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Papoose – Pay Homage

blame it on Shake June 22, 2009

The other day I noticed a few folks in the c-section talking about this record. But they only had a radio rip; so I figured I’d wait for that official official shit. Shouts to the BoBo for coming through.

DOWNLOAD: Papoose – Pay Homage | Mediafire

  • NY


  • Wow this acutally good, first good papoose ive heard in awhile

  • jakefromthebean


  • Ackrite

    The first verse needs a visit from the pause police…

  • nah ackrite u need one this shit is straight crack (i usually dont like this dude)

  • finally something worth listening too this is the good pap im used to

  • 2gunzup

    ehh its aight i waiting for that military grind

  • suga daddi

    when does it come out? any1 know?

  • billie da kid

    soon man

  • Welcome To The Slaughter

    the hook is a conglomerate rip off…

  • esskaywhyzee o o

    I was gonna listen as a former pap fan and the comments posted above, but fuck it. Pap lost all reason for me to listen. I know it’s nothing life changing, so it’s not worth me checkin.

    “call me a hater cause i dont fuck with the new rap, play me something thats worth it and ill change my view of that”

  • esskaywhyzee o o

    jesus, despite what i said, I listened anyway, and that sucked. Fuck pap. I cant believe yall say that he actually went in on that. last good thing from pap was Victory 2007. he has no flow, nothing left to rap about, aand half the lyrcal ability he used to

  • esskaywhyzee o o

    torae = 125256346435 x papoose

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  • WILL

    yea seriously… i have over 300 or something papoose tracks, was reppin him all the time, couldn’t wait for The Nacirema Dream, and god damn…. he fell off big time. this track is garbage too. What happened to the Pap that did Monopoly Chop, Sharades, the Law Library series, Alphabetical Slaughter and all his stuff that was actually good?

  • Dante

    This is the dopest Papoose track ever in my opinion…top 5 if you like lyrics

  • what it is

    papoose aint never fell off homies

  • 187

    real talk this shit is pretty good, i think the mixtape will be fire though….1