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Slaughterhouse – Woodstock Hood Hop f. M.O.P. (prod. Nottz) [CDQ]

blame it on Shake June 25, 2009

When Joey leaked the record last week the vocals seemed a bit off in the mix. Now we’ve got the mastered/CDQ version. Off their upcoming album dropping August 11th! And if things go as planned I’ll have some footage of them tearing it down in Toronto next week for Rock the Bells. On top of the Slaugterhouse album, Royce is dropping The Revival EP on July 7th and Street Hop on Sept. 22nd; while Crooked I is set to drop Pig Face Weapon Waist on July 28th! Rappers should be scared… the machine is taking over.

DOWNLOAD: Slaughterhouse – Woodstock Hood Hop f. M.O.P. (prod. Nottz) | Clean

  • vamosarapiar

    Dope. cant wait on the album


    dis song make me wanna punch somebody in da face….its like fight music…..got that “ante up” feel 2it…..album gone b dope

  • JL

    I knew that couldnt be the cdq
    yea….Im Bawse

  • goretex3030

    Can someone please up this in usershare or mediafire please?????

  • I actually like the non-mastered version better. Seems like they cut out a lot of M.O.P.’s adlibs which makes it less hype.

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  • truthbetold…

    taking over what? a few nerdy ass blogs?

    this is one of the worst nottz beats i’ve ever heard btw…it’s probably a throwaway

  • Chi2LA

    @ truthbetold…

    I feel the same way. Don’t get me wrong, I love what Slaughterhouse is doing, but I’m not really feeling that beat.

  • tha other one is 204 kpbs this ones 192.. but the mixdown i like better on the first one, vocals are louder. anyone know why its called woodstock?

  • eleMENTAL

    Anybody who can’t recognize that these are 4 of the hottest MCs right now is ignorant. This is gonna be a hot summer, if only for the group debut and the solo EPs that slaughterhouse puts out. Personally I wanna hear the Royce solo stuff the most as he is my favorite. But it will be cool to finally hear a Crooked I studio album its been 10 years in the making.

  • lll

    W/o verses from Fame & Danze this is skippable. Call me when they actually put M.O.P. on the track.

  • ABeezy

    pointless post shake, basically no difference from the original post, except that its clean

    im not hatin on you tho, you do great work on this site

  • b ali

    wouldve liked the drums to be louder…

  • Gone

    you ungrateful hoes, smh…

  • jamo

    hmm i liked the other one better actually the first one just seemed more hyped like it was done live at a show. whatever still very hyped for the album(s)

  • Jay Daniels

    Nah, these guys are just idiots and don’t have proper speakers to hear what the mix really sounds like. Fucking idiot kids with laptops thinking the rough mix was doper. They ain’t know shit.

  • Doping

    Some of these comments seem written by old peoople.

  • @Jay Daniels

    You think this one sounds better because you can hear it clearer in your alarm clock car speakers. Trust when playing both in a GOOD sound system, the original mix definitely sounds hyper.

  • Jay Daniels

    ^ No. I have KRK’s, studio monitor speakers, and a good system for general listening. I’m an audio engineer myself. The mix is definately better. I dont give a fuck if the MOP vocals are not in your face and “hype enough”. They arn’t SUPPOSED to be that loud as they were on the rough mix. If you we’re an audio engineer yourself you’d know. The mastered version is fine. And the mix is a lot “punchier” than it was before if you want to describe it that way.

  • Jay Daniels

    And they didn’t cut out no MOP adlibs. WTF is cannon trippin’ on? That must be some good ass weed homie.

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  • Yeah I wish I had the type exotic cannon’s on

  • this guy

    any word on Crooked’s Group Therapy? hopefully that’s still in the mix

  • youkj

    I like the non-mastered version better, it was more hype and dirty

  • Chewee

    any chance for mediafire links for the dirty and the clean?

  • J Kelly

    is this REALLY on the album?

    i saw a tracklist without this one..