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D-Black (prod. Illmind) x D.Black (prod. Vitamin D)

blame it on Shake July 1, 2009

It’s not every day you get submissions from two different artists (that come from opposite coasts) and the only thing different in their name is a punctuation! Considering the coincidence I’m just gonna leave them in the same post. This, by no means, is me putting them against each other. But I do advise they work something out. So check it… D (dash) Black = Bronx, NY; D (period) Black = Seattle, WA.

Up first is a joint from Bronx native D-Black; off his upcoming project with Illmind. The track will also be featured on Illmind’s Blaps, Rhymes & Life 3 (dropping later today). And following that is a joint off D.Black’s upcoming album, Ali Yah (dropping in September), which will be entirely produced by Jake One & Vitamin D. Those recognizing the beat should know that 50 Cent grabbed the beat from an older Vitamin D beat CD for London Girl off his War Angel LP.

DOWNLOAD: D-Black – Superbad (prod. Illmind)
DOWNLOAD: D.Black – Keep On Going (prod. Vitamin D)

  • Much respect for clearing it up homie!!

  • Zeedo

    D-Black is fire! But the download is disabled… any chance of getting a fix for it?

  • I’m loving the D DASH Black Track…

  • that Superbad track by D-black is crazy

  • Earl

    Both tracks are cool, but I think the Seattle dude slaps vocally and the Vitamin D production is sick. Ha ha 50 did jack that beat huh. This guy’s song on Jake One’s CD was bangin too.

    still props to NY D-Black though.

  • Shouts to the Seattle homies D.Black, Sportn’ Life & Vita! That D-Black/Illmind cut is fresh too.

  • A Midwest Opinion

    D DOT Black track no question. Vitamin D beat is serious. D dash Black song is aight too but yeah D Dot all the way

  • D Snutz

    I like these. D. Black on the Vitamin D beat FTW!

    Today’s post was brought to you b the letter D.

  • seatle ftw

    black is a monster, and an ever changing artists

    he’s got the voice!

  • lyfeizzaquest

    Yo, that superbad track go hard! Shout to the homie d dash black!!!

  • Jonathan Moore

    D.Black is the Truth as an Artist…and even Greater as a Person…Looking forward to continuing to see you Shine and Grow… peace and many blessings… J.Moore

  • D Dot Black FTW. Peace to my homedude Illmind tho. Seattle shit! You can’t beat the combo of D.Black and Vitamin D. the album is chok fulla bangers. Big Ups to Sportn’ Life. Check out MYX Music Label.

  • Love seeing the Seattle love on the dope house!! D dot Black is a great dude, great musician – good to see no one is sleeping. It’s the Life!

  • N.Boogie (Portland)

    I hear good things about D.Black (seattle) new CD. He’s fucking with some serious heat for beats

  • S.d.b.

    HaHa This My Favorite blogsite N This The Second Time i C my nicca D-BLACK on this website,the first time i saw him on here a while ago i let him know,but yea he fire! This my first post str8 outta da BX =)
    D.black from seattle fresh 2 but either or gotta change the name or some shit imma tell my dude bout that lol…shake imma see if next time i talk to D-BLACK,if maybe i can get some exclusive tracks or some shit 4 you n 2dopeboyzzz 1

  • D-Black is on that ish. Thanks for posting!

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  • WhoelseG

    D-Black hands down, beat is hot & lyrics on point. The hook is funny too.

  • Be EZ

    Damn d-black def got it, been waiting for some new stuff since the come up joint with skyzoo!!

  • Vay

    D-Black is that nigga! I’m hyped to hear more from him. When’s his project droppin?


    ALRIGHT first of all I’ve listened to both D-Blacks other stuff… D-Black from the Bronx takes it HANDSDOWN. The dude from Seattle sounds like a bitch (I’m not hatin’ but its the truth). You can’t compare the two. Just like you can’t compare Washington state to NEW YORK. IZ U CRAZY?!? BRONX UPTOWN BROOKLYN QUEENS STAND UP!!! STATEN WHAT HAPPEN?!? Washington state we straight Rain on you HOES BIOTCH

  • rezz

    D-Black prod. by Vitamin D? It looks like he need Vitamin G cuz he sound like a pussy.

  • FruitStandMan


  • Ant

    D-Black is definitely becoming known if he keeps this shit up. Definitely someone to lookout for in the near future.

  • Kat

    Let’s just say a Bronx Tale was better then Sleepless in Seattle!!!!!

