still listening….

    any1 with me?


  • whitemamba = hater. wale doesnt need mark ass fans like you

  • TheLastEmperor

    Hope this is decent, I’ve never really rated Wale that highly at all – kinda average but the features and prodo is worth checking out for sure

  • thermos

    this tape is crazzzy, love 90% of the tracks on here. wale is the truth oh and the world needs to stop sleepin on K’Naan 2

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  • mazoomy

    im a wale fan, and i like most of the artists featured on this tape
    but 9th wonder ruined most of the tape for me

    its not that i think hes a bad producer, its just that i dont like his sound. most of the time i actually cant stand it

    oh well, just got the ecstatic and that shit is ill, so im not too disappointed

  • mazoomy

    wtf i just noticed that talkin shyt features BUB B lmfao

  • ha

    this tape is nasty. bout halfway through and it fuckin wrecks. completely worth the wait.

  • 2Fairy

    Return of the mack. This tape is Grade A

  • NoloLin

    I cant believe people hating on 9th, I mean I like Wale but 9th’s production made this shit for me. Overall the mixtape is dope.

  • Mixtape was dope. I still like the J.Cole better. but i am a big wale fan dopw. my problem is 9th wonder. I am the biggest 9th fan. Shoot we used his production all over our First Hoopmixtape.com Vol. 1 DVD. and Our basketball videos over the years. But lately 9th’s production is not near as dope as he was in the LB days. Maybe he need to go back to Fruty Loops. IDK man I want that classic 9th that 144 9th wonder instrumental tape 9th wonder. I am a Young Chris fan but too much of him on here. Dope tape though

  • SHOWMAN3000

    Y’all check that SLAUGHTERHOUSE behind the scenes video shoot for “ONE” The song and video sound BANANAS!!!!!!


  • hahaha lol

    yeah…hmmmm….i don’t know what the hype behind wale is! he has not put anything out that has grabbed me. he got flow but his MICROPHONE presence is off to me. like he get to the MIC and think he the best but some how can’t deliver it. i don’t know…maybe more passion or something….also sometimes he just sound dumb with what he is saying. i would not be so negative if there was not so much hype around him. its like i want him to give me something that will just grab me, i am hoping but i don’t know if he can do it. i don’t know, there really ain’t to many doing it no more.

    i just wrote some stuff about 9th…yeah i erased it. i like 9th, i do the production thing and i been following his work. the last CD i bought was THE FORMULA. so i will not go in on him. BUT he is slowly losing me! COME ON 9TH!!!!!! STEP IT UP!

  • co.

    too many features

  • co.

    that pot of gold track is genius–

    it has that epic feel to it.

  • karmaSOULJA

    Sweet. Thanks Shake.

  • demar

    is it just me or is 9th wonder losin it on the boards!? his production is missing some punch and it all sounds the same… what’s up… did he change his “pro tools” from fruity loops to music maker?! just kidding… but every time i hear a krhysis beat i think that shits miles ahead of 9th ish…

  • SHOWMAN3000

    hahaha lol said this on June 20th, 2009 at 1:14 am
    Agreed totally. I want to like Wale which I do but hes to lackluster for my liking and 9thWonder it’s self explanatory. His beat seem to sound like different versions of each other.

  • Myth_Seeker

    some of the beats used were so old lol i remember them from like 03

    but the tape was ill

  • Dee

    lol, you couldnt have expected fresh beats tho? it was only a mixtape…..Premo only gave Royce a couple fresh beats for the Bar Exam, if that.

    I’m happs that its 9th producing that track about racism within our race, “shades” with chrisette michelle on the hook, should be ill


    wale is trash…i dunno how this man got signed, i think they give deals out to whoever kinda sounds like jay-z…i cant say hes completely wack but he is just average and nothing special at all which in my eyes today since anyone can rhyme decent = trash…plus this sounds like it was thrown together in 3 minutes, BOO

  • KSEE


  • D

    Wale is average and 9th lost it, compare these beats to Spectac Day to Day and Jeanius.. it was a good mixtape, dont get me wrong.. i like it, but overhypoed and 9th.. wow.. lost it imo.

