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B.o.B vs Bobby Ray (Mixtape)

blame it on Shake June 22, 2009

Another mixtape, released the day it was said to. Aren’t ya’ll happy!? Featuring the likes of T.I., Bun B, Playboy Tre, Kanye West, Asher Roth, Mickey Factz, Charles Hamilton, Killer Mike, Big Kuntry, C-Ride and OJ Da Juiceman. Be sure to check out B.o.B’s new site as well.

Tracklist + Download link after the jump…

DOWNLOAD: DJ Don Cannon & DJ Green Lantern Present B.o.B vs Bobby Ray

DOWNLOAD: B.o.B vs Bobby Ray [NoDJ Version]

  • yungsnf

    just finished download at datpiff!

  • Shady Universe

    Damn, OJ Da Juiceman??? FUCK!!!!!!! lol

  • jakefromthebean

    ya i got mine a little while ago….dope ass tape….straight fire.

  • jakefromthebean

    the track with oj is dope.

  • barney

    downloaded this earlier and wow its amazing

  • MF Tree

    Excited for this shit. So much good music coming out these last couple weeks it’s like a hip hop celebration.

  • eastsideplaya69

    lol I like that comment. OJ Da Juiceman should kill himself.

  • jt

    One of the most talented niggas out there

  • Hmm

    Speaking of Charles Hamilton, where is he? The Perfect Life, June 16…practically a week ago now.

  • i like that they’re usin this O Brother Where Art Thou shit for this track “I Am The Man”, probably the best track on the album, next to I’m Dat Nigga, even with Oj’s goofy ass on it.

  • Bliz

    sick no dj version, thanks!

  • DJ

    Speaking of Charles Hamilton, where is he? The Perfect Life, June 16…practically a week ago now.


    Pretty sure it was changed to June 23 (2mrrw)

    *fingers crossed*

  • That’s super-tight that they made a no-DJ version right out the box. But why even make the DJ one in the first place? Who in their right mind would rather have the one with the DJ screaming all over the tracks?

  • “http://i41.tinypic.com/kdvajn.jpg”

    Goddamn, OJ really is a goofy looking mo fo, looks like he’s like 19, but he’s 27 or somethin, haha.

  • nero
  • “That’s super-tight that they made a no-DJ version right out the box. But why even make the DJ one in the first place? Who in their right mind would rather have the one with the DJ screaming all over the tracks?”

    I think it’s so he still stays cool with the DJs and shit, ya know what im sayin?

  • Sb 562

    OJ DA JUICE MAN??????????!?!?!?!?! just cuz ur from the same area as he is doesnt mean u gotta work with him… hahaha all he ever says is AYE AYE AYE the whole song on repeat

  • outKasted

    the only links around are zshare, dammit. thanks for the re-up on the other b.o.b. mixtape this weekend though.

  • Shady Universe

    Damn, this shit took forever to fucking download

  • bobby seems like a very musical guy so why does he feel the need to work with very unmusical guys like oj. o well i like the second half of this mixtape a lot.

  • james

    Dope tape. BOB is nice. CH sounded dope over that beat.

  • The Kid CK

    Damn his work deserve a better mixtape cover too..

  • Adup

    smh, more id3 tagging.

  • ck47

    Yeah this taking awhile to DL but this is getting real good reviews everyone saying they like the Bobby Ray part of the mixtape more.

  • TE



    B.o.bobby ray is the man! dope tape.

  • yoyoyoyo

    Sheeeeeeeeeeeyyyyyyyyyiiiiiiiiiitttttt…… I saw Don Cannon and I was like great now I can’t listen to it….. THEN I SAW THE NO DJ VERSION AND CAME. SHAKE THA SH!T.

    Is there a no dj version of Gone Fishing out there that anyone knows about?

  • xlakers520x

    took 20 minutes to download

  • xlakers520x


  • Shake


    i already posted that, why bother with your comment?

  • Pitter

    dope dope dope

  • xlakers520x

    change gone come is the best so far

  • Charles is laying low and TPL is on TBA status until further notice

  • Also B.o.B. needs to get rid of Juice fag

  • Dolce

    I need the Rar of this

  • Shady Universe



  • dinner

    skipping around so far and it is good but it seems like Bobby Ray side is better

  • i know they say don’t judge a book by its cover but, FUCK!! what was he reeeeaaaaaallly thinking about when he ok’d that shit.