  • Earl from Chi town

    It’s fucking dumb that people will eventually pit these two against each other. What’s in a name? the first one with the most fame at the end wins. That’s it! Two separate coats..of course someones going to have the same name. Most niggaz ain’t that clever in the game no more. Both MC’s are fresh, both producers fresh, both songs fresh. Two totally different styles. this is like comparing MOP to Little Brother.

  • I dont give a fuck what coast u from! this aint no competition, my nigga(D.Black) makin music for the spirit. He aint on that beefin shit! so dont call em out his name. on thee other hand, i fuck w/ him. so if you cant just listen to the two songs and be respectful of 2 mens crafts. u need to post your name or get at me personally! Cause I’ll get ACTIVE!

  • Dave

    finally, somebody makes sense. thanks for acknowledging the skills of both artists. this is just a coincidence, two artists from different coasts both bringing good music. respect it

  • Rolo

    IT ALL BOUT D.BLACK = SEATTLE!!! honestly he is FIRE i been following him from his first album and he is serious!! Everyone needs to check him out, Ali Yah is the one!!
    All the way from the London,UK, we throw our L’s up!!!

  • Christine

    D.Black=Seattle baby!!! That’s the fire right there!!! L’s UP!

  • great music from both coasts…but Seattle is my home and D.Black is THAT GUY. and Vitamin D? done. it’s over.

    Sportin’ Life is doing BIG TINGS!

  • rekstyle

    NEW BLACK CITY!!! Go listen to that joint and compare to the Seattle dude album’s.

  • Seriously?

    Foolish Coast to coast beef. Quit ya cryin. East coast , west coast. Music is music. I fucks with both cuts but feel the cat from Seattle more. East coast niggas always wanna act hard. Silly ish

  • The D dash fux wit my guy from Brooklyn so i got love for him but the D dot is REAL HARD. That cat makes soul music. and while i got NYC love, it’s juvenile and idiotic to talk shit about a whole city from the internet cuz 2 people have the same name…… and you can get mercc’d out here word to spaceman i co-sign that shit

  • S.d.b.


  • D-Dash (no Roc) is the homie so I can’t be fully objective but on the realz, I feel what the West Coast homiez are sayin. Its all about the music and both artists are ill in their own right. That East Coast rah rah sh*t is the reason why we ain’t doin NO damage in the game right now. We gotta bunch of wack ass “brrrrrrrrappers” and not enough real emcees. I fux with the homie Dash cuz he reflects both sides of the game. This is my first time hearing D. and he got that soulful sh*t I rock with too. Lookin forward to hearing more joints from both. Keep feedin the ppl. 1hunned

  • S.d.b.

    ITS NOT A PROBLEM 4 ANYONE TO REP FOR THE CITY…its good them seattle cats reppin.music is music n wateva u like is ur choice of preference =) respect the artists from both coasts

  • Tishauna aka TISHIZ

    Two different styles altogether. D.BLACK FLOOOWS LIKE WATER YO! VITAMIN D IS KILLIN ‘EM ON THE PRODUCTION (I’m diggin that drum & baseline)! Props to D-Black & illmind for representin the Bronx wit good music!

  • JV

    D Black from Seattle ftw

  • Blendiana Jones

    I gotta rock w/ D.Blak, the Seattle one. I can rock w/ the subject matter & delivery a bit more than D-Blak. Positivity people… It can go a long way.

  • K.

    I gotta go with D-Black, like he said it’s nastier than two girls and a cup

  • Both tracks are felt. D.Black holds it down for the 6. Shouts to Vitamin D for blessin the track. D-Black is hard…blaps is universal. think.tape.trust.

  • Concrete

    D (dot) Black is that dude!


    OK listen, no one can say anything about NY, this is where HIP HOP is from, we originated this shit… If u feel that Seattle shit, so be it. But you cant compare that with NY, we Godfathers of this nikka!!! South BRONX the birthplace of Hip HOP!! Webster Ave! Concourse! SHIIIIIT

  • d DASH blizzaaccckkk
    ill listen to that other ish cleaning the crib butttttttt….
    chiccca chicccaa cheeaaayyyuuhh

  • Be on the lookout for that new D.Black album “Ali’Yah”, all beats produced by Jake One & Vitamin D. Don’t sleep!

  • ToBitS

    All about D-Black, homeboy is Superbad on the mic. Bumping that crack in the whip as I type during the red light niccas. Chikachikachea!!!

