• derrik

    good look for Inverse. still bump the So True EP. where can I get a .mp3 for this?

  • ST

    Dope as always! Hope they do a video for "Rise & Shine" and "Spark My Soul"

  • n88888888

    cool, good filming as well

  • derrik

    Okay, so I found it. its off of So Far (The Collection) http://www.zshare.net/audio/62063408f64b1626/

  • Shake

    yea... just like i said in the post "off their 2008 release, So Far (The Collection),"

    smh @ folks not reading.

  • derrik

    you shake your head alot, is that why the call you Shake? your brain must get rattled. sorry i don't come on here to read your "in depth" posts. there's like 50 new posts on here a day. SMH @ everyone shaking their head

  • tunji

    thanks for the support y'all...please vote in the MTVu competition if you can. peace!

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  • BigMan

    fuck that bitch nigger Shake. porch monkey

  • BigMan

    that wasnt me, i swear

  • http://myspace.com/justlately justlately

    video and song are both dope...but wouldn't expect anything less.

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  • pp34

    cool video. the song is ehhh tho

  • sargeant slaughter


  • sam sneako

    That shit was dope as fuck. Good post.

  • demar

    damn... i fell in love with my girl to this song... 1 1/2 years ago!! great video!! big up to inverse!! hope to see you in germany some time soon...