  • jazzyphizzel

    yea thanks !!!!!! but theres as always a little complaining..


    PLEASE USE http://www.1filesharing.com/ ALL MAJOR FILE HOSTER IN 1 YES 1 ONLY UPLOAD. PEACE!!!!!!!

  • JeffW

    nice tape, b.o.b makes good music, even that oj verse wasn’t terrible

  • JeffW

    actually i should say not terrible in the song, but oj in general = garbage.

  • melosz

    yd they put change gone come and im that nigga on this one??

  • tdottttt

    fire…near flawless tape…

    one, sweet baby, change gone come (altho 30 weeks old), stamina, i am the man (mad quotables+OJs wackness offset by Bun), say what u want, voltage, Satellite, wonderland, mr bobby, TRIPPIN (outta control), Camera, No Mans Land, Put me On (fav beat on the tape), Already There, fly like me (best track on tape)


    Weak(comparatively): im that nigga (why recycle?), GoodNight (could have saved it with a verse…),

    Overall, I’ll give B.o.B the win but Bobby Ray shows versitility and has more of an upside.

    If this wus the NBA draft i’d take B.o.B. for the killer instinct but Bobby Ray for long term

    Overall, PERSONALLY, i like this more than WTFiBoB, So Far Gone or Flight School.

  • Melo15

    good but youve gotta be in the mood for this type of music

  • jabboud

    I thought B.o.B.’s side was solid. All the way through. Nonetheless I’m gonna have to take Bobby Ray’s side just cuz B.o.B.’s flow isnt so much my style.

  • melosz

    “hey jimmy how does june 23rd sound?” CH

    anyone remember that ?

  • click my name for a better quality (no dj @ 320)

  • trymereallyplz

    im glad hip-hop died. All things happen for a reason and if this is why hip-hop died then im glad i can b apart of it shits a better idea then ti vs tip in concept. Cuz the difference between ti n tip is really nothen differnt musically just lyrically

  • 1

    its shit

  • tdottttt

    i wonder where lovlier than you and gettin high are?

  • boss

    So is the album credited to B.o.B or Bobby Ray? Or is credited separately to both of his names? I’m a little confused about what to put under artist for my iTunes. Is it just like T.I. vs T.I.P. where I stick with T.I.?

  • 780 & Heartbreak

    Voltage joint is INSANE

  • Shake

    “click my name for a better quality (no dj @ 320)”

    increasing the bitrate yourself doesnt equal better quality. smh.

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  • MakavelliTheDon52

    Is it somewhere i can download the songs directly my computer is down so i’m using my Ps3 so i can’t unzip the files.

  • click my name to compare One

  • Coop

    Sheeeeeeeeeeeyyyyyyyyyiiiiiiiiiitttttt…… I saw Don Cannon and I was like great now I can’t listen to it….. THEN I SAW THE NO DJ VERSION AND CAME. SHAKE THA SH!T.

    yoyoyoyo said this on June 22nd, 2009 at 9:17 am

    I agree. I’m tired of hearing mixtape DJs screaming over good music.

  • Ringer

    did oj drop out of first grade? i’ve avoided his music or “slept on” it and i figured maybe i made a mistake when i saw his guest spot.
    …looks like b.o.b made the mistake not me…

  • NovaScotia

    it wont download past 7.2 mb for me.. i need to this tape fuckkk

  • gonenative

    yo shake the One track above does sound better xD

  • KB24

    Bobby Ray is so fuckin dope! mixtape with a bunch of album quality music! A lot of fresh tracks on here!

  • AreEn

    Was looking forward to this for a good minute. Hope it’s as dope as everyone says.

  • nick

    damn he sampled o brother where art thou.

    this shit is dope.

  • Cupcakesss

    i was waiting on this for so long and it drops with a NO dj version ! can’t wait for dl to finish

  • interscope got charles cuff’d so he cant log on and post some stupid shit and ruin his career before it begins

  • tape goes harddd!!!

  • AreEn

    Also, GOOD SHIT on having the NoDJ version right out of the gates.

  • MethodMouse


    I’m dat nigga is a different version. new verse from b.o.b

  • vP

    Is anybody gonna download the DJ version instead of the no DJ version? I mean why even bother making Green Lantern and Cannon tag the shit or whatever if you’re gonna release it with no DJ?