  • AGM09

    D.Black FTW Seattle all day. 206
    shout out to Sportn’ Life
    Respect both dudes thou, both came hard
    Oh yea. Fuck you PAUL TriZZ


    lol you just mad cuz Seattle wack and us New York boyz takke all your bitches AGM.. WHO THE FUCK CARES YOU LIL SLUT AHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAHAHAHHAHAAH

  • Krisch

    Which of them was the rapper featured on the new Big Pooh album?

  • AGM09


  • Dave

    D Dash Black from the Bronx was on Rapper Pooh’s album


    loll igh JKJK people already catchin feelings N shit, this is just homecourt out here you kno we aggressive – to answer your question Krisch it was D “Dash” Black.

    shout outs to Seattle i heard ya got great coffee shiiit
    shout outs to NY I heard ya got great rappers shiiiiiiit

    Have a sense of humor fellaz -100-

  • smiley face

    Both tracks r hott, but aint no fuckin with D. Black’s lyrical content, plus production on the track only makes it better.. That BEAT on D-Black’s is serious fire though, but LMAO @ part where dude goes “Anything u can do, I can do better. No u can’t, yes I can, No u can’t, yes I can!”

  • Silly!!!

    LOLLLZZZ! Again..music is MUSIC – you angry fuckaz make me giggle! Go HARD East coast. D ((DOT)) ALL DAY & Im from MIAMI!! Like my man from SEATTLE says..”Keep On Going”….

  • Iron Man 10301

    D-Black ftw. D.Black did his thing as well cant knock em

  • A404!!!

    D-Black is way better than the other dude, listen to his work. Yea D.Black has a positive song but it’s nothing. Go back and listen to new black city or mr.October, d-black is crazy talented

  • Rekstyle

    No competition, D-Black!!! Go listen to “chillin” “dollar circulate” “hold up” “million dollar dream” “the come up” “the heist” “paying my dues”. All them tracks could have been single.

  • @smiley face
    i didnt hear anything on D-dots song that wowed me as far as lyricism
    and lmao @ paul trizz ” i hear you guys make great coffee”

  • Dimeloalsierto

    All ya are funny, both of dblacks probably laughing that ya trying to start a NY vs. Seattle beef

  • CHICKA CHICKA CHYEAAAA D-BLACKKKKKKK!!!!!!! Nigg is the future kid

  • Blackhearts

    D-black nuff said

  • One4one

    Seattle taking this one. No one can deny his skills on the mic getting better.

  • bg

    Both songs are nice, I like D. Black more since I heard him on Jake One’s album and the Vitamin D beat is crazy. Seriously though, someone is better cause they from the birthplace from hip hop? You gotta be out of your mind if thats how you choose who to listen to.

  • REDG

    Seattle taking this one. No one can deny his skills on the mic getting better.
    One4one said this on July 2nd, 2009 at 7:17 am

    you said it yourself, he’s getting better. On the other hand D-Black came out with nothing but heaters. Listen to New Black City, all those tracks are banging, no wack shit. Go back and look for Chillin, Heist, Sticky Icky, Ride Out. Crazy! D.Black is getting better but D-Black is already ahead.

  • reggie

    Check God Like On Jake One’s White Van Music- That song is FIRE!!
    I like both dudes, but lyrically D- is smooth, but really brings nothing new to the table. D. on the other hand seems to provoke thought which always good for music. Not knocking NY, but niggaz be recycling the same shit over and over. SEA is being extremely innovative right now. Check out some of it. Dyme Def, Grynch, D.Black, Fatal Lucciauno, Cancer Rising etc.

  • I been on this . D Black is so talented and the story he tells in his songs are captivating . Get on it.

  • MrNoble

    all about the kid D-Black!!! Go To His youtube page and check out his music, Tell me he aint bringing heat to the table. I been hooked on his music since he did that collab with Skyzoo & then with rapper big pooh.


  • Ummmm

    @MrNoble Not feelin it homie

  • Subelo10

    The Bronx got this on smash. D-Black been doing his thing.

  • rezz

    Aiight, we not tryna knock anyone from doing their thing, its all for Hip Hop… However, you Seattle niggas is corrrny im sorry but too us you guys are. If D “Dot” is the best ya’ll got, ya shouldnt be talking. We have the greatest MCs ever knowwwn. Shouts to Cali, midwest downbottom and everywhere else that contributed to this rap shit but SEATTLE?!
    D.Black is good but nothing special.
    D-Black is the truth.

