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Amiyj – AMIYJ (Video)

blame it on Meka June 30, 2009

Trying something new here, with this artist I’m on the fence on. Thoughts?

  • Tye’s Tunes

    Heard worse but def heard betta.

  • If you’re on the fence about it it’s not worth your time. There’s too many artists out there to be on the fence about anything.


    it’s a song haha. chorus is annoying. My question is if he wasn’t talking about himself, does he have the ability to rap about anything else. Also was very PREDICTABLE!

  • Factz

    i didnt really like the song but i think theres a good chance dude is talented

  • Freddy

    Yea it’s decent..got some bars in there some music is better than no music…no offense to dude..Def Decent

  • God 7

    Chorus Annoying?? Predictable?? Heard Betta??…The question was not about the song but about the artist, and if you can’t see that he got “It” then you can’t see. Its easy to say Kanye is dope after millions sold but who knew he was dope b4 anything?
    The song did exactly what it was supposed to do…Make me want to hear more.

  • Heat

    -“Starting wit a vision now all I need is sum do or die ridaz and a partner for the business/ Pardon my persistence but when B.I.G. said that sky’s the limit took ta heart when I listened”

  • Qa

    this shit is hot

  • ZA


  • Mass

    Yo I heard dude before. He a problem!! You tube “Amiyj Freestyle”…. This is a cool intro but He got way more fire!!!

  • Princess

    I Love this video. Track is Dope. He’s Hot! Love it!! Love it!!