  • Shady Universe

    @ trymereallyplz

    You obviously haven’t heard T.I. vs. TIP then. TIP had the hard/street tracks then T.I. had the laid back tracks then the last 3 on the album was both coming together on things they both can relate to. So it was both musically and lyrically in it’s own way. This one here is just rapping(B.o.B.) and singing(Bobby Ray).

  • melosz

    @MethodMouse its the same verse from the orignal i’m dat nigga

  • MethodMouse

    ^ no it’s not haha. go listen to b.o.b on i’m dat nigga from like Who the fuck is b.o.b it’s not the same verse

  • Shady Universe

    The original on Who The Fuck Is B.o.B. is different than the one on here

  • sixers

    bobby ray shits on b.o.b

  • bfears


  • melosz

    I mean the original version before who the fuck is bob,

    here it is

  • bro

    this might be better than any of the other mixtapes from the freshman class. im amazed by how much great material these guys are putting out for free. download this right now.

  • been waitin 4 dis

  • KSEE

    lol at people trying to upstage shake on his own blog…smfh

    I listened to this from start to end…def. feeling it…homie is mad creative and very talented!

  • bsswine


  • bsswine

    has anyone picked the dj version? if so why?

  • bsswine

    4471 no dj
    1190 dj
    figured id check

  • JRod

    Can anyone re-up this in something other than zshare? I used to like zshare but the shit doesn’t work for me anymore, it just stops downloading after like 5 minutes. A re-up would be much appreciated…

  • tdottttt

    DJ Version is for panzies/people who dl from DatPiff.com

  • jayroc
  • jgreene

    Zshare sucks, someone please post this in mediasfire

  • LOL @ the NO DJ version having 4x the downloads as the original

  • Cesc

    Anybody else having problems extracting this?

  • mazoomy

    is he gon do this whole split personality thing from now on, or wuz it supposed to be just this occasion?

    little worried cuz im not a big fan of that shit (ti vs tip and eminem vs slim shady are popular ones)

  • ryanmac

    I am.. i’ve been trying all day

  • i had trouble extracting. i found it from somewhere else

  • leopard

    Ima definately check this out

  • 206 iin da house

    as dylan dillinjah would say… this guy spits hot fiyah!

  • NovaScotia

    mixtape of the year .. no doubt.

  • if i hear “ey” one more time.. like how you gonna talk about making real music and get orange juice boy on a track?
    i liked like 3 songs… out of 22.. damn.. does he have another aka? lol

  • FreshSwagger

    can someone give me a mediafire or any other type of link besides zshare. of the no dj version plz cuz z share doesnt wrk

  • Preo

    OJ surprised me by not being absolutly awful like usual, and Bun and b.o.b did their things on that track… overall, this is a nice mixtape. Wale kept us waiting and I only really like one track on there, and then we found out within a week of its release when this was coming out, and its much better too

  • this nigga is o country for me

  • to*

  • leopard

    This tape is real fresh

  • J Kelly

    no more dj versions!!! spread the word…

  • ck47

    Tape is real good Bobby Ray>B.o.B lol

  • bobdobolina15

    “im the man” has such a tight beat. BUT WHY OJ DA JUICEMAN?!?! That guy is garbage. Not a bad mixtape, but ima just stick with listenin to the j cole and wale mixtapes.

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  • KooKooLaRock

    Does anybody have any other cdq BOB tracks(not from the mixtapes)?

  • Justin Herschel

    one of the best albums of the year

  • SHOWMAN3000

    B.o.B is a Andre 3000 knockoff! Nevertheless a good artist.

  • spun

    The no dj version is no longer available on zshare? I keep getting an error when I try to download

  • Kal

    Upped it on MegaUpload

  • TC The Prince

    Mixtape is hot had to search for tracks in singles on my PS3 cause my PC down

  • Spun

    Baller- thanks Kal

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  • DS
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  • JM

    Hey Shake I was wondering if you could possibly put the link up of the NO DJ version, I had it, but i lost it.


    Ps. your ill with artwork,
    would you be interested in doing something for me?

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  • Jessica

    I love your music boo!

  • When I click your RSS feed it looks like a whole lot of garbled text, is the malfunction on my end?