  • Only1

    Man music is music but D———–Black is killing it, listen to his catalog and talk.

  • Dave

    honestly, i feel that cats are reppin D.Black because he is from seattle and he is making positive music. it is not necessarily different or betta than anything we’ve heard before. D-Black and Illmind FTW!!!

  • Ballard

    Cats hatin on D.Black because hes from Seattle?? and riddin wit D-Black cuz hes from NY??? Are you fucking serious??????
    Talent is Talent
    If you dont like there music then thats your opinion but dont call someone wack just cuz you aint fellin there music
    Ya’ll are ignorant as hell
    206 on the come up
    Grynch, D.Black, Fatal Lucciauno, Dyme Def, BLue Scholars, Common Market, Maklemore, Jake One, and many many more. Dont Sleep!!!


    Seattle created Starbucks! hell yeea!

    What did New York create again?


    uhh oh yeea!


    Ya dont have have the Sonics nomore!

    Kneel Down and Pay Homage you scrubs

    D—Black wit that A—ttack on some BX shit


    lolll iigh im just messin wit yall! Seattle cool its just so easy to make fun of you guys ahaha! You guys get your feelings hurt MAD quick!

    @Ballard: yea talent is talent.. you right.. song for song D-Black has more talent.

    You know what? They should get on the same track and spit 16 bars smell me

  • Domeattack

    D To The Dash BLACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!! All the way, can’t deny the guys talent! Its not a Seattle or NY thing it’s a music thing. Tracks like Chillin, Million dollar, Paranoia, Come Up, Give It Up, are smashers.

  • My Vote


  • El’

    We should sink this thread and just enjoy the music. These men are not beefing and it’s silly to compare their music based on their name. Evolve people! Do you know how many fuckin rappers have the same name. All this shows is that both these guys are hard at work and we’re all given them a lot of Pub..ha ha. They both gone sell a lot of records.

  • Finster

    Each of these guys are dope. I own D-Black’s mixtape and I’m going to by D.Black’s Ali-Yah CD when it drops. That’s what everyone should be doing.

  • Ask Me anything

    Bow Down to the Step Dad who been putting food on your son’s table for 20 years NYC. Why you give birth to hip hop and then just leave it on our door step to raise is none of my business but it’s totally playing to type. Idiots.

    West Coast FTW!

    Go play some of that LARP game dress up as a blood shit you guys been rubbin’ in your titties ’til you’re dumb. You silly faggots get homesick on the otherside of town. Meanwhile The West Coast is all up in your burrough teaching you how to dress and talk. Dipshits.

  • DJ from the Bay

    I’ve lived in both Seattle and NY. NY cats always get brittle when they feel threatened LOL. There is nothing wrong with D.black from Seattle. He was making noise as a young kid and it’s great to see him and his fam still at it. Sure it’s not that traditional NY sound, but isn’t that the point.

  • rezz

    LOL @askmeanything, why u so mad nigga? mad sensitive! You def. a female, you gotta be.

    NY is the cultural epicenter of this country, if not the world. No one teachin us shit. If anything, otha people emulate us.. such as HIP HOP! essentially, yall learned from US!

    Its all love to the Westcoast no doubt but AINT NOONE FROM NY BOWWIN DOWN TO ANYBODY


  • FruitStandMan

    Both beats are different but HOT. I feel like the beat makes the song on D “Dots” he sounds soft. D “Dash” on the other was perfect on that beat.

    As far as hooks, D-Black murdered, D.Blacks hook was weak…

    D-BLACK is the Winner

  • Keepin it WAY 100

    LOL @ all ya’ll from NY talkin that same old ish. YES – we KNOW Bronx / NYC is the birthplace of this shit but that don’t mean everyone to come out the town is wassup. I’m feelin D-Black & I’m feelin D.Black. Not from either coast – but get off tha b.s. Just cause its the birthplace doesnt mean shit. Sure you got SOME nice MC’s but ya aint held the title inna minute so again LOL!
    Feelin D (DOT) 1) cause his music is fresh & 2) just cause you NY niggaz is bein babies

  • WhoelseG

    D (Dash) Black is next up. His music is fresh & official.


    I can’t believe this turned into an East/West thing.. These are 2 completely different tracks it’s like comparing apples and oranges. D dot is my famm so I’m gonna be bias but that Illmind beat is friggen bonkers. Vita’s the homie and his flavor is like no other. Not feeling D dash’s hook compared to D dot’s tho. If D dot was from NYC ya’ll would be singing another tune don’t front.

