• Tre

    this is really GOOD

  • Digitek

    Niiiiiiice!! Thanks Shake!

  • Stephon

    this track is nice

  • pHiLlY kIiId

    this is G.O.O.D lol... like the mj sample. thanx shake

  • derrik

    damn 2dopeboyz dropping some really good music today. Song is excellent. this is who Drake shoulda signed to.

  • Quags

    These guys always deliver. And not just Kanye and John Legend Cons too. Crazy GOOD.

    A little short though.

  • D

    GOOD Music's definitely in the building!

  • ChYnO

    dope post & song. thx

  • qwan

    oh shit, I think cons got a hit on his hands. I wanna hear the final mastered version, cuz this obviously aint it. but damn, this is hot.

  • iLL wiLL

    is there a link for the dirty version?

  • Tre

    Drake would fit in GOOD Music

  • say-dack


  • http://www.twitter.com/randomrandall rAND

    on da fence about this 1....

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  • http://www.theozissou.com Theo Zissou

    nice! good stuff. does sound a little raw, but still

  • qwan

    yo this song is mad catchy, I been walkin around sayin "whatever you 'whoant whoa whoa whoaa" since it leaked lol

  • qwan
  • http://www.youngsonmusic.com Young Son (The Hip Hop Dreamer)

    The production is off the chains. This is a smooth track.

    I love it. I'm waiting for a crispier mix version too (unless the vocals are supposed to sound like that for an effect...but I doubt it)

    This is a classic joint.

    I cosign that Drake would have fit in some great with G.O.O.D Music. I think regardless of who he signed with though, he's going to be doing a lot of stuff with Ye and Good Music.

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  • Chris

    I dont think Ill ever listen to this song again. Kanye just doenst do it for me here. John Legend is the man tho.

  • Josh

    A stolen record from 88-Keys studio

  • Cage

    Co-sign Chris.... Actually im positive ill never listen to it again. Quence still got bars, j legend still flows... But kanye just seems to have a homo effect on everything he touches lately... Its a pop/r&b song, oh well....

  • huh


    How does Kanye have a homo effect on the song? What he says fits perfectly with what the song is about

  • FredRico

    @Cage: what do you mean by "homo"? 0_o Are you talking about:

    - "Digital Girl" (he really goes homo on this... -_- gtfoh!)
    - "Flight School"
    - "Diamonds" ("What's you disposition? Have you ever tried this position?" uhm... yeah, you're right, homo!)
    - "Maybach Music 2"
    - "Knock You Down" (homo must mean wordplay ability?)
    - "Walkin' on the Moon" (uhm... it must be the flow, right? Cuz the lyrics are so not gay, I'm confused)
    - "Kinda Like a Big Deal" (homo? really?!)
    - "Make Her Say"

    I mean, come on? Even a super heterosexual guy like you knows it's stupid to consider some of the best rap contributions this year homo, as in... what does it mean again?

  • Kidcapo

    Do I hear Michael Jackson sample? Kanye is a MJ stan...who isnt nowadays though?

  • 151

    @kidcapa: Kanye Samples everyone...

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  • ok

    Kanyes always been a fan of MJ, he sampled P.Y.T. for Good Life

  • ok

    oh and cage is a fucking moron, have you even listened to anything Kanye has put out lately?

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  • mire

    maaan its good, should've been longer

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  • dan

    sorry but this is hot trash. It's formulated to make money, just another song about absolutely nothing. And im a fan of all 3.

  • Iknowitstrue

    Shit is HOT! They said some hot shit!

    Check the lyrics here Kanye John Legend whatever you want lyrics

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  • Wheat Thins

    Usershare and mediafire >>>>>>>> zshare

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  • Don

    Thats not michael jackson thats lyn collins