• Shake

    not with artists like these. i'd love to trim this in half.

  • Kal

    You right Shake some cats I never heard of on here but I agree with Meka posse cuts were outrageous back then and now everyone gets excited when 4 or 5 mcs are on a track together lol

  • dcruz.88

    i thought the dude on the top left corner was Slim Shady haha.

  • SHOWMAN3000

    I'm sorry this shit is hot. The only people I never heard of are Icadon &, Chirie Vegas. Every one else are either recent are well known artists of the '90's. I love the way Cookin' Soul chops up the beat with different song instrumentals to each persons verse and brings the beat back in.

    Damn Cookin' Soul did da fucking thing!! This is a real creative and powerful chopped up sample beat. A BANGA!