    D. Black FTW

    L’s Up!!!

  • SoFresh

    Chika Chika Chiyea, Mclovin Bitches!


    Its not a East – West thing, if anything it was a Seattle – New York thing…

    We got respect for Cali niggas – its just that Seattle cant fuck wit us.. i mean who from Seattle really changed the game? If you fuckin with NY you gotta come correct.

    @Keepin it WAY 100 – lol nigga you keepin it 0.5 cuz you a clown. “Sure you got SOME nice MC’s…” IS YOU CRAZY NIGGA? We had more MC’s that changed hip-hop comming from one borough compared to whereever you from.. LOL you must be from Alaska. CLOWN ASS NIGGA

  • F. Rich from the 206

    Of course Seattle ain’t changed the game…yet. Keep your ears open, because the industry knows what’s up. that’s why they fuck with us. Soon the rest of the world will too. Maybe some of yall need to expand your musical horizons. Saigon and Freeway know the deal, they both be in Seattle, fuckin with Seattle niggaz on this music all the time. Paul Trizz don’t sweat it, late passes will still be available.

  • mark1

    LOL. Only cats over 40 care about the birthplace of hip hop anymore. Little niggaz don’t give a fuck. These same hating as niggaz from NY prob hated on Lil Wayne, TI, Ice Cube, Too Short, Little Brother etc. All them ain’t from NY and had to fight the battle with NY. NYc fights with itself and its surrounding boroughs.

  • Yusef

    LOL, only niggaz over 40 care about the birthplace. I should know I am one. Little niggaz don’t give a fuck about that shit. Seattle do yall’s thing. I’m sure it wasn’t easy for Lil Wayne, TI, Too Short, E-40, Little Brother or whoever. NY is always a hard obstacle. That’s cause we’re stubborn out here, ha ha. I’m NYC born and raised, and I listen to music, regardless of where its from or a rappers name. Both songs are good for totally different reasons.

  • paultrizz



    Ice Cube is a legend, So is Too Short… Lil’ Wayne got his whole swag from Dipset, his new style, flow, how he talk… But its true… ONE

  • rezz

    regardless of how old you are, how can you not care about the birthplace of hip-hop? It wasnt just born in new york, it was cultivated out here… New York taught everyone else. Is you dumb?

  • 206

    D.Black all day
    And yea btw. We do got some bomb ass coffee here

  • And G-d said let there be light, and He saw that the Light was good and G-d separated between the Light and the Darkness. G-d Called the Light “Day” and called the darkness “night”. And there was evening and morning, ONE day.

    *Who can bare to understand what i am saying?
    this is the (DOT) by the way!

  • jamesizzy

    D Dash Black got it in the bag. both tracks are good just in two different lanes, cant compare them. but of them doing there thing, any other dblacks that aint the one from seattle or bx fall back niccas.



  • Keepin it WAY 100

    Welcome D (DOT)! Ya music is hot!


    @Keepin it WAY 100: LOL look at you suckin MAD DICK!! YOU DICKRIDER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Keepin it WAY 100

    Pot = Kettle Black homie



    LOL that must be some corny Seattle shit cuz it dont make no sense! LOL you keepin it WAY 0.3 and half you clown

  • Yusef

    Everyone knows that NY started this hip hop thing we all care for so much. LA Innovated it, The south stepped it up. Everyone has a chance. Why cant Seattle? Yall need to do your research. The Source has focused on the NW region quite a few times. Dyme Def from Seattle, Cool Nutz from Portland etc.
    Paul Trizz do you have any talent or know anything about music bizz or are you just one of them internet/forum terrorist?


    LOL @Yusef: Hell Yea I got talent and I know Enough about the Music Biz to know whats hot and whats not, I just have a strong opinion feel me? I speak what I feel… As far as my “opinion” on D dot and the whole seattle area, I think they wack, period.. This is in no way a west coast east coast thing for me cuz I gots love for Cali and the music from there..

    -people need to hop of my dick real talk, emotional bitches LOL

  • Yusef

    No dick riding , it’s just obvious that you have no idea what’s going on behind closed doors because the world and the industry is got their eyes and ears on the city of Seattle. Rock, Rap, etc. That city produces quality music. get hip or get left.

  • 206

    D.Black and Vita FTW