  • Gary

    I’m sick of bloggers shaking their heads at people who were complaining about the release of this mixtape. Yeah, we bitched, and now that the wait is over, the delay doesn’t matter anymore. But when you tell people that something good is going to happen at a certain time and, for whatever reason, it doesn’t, they’re going to get pissed, whether it’s for free or not. That’s how the world works, especially the music industry. I’m not saying the delay was all Wale’s fault, and I doubt it was. I’m just saying that after that first delay (I believe this was supposed in April), dude was on company time, goddamnit.

    Hip-hop fans are some rabid motherfuckers.

  • esskaywhyzee o o

    god damn, hate really is the new love

  • Huy

    god damn, hate really is the new love

    no people are being HONEST
    we all know theres alot of wack rap out there, but jus cos u have big names (real hip hop) being played here on this tape dont mean we have to dickride it, it wasnt great, 9th fell off and wale is overrated.. deal with it.

  • hamptonsweb

    wale had some bars but this tape was lacking from the 9th beats and thats a first

  • Huy said it perfectly.

  • Whosthis

    agreed with Huy

  • Tony Yayo

    I thought Banks was supposed to be on this.

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  • esskaywhyzee o o

    how did memph bleek make it on this tape?

  • not great

  • naiguy

    this mixtape is dope. i think a lot of what wale says is going over some peoples heads, cause he def. better than average. whos putting out better mixtapes then him right now? a mixtape about nothing was better than most peoples albums.

    oh and people complaining about the features…the name of the mixtape is “back to the FEATURE”…im pretty sure that was the concept he was going for.

  • tdottttt

    got time to listen and wale is still consistantly decent. fav wale verse on join was maybe the first one wordplay him n currensy compliment eachother well… dope production tho best feature was prolly buddens (buns if wale didn’t chop it up) track 15 beat was fiiya prolly my fav track

    worth the d/l but trashed a few joints

  • i already know son

    Not feeling the production on this tape at all

  • Myth_Seeker

    i honestly think a lot of wale’s lyrics go over a lot of people’s heads because they either 1. want to hate him or 2. they hate his delivery

  • TE

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kjnxTlNA1II WE SHOULD ALL JUST LISTEN TO THIS!! bit of classic unit :)

  • JuJu

    yeah Big Red above was right, im glad they changed the cover…that shit was hella gay lookin…niggas was mad close to eachother wit they legs wide.

    but YOOOO this tape is right

  • Melo15

    Damn ive never seen so many comments on a mixtape or even a song. This album is soooo hyped

  • Cr!tical

    I thought it was Cool.
    Not something that’s getting heavy rotation.
    But still cool.

  • NeoDaMatrix

    He got lyrics, thats about all, can’t play shit anywhere. its really just something to listen to when your bored as fuck probably. and to everyone saying the features went harder, they truly did. I really don’t see how many of you like Wale, he’s probably the most boring rapper i’ve ever heard.

  • Cannnons

    Bout to see if i become a fan…

    Usershare link was fast as fuck.

  • uzi

    Huy with real talk

  • hierozion

    neodamatrix, you took the words out of my mouth. i honestly cant tell one verse from the next on this whole mixtape. and getting lyricists like joell, budden, royce, etc made him sound average if anything. his verses were like filler between the features.

  • Hip-Hop

    this mixtape is a classic

  • Lime

    If this shit woulda been a solo tape woulda been EPIC….

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  • TEEJAYwurdz

    honestly im a huuuuge Wale fan..but this is seriously one of his weaker mixtapes..all teh hype before it came out didnt help either
    but Wale still makes hot shit..
    waiting for Attention:Deficit

  • bruddaman

    can sumbody tell me why if someone does not like/feel Wale’s shit..they’re automatically haters?? thats just plain ignorant
    please refer common’s 6th sense joint. ” If I Dont Like it, i dont like it, it dont mean that im hating ”

    anyways…on first listen tape is ok..maybe coz i ddnt really listen to it just had it playing on in the background.. but hopefully it grows on me
    the mixtape about nothing >

  • SHOWMAN3000

    I think Wale messed up with producer credit for “Cipher”
    Cipher was prod. by Dre & Vidal

    They even released the footage of Beanie, Freeway, Young Chris and Wale were at the studio recording this song. They even mentioned who produced the song and it was NOT 9th Wonder. You could even tell by listening to it that the drum patterns and the way the sample was flipped that 9th didn’t produce the beat.

