The Undergods (Keith Murray x Canibus) - 129 (prod. Erick Sermon)

Surprising to me... Keith Murray and Canibus are teaming up for an album! Production coming from the likes of Erick Sermon, Da Beatminerz, Jake One, Street Runner and more. And here goes the first leak!

DOWNLOAD: The Undergods (Keith Murray x Canibus) - 129 (prod. Erick Sermon) | Mediafire

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  • qwan

    damn, talk about left field, this is straight from outter space (no canibus)

  • qwan

    ^^ were gonna pretend like I didn't just misspell outer

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  • Jedi

    I've never been so exited to hear something that I know I won't understand.

  • Krim


  • JackKerorap

    i didn't think this shit was actually gonna happen

  • JL

    the lyricism is good, but they just dont mix well together. The chemistry isnt there like it is with keith/erick sermon/redman or redman/method man or Little Brother, etc.

  • mdwstsfsd
  • http://smackawhiteboy DredScott

    if this happened a decade ago, i would be fuckin hyped but having the 2009 versions of keith and canibus (especially canibus) makes this damn near irrelevent...

    and when did canibus put on weight? dude has been a buck 20 wet forever but in that picture i can barely recognize duke...

  • JLH

    ^^^I was about to say where is Canibus in the pic, who is that with Keith.

  • kdjuggernaut

    they need harder but these two are lyrical monster's i really appreciate this album!

  • MillionDollaMindz

    I am mos def going to repost it.. The title is what it is ! In the era yeah these animals are underdawg music

  • etc

    this is gonna be a terrible album
    canibus and keith murray are soo far apart
    canibus will kill him on literally every song

  • Frank Ramz

    LMAO @ the picture!!

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  • Skylar

    This beat sounds like a B-Side from Blackout! '99.

  • MeGaVeLi

    Always 0xcited to hear some new Canibus ... Would have preferred a solo, but I guess this will do. The few songs that Canibus/Murray done in the past were pretty dope ... "The fact that Im down with def squad is hard to determine, until you see me hoping out the coupe with E-Serman, or hoping out of Keith Murray's suburban, or hoping out with the Lex with Redman wyldin and cursin!" That tune was BIG ... didnt care much for the bitch at with the last verse tho!

  • MeGaVeLi

    0xcited = excited

  • Shaolin Lord

    Yall have to thank M80 for this one. He is workin hard. Just wait for Almighty 2 and 60 second assasin album..

  • http://Fu PunJr

    LMAO @ this stupid ass photo together

    LMAO @ the guy saying hes never been so excited to listen to an album he wont understand!! haha

    anyway the album should be ight, hopefully theyre smart enough to get some nice features on the album. Hopefully bis will spit like he did a few years ago..murray too. This is about 8 years too late lol i'm definitely gonna download it though

  • dudeman

    60 Sec is coming out with a solo album??!! LOL

  • NEWR

    60 sec assasin new album REMARKABLE TIMING COMMIN SOON therez a SUNZ OF MAN REUNION TRACK ON THERE AS WELL....last i heard it was gonna b an EP but not sure

  • chronwell

    I patch it up like Rick the Ruler, Keith has a unfuckwithable style. Dope track!

  • OD>

    they can rhyme incredibly well... but that doesn't necessarily mean they make dope tracks. this track is far from that.

  • Hermann

    cool track, kinda oldschool style

    My Blu-Ray Collection:

  • mikedee75

    dude said canibus will eat keith up on every wow

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  • dblock

    album is defiantly about 10 yrs too late! but fa real fa real tho... who the f$%k makes callabo albums anymore? that shit is like late 90's era. lyrics sick with it tho, got to admit that much. and needless to say... canibus needs a new barber god! lol.


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