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(2)Dope Max B Mixtapes…

blame it on Shake June 30, 2009

I still don’t fully see the fascination of the Wave, but I do understand the importance of providing the dopeboyz/girlz with what they want. Up first is Evil Empire & Dame Grease’s Goon Music 2.Owww (clever right?); followed by DJ Lazy K’s Million Dollar Baby 3. I also included French Montana’s new mixtape, The Laundry Man 2, as a bonus.

Tracklists + Download links after the jump…

1.Max B intro
2. Max B – I Dont Wanna Go Back (Prod By Young Los)
3. Max B – Freestyle
4. Max B – I’ma G
5. Max B – Anniversary
6. Max B ft. French Montana – Freestyle
7. French Montana – Interlude
8. Max B ft. French Montana – Wake Up Every Morn
9. Max B ft. Los Don, & Tum Tum – Get It How U Live
10. Max B ft. Beanie Sigel, French Montana – Wat Chu Want From Me
11. Max B ft. Ron Paul – Give Me Mine
12. Max B – Cap City (Freestyle)
13. Max B ft. Dyber – So Wavy
14. Max B – Freestyle
15. Max B – Million Dollar Baby (Classic)
16. Max B ft. Jay Z, BIG, 2pac – Dappa Dan (Prod By Scottie Jax)
17. Max B ft. Upnoth Records – Ow Ow Ow
18. Max B – I Just Wanna Bone
19. Max B – Freestyle (2009)
20. Max B – Closer I Get To You
21. Max B – Baby
22. Max B – Count Down
23. Max B – No Good
24. Max B – Which Way Did He Go (Classic)
25. Max B ft. BIG, 2 pac, Jay Z – Biggaveli Shit 2009

DOWNLOAD: DJ Lazy K & Max B – Million Dollar Baby 3

1. Goon Intro 2.0ww
2. French Montana – We Playin’ In The Rain
3. French Montana, Dame Grease, Max B, Jetter, & Mac Mustard – Wave Gang
4. Max B & Mac Mustard – Dead Solver (Ed Lover Diss!)
5. Max B – First Of The Month
6. Sheek Louch, Pusha T, & Freeway – My Style
7. Dame Grease – Blanket Jackson
8. French Montana – Life Of An O.G.
9. French Montana – So Soulful
10. Skit
11. Max B – Bury Me With My Grand Cru
12. Jae Millz – No Defeat
13. Message From The Boss Don
14. Al Pac, Hollywood Ferg, Meeno, & A.B. – Get Money (Hustla Dog)
15. Meeno & Dame Grease – Heroin
16. Shorty Face Skit
17. French Montana, Dame Grease, Meeno, & Jae Millz – Stuck In The Middle
18. Max B, Dolla, Skrilla, & Young Qua – What We Want
19. Max B – 1 Day At A Time
20. French Montana & Dame Grease – Pluto
21. Beanie Sigel, Max B, & French Montana – What U Want From Me
22. Max B – Don’t Wanna Go Back

DOWNLOAD: Evil Empire & Dame Grease – Goon Music 2.Owww (Starring Max B & French Montana)

1. Slow Down
2. Shake The Game
3. We Playin In The Wind
4. Life Of An O.G.
5. So Soulful
6. Stuck In The Middle f. Jae Millz, Dame Grease & Meeno
7. Pluto f. Dame Grease
8. Overtime f. Akon
9. Money Right
10. Plenty Money
11. What You Want From Me f. Max B & Beanie Sigel
12. Closer Then Most f. Tre Williams
13. Fresh Air f. Max B
14. Lay Down f. Mike Shorey
15. Mac & Cheese
16. Everybody Know
17. Wus Up
18. Never Gettin’ Up f. Tre Williams

DOWNLOAD: French Montana – The Laundry Man 2

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  • Doja

    fuck this, WE WANT CAM!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Pssssst

    splashes this wavy nut all over shakes face oooooooooowwwwwwwwwww

  • Pssssst

    good shit

  • Sb 562

    Free MAX B ride that wave max

  • SouthPhillyPsycho

    real talk–Someone explain to me what makes these 2 emcees appealing? In all honesty, i would rather listen to Lil Young Gucci Berg Zoe…or any of the other generic southern rappers….Ace Hood, etc.

  • 80’s Baby


    then go FUCKING listen to them!!!!

    fuck off the WAVE nigga!

  • Ace hood can spit. ^^

    I just started liking Max be shit French too
    I dont know what it is honestly
    But I will be enjoying these

  • uzi

    wavy post owwwwwwww

  • Live

    What, these dudes do it better than most, real street shit
    and ace hood Cant rap

    Bottom Line


  • Magerpain

    Co-sign, ace hood’s terrible

  • Love the pictures

  • derrik

    oh i can’t wait to hear this shit! come on everyone lets listen to max talk about his money and all his bitches and his nice cars and how hell kill me cuz hes tough and from the streets! yay! keep dumbing down America you dumb fuck rappers.

  • RK6

    I’ve been waiting for these tapes. With Max locked up these will be in rotation for a while

  • cester456


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  • lasean

    i agree with derrik this that of shit in hip hop is played out

  • lasean

    i mean this type

  • crazy russian

    its the waaaaaaaave

    good looks for the mixtapes

  • Krhyme

    I love gangsta rap, but I don’t consider any of these 2 to be gangsta.

  • SHOWMAN3000

    Never could feel max b… a bunch of verses with no direction.

  • super hot…no doubt about that ya dig…pure piff wit these tapes…we playin in the wind is seriously retarded…hood classic

  • Adup


  • Pouch

    owwwwwwwwwwww this shit is wavy.. if u not feeling it u need to just smoke a blunt an relax and stop being so critical and take it for what it is.. if you still not feeling it.. you not wavy lol

  • Where did this wavy shit come from?

  • wAvy

    Oww! Oww! Oww!
    So Wavy!

  • Nasir


  • Marcus2000

    *Max B* “Two big niggaz just ran up on me and now I’m bent over…owww!!!!!!!”

  • jay

    Good looks on the mixtapes, was lookin for these.

  • AnT

    this ones hatin’ are not wavy..