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Nas – Film (prod. C-Sick)

blame it on Shake June 22, 2009

New Nas? I know this is gonna be making a few dopeboyz/girlz happy. As part of C-Sick’s prize for winning Big Tune 2008, he was awarded the opportunity to work with Nas (both shown above). Confused a bit? Read more here. Shouts to TSS*.

DOWNLOAD: Nas – Film (prod. C-Sick) | Mediafire

*The volume on the link provided was super low so raised it and re-upped. Neither are CDQ so we’ll see what happens.

  • mark

    usershare link does not work

  • RD

    kid did his thing

  • uhh


  • Jeevz

    Nice, Nasty NaS in ya area

  • D-Block

    Its good

  • Shake

    uhh… i seriously hope something happens to you. you’re like a fucking fly that’s annoying the shit out of you when you wake up after a night of camping. eat shit..

  • uhh

    “eat shit” very mature shake..

  • Zevin64

    Shake, come on man lol. why do you let the trolling “late” comments get to you?

  • Cesc

    Dope track. Good to see some new Nas. Now all we need is some new Blu lol.

  • Cesc

    Btw congrats to C-Sick, it’s always good to see something like this happen. Hope he makes something and uses this as a platform – I’m sure it will be. Trust Nas to be involved from the start, dude’s a pioneer seriously.

  • dcruz.88

    the kid had some crazy joints at the Red Bull event. Nasir’s flow goes well with the beat.

  • Meka

    C Sick?? I thought Dj dviousminds won the BigTune battle??

  • Proper Grammar

    Yeah this is a decent track, C-Sick did his thing.

  • hipity hop

    uhh has no self respect

  • B.

    Lol ^^^

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  • Uhh

    I’m sorry Shake I just need to find a way to make myself feel superior to you even though you might have had that song for the longest time.

  • Chuck

    doppppeeeee wish the hook was clearer though

  • Uhh

    Forgive me I’m a lame.:)

  • oooooooo

    props. probably unreleased. it sounds old. is it?

  • El B. Sure

    the kid put it down. nas killed it as usual.

  • uhh

    lmao like 4 different uhh’s here in the comments

    I admit I’m not the real one haha

  • buds

    really feeling this. beat and lyrics are dope. nice job from both sides.

  • Cr!tical

    There is something wrong with that picture. Cause if I was C-Sick, I wouldn’t be in that chair.

    I’d be off a fuckin’ wall. I mean, It’s Nas. I would spazz if I saw him in general.

  • wow

    Shake dont you see that uhh’s comments are just his way of expressing how much he secretly loves you

  • Cr!tical

    Oh, and Nas eats it as usual.
    And also, That beat is dope.

  • T-Dot

    wow, very 90’s like

  • BFP501

    awesome choice of beat, does anybody outside of me remember that from on of the GTA stations the song Free by Ultra Nate, good choice C-Sick congrats!!!

  • J Kelly

    i like this..more white faces in hip hop!!! yeah i said it…..

  • FreshSwagger

    C-Sick chose the right person for dis Nas killed dis shit

  • kdjuggernaut

    shit is nasty!!!!!!! nas the goat! n big ups to my boy csick we got u kid bak in da chi!

  • DeLaGhetto
  • Money

    nas is and will be one of my top 5

  • SZ


  • Huh?

    This is pretty dope. Kid production is nice and Nas is on point on this.

  • Cage

    This shit is ridiculous…. its really turnin around in ’09 THANK GOD….

  • whocares

    I wish shake would tell me to “Eat shit” I would feel honored.

  • whocares

    I wish shake would tell me to “Eat shit” I would feel honored. Nas is always dope

  • jayshells

    this beat is dope for sure.
    but Nas can kill any beat, dope or not. am i right?!

  • @ uhh…lol

    @ Shake be easy brother ! I know you were upset but i wish something happens is real.. come on Karma ? what’s comes around goes aroumd.. Anyways.. I AM ONE OF THE DOPEST BOYS IN THIS MUTHA FUCKA !.. this is dope glad Nasir is reaching out to some new blood


    No need to state what’s been said !..

    Can’t wait for Nas to get over his slig oops his wifey…

  • T-Dot

    IVE had this on repeat ever since i downloaded it


  • AJR

    Going against the grain here. Not that impressed with the beat. The song doesn’t hit me as amazing off the bat, but who knows. It could grow. It’s not a bad song.

  • bib

    sounds like nas old shit

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  • 1

    dope track ,congrats to c-sick just which he swithced the beat up a little more

  • mire


  • myth_seeker

    man this is dope!!!

  • SPank (Divided Souls Ent)

    This beat fit Nas, in my opinion, better than most of the beats on his last album. C did his thing and Nas’ flow sounded like vintage Nas. Peace

  • really good!

  • Kwesi

    Dam this shit is ill good looks Shake, this is single quality

  • qwerty

    shake ur a baby. having a cry cuz sum1 said “late”.

  • This is dope.

  • slo

    C-Sick did a good job,sounds a little like that Immortal Technique producer SouthPaw

  • My favorite rapper…so, you already know this shit is vicious in my eyes…I know when Nas don’t come correct like he should..but, this is an ill combination of beat & rhymes.

  • Tight beat. Someone needs to get that kid a sandwich though.

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  • wow, very 90’s like

    T-Dot said this on June 22nd, 2009 at 6:18 pm

    I was thinking the same thing. Love tha track

  • 91&^UP

    wow NICE beat. Loving the Maloko sample, as heavy as it is.

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  • abcde

    the cdq is out now
    you guys should put it up

  • Seattle Soul Singer Choklate is on the hook
    some other links to her work
    (she’s appeared on Chali2na, Supernatural, De La Soul & Gift of Gab’s prior works)
    facebook.com/choklate moore
    She’s pretty solid. On her way.
    Lyrics to chorus are:
    If I could press pause or fast forward past the hardness
    Visions written bring words to life like I’m smitten with
    Memories Realm still ill
    Now I appear crisp like film

  • This joint is fucking sick. Hot beats and old school flow make this ridic. Nas 1, everyone else 0