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Twista – Is That Your Bitch A cappella (Video)

blame it on Meka June 30, 2009


Category F5, drops July 14th.

  • H. Bomb

    How the hell is this a “freestyle?”

  • Shake

    im changing the title now.

  • Shake

    all better now.

  • haha i was about to leave a comment saying no way this was a freestyle being that the other dude knew the words, but it’s all cleared up now

  • @ H. Bomb – The word “freestyle” is thrown around so loosely nowadays, it can mean almost anything not prerecorded anymore, even a written verse performed live. Sad, but true. I’m from the school of off-the-dome-no-written-or-pre-rehearsed freestyle, but that’s just me.

  • H. Bomb

    @ G.C.: I know “freestyle” is a loose term, but a verse off a more popular song earlier this decade is not exactly like the shit kicked by written freestylers like, say, Eminem or Royce.

  • qwan

    Heard the entire album (minus the Kanye produced/feature), its a disappointment. I was rooting for twista too :(

  • TrapZero

    Twista has lost his touch. He’s a funnel cloud now.

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  • People could start saying freeverse, but it’s like, what’s the point.

    If nobody has heard it b4, it’s a freestyle that you can spit in a cipher or whatever. A lot of the dopest “Freestyles” people allude to may have been pre-written or in someone’s head ahead of time. There is no way of knowing. Just because the person throws in a couple of custom lines to make it seem like it’s personalized.

    And personally, I don’t hate on that fact. If you have ever been to a freestyle battle where they really go OFF the dome COMPLETELY, you can see it’s not that great. Yeah, it upholds the purist format of hip hop battling, but our minds have been so trained by SMACK DVDs to have line after line be off the chains, cats going off the top of the dome just rambling becomes very uninteresting. If cats are doing a live freestyle or a cipher, I’d rather it be a freeverse than just a pure freestyle where they were just saying any old thing without though, even if they were rhyming or not.

  • H. Bomb

    Sounds like you ain’t never heard pure off-the-dome battles like Supernatural vs. Juice or even Serius Jones vs. Jin (the latter ALWAYS comes off the top, although Serius may have canned his Chinese lines beforehand).

    I ain’t THAT much of a purist, tho, where I think every “freestyle” should be off the dome. But when the game becomes so watered down that people can’t recognize the talent to go off the top when it is actually done, it dilutes the overall integrity of the craft.

  • DocCosmos

    Twistas sidekick looked like a kid waiting to jump in some double dutch jump ropes.