  • DocCosmos

    Aiw shit I been gone all weekend, I meant to download this on friday, I got some catchin up to do.

  • SHOWMAN3000

    CORRECTION. I ski[[ed over the track when I listened to the mixtape. I didn’t know he replaced the beat and did a 9th Wonder blend instead. The original was better.

  • SHOWMAN3000

    That was based on my comment above this one.

  • nrh

    pure nasty

  • dat nigga

    this is real nice. this is blunt music for reals. wale is very talented, his word play and vocab is on another level. You haters really need to break down his lines. dude is a genius….

  • DP

    ^^^^^ exactly. people say he is average but I believe the features got you cats confused. just sit down and really listen to what he is saying…dude can spit. and I have to save the second half of the tape(like no. 12-22) is the hottest part of the mixtape. first part is kind of blah…hot shyt is horrible. but all in all it is what I expected from wale..dope shit.

  • ayomke

    wale did his thing on this tape, anybody that thinks otherwise must obviously be sufferin from some rare form of down syndrome

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  • purp


  • capitaL

    purp, wtf are you talkin about????? First off, no disrespect to Skyzoo, but Wale BODIED him on that track, and I could clearly tell that the verse was written in 5 min, which was definitely mediocre.

  • dat dude

    I guess I’m the only one who was surprised how good this mixtape came out I was about to pass over this I kinda glad I didn’t,,,

  • Timbo

    Wale was probably the victim of the worst outshining I’ve heard in recent memory on that track with Brother Ali. That’s his specialty, getting outshined. Some people have good voices, good flows, good lyrics, etc… He just happens to be good at getting outshined and I think that’s what he wanted to show on this mixtape.

  • Ebz202

    Nice…. D.C. in the house ow ow.

  • KB24

    can somebody do a review or just put like the 10 standout tracks cuz i got shit to do and i need to catch up and download this
    thanks in advance

  • Jroc

    hahaha this shit is funny. this is the tape that you have to let grow on you a bit. i feel like the lyrics are flying over niggas’ heads. listen again, you’ll start to catch things.

    …keep sayin “whale” but his names WA-LE

  • purp

    thanks timbo, Wale clearly gets outshined on damn near every track on this tape. and wale flyin over my head , never, ive been listening to to many GREAT lyricist for too long and comprehend all of ther entandres, metaphors, double meanings etc.

    …keep sayin “whale” but his names WA-LE…….

  • Ben

    I just wrote a review of it in case anyone is intersted, i would love to get your guys thoughts!


    fo real, just tryin to learn so i would appreciate any feedback

  • pay attention

    @ purp: ”she said i luv u, she talks tell me to kiss her up, but when her friend visit her, i neva get it much. its soowoo season, and shawty dick teasin, and for dat reason now my shit is like a crip sneaka”

    Tell me dat didnt go ova ya head. u probably still tryin to figure it out aint u, let me help:

    hes talkin bout beatin pussy. friend=pms, soowoo=bloodz i.e. period, crip sneaka=blue i.e. blue balls… u get it now?

    and dat aint even tha hottest line. use some betta examples if u gon diss him like dat

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  • Horus

    The track ‘Hot Shyt’ beat seems as if its not polished enough. The chime loop is a bit too loud and out powers the lineup. I think the Bass and Drums should have been the fore front of the beat, instead of that chime. This way we could have gotten to the hot shit (pun intended). I just skip pass this joint, and I’m a huge Roots and Peedi fan.

    Track 16 – 18 is a nice section…Jean does her thing..so does bun b, and ROYCE!

    Last Track ‘New Soul’ is another stand out track featuring Yael Niam.

    Not really feeling the reformated Chillin’ beat. Catch Dub mashup with a old 9th beat is cool and all but it made Lady Gaga hook sound weird. Wale could have just made new song from this beat. The original sounds more fitting. I’m guessing Wale saving it for the LP.

    For the most part this is a solid mixtape. I think Wale held his own, didn’t really think he got bodied on any of the features. But thats just me. Despite the ‘Hot Shyt’ Track and a couple old 9th Beats, this is a pretty good listen…plus its free so.. 8/10

  • DP

    I always say the niggas don’t really listen to wale’s rhymes but you got me with that one, @payattention. that shit is dope

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