thats 1 of da best feature list.....ever!!

  • Shake

    ^^i agree. i hope it's true.

  • http://www.lyriciss-dmv.com Lyriciss

    why is AB's picture up though? LOL
    but yeah...this track is a classic.
    i vote more Pro'Verb on the blog...
    i'm just sayin though...lol

    Peace & Hip-Hop

  • Shake

    ^i upped the wrong pic haha.
    changing now.

  • http://www.icethevillain.com IcetheVillain

    TRUTH on the track. Kudos folk!

  • Mr Marcus


  • dontmatter

    Damn!! thats shit is DOPE!!!

  • Myth_Seeker

    i like the message a lot...if u think this is wack you must be in love with gucci or oj

  • Grindmanual

    WOW!!! AfuckinMAZING...

  • http://www.whoisclifsoulo.blogspot.com Clif Soulo

    this shit is jamming...

  • Rawthedrummer

    This is Ill! Pro'verb is nice with it...Surock is Crazy with The Beats 4reel

  • Soulful!

    This shit is dope man! Been a fan of Pro for a minute now...real humble dude...killed the song...and of course Surock...had the honor of being in the Beatdown w/ him back in May...real talented as well..Both of them together= a PROBLEM!