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Drake – Best I Ever Had (Video)

blame it on Shake July 1, 2009

You didn’t think I’d leave ya’ll tonight without dropping a (NMC) premiere did you? That’s right folks… the brand new (Kanye West directed) video from Drizzy Drake Rodgers! And if you haven’t already, cop the single on iTunes. Now stop reading, press play, and enjoy the lovely lady visuals. Drake has definitely reqruited himself a bunch of basketball players big chested, flexible women for his team. 1:20 mark… says it all. And I couldn’t stop laughing at Trey & Fab’s Craig & Smokey impression at 3:13. Daaaaaammn.

  • Josh East

    Alexa Chung wasnt kidding Big Breasted Ladies.

  • Duke

    1st bitches

  • XIII

    basketball and tig ol biddies

  • big a[x]s breast LMFAO ! @ the score “All you taught us to do was stretch” lol, those broads in the green looked like WNBA players lol

  • nice. they scored 10 in them last 2 mins too. lol

  • “take that D” lol

  • Josh East

    You gotta take that D

  • Timbo

    There are some righteous hoots in this video. That chick doing the stretching is Rosa Acosta, look her up on youtube for more of her stretching routines.

  • him

    i’m a huge drake fan but this is wack. 10 seconds of performance shot at the start and that’s it?

    they could’ve done so much more with the concept of the song and made it funny as hell.

    finally.. are his fans not sick of this song? why not make a vid to push a track like successful, houstonatlantavegas or uptown?!?

    i’m confused. i hope drake doesn’t fizzle into coulda shoulda status.

  • mgk

    LOL “take it like the champions you are”

  • Callous1

    Why do fly bitches gotta be so goddamn DUMB. None of them girls sounded like they could speak english.

    Speaking of which, it’s a bit disconcerting how “proper” Drake speaks, but when he raps, he puts on this thick ass “drawl” to sound “black”. It’s poser-rific. This video kind of highlights that.

    I love the titties though.

  • LeNoirPhotog

    Lmao @ “take that D”

  • Josh East

    I still dislike drake. Video is hot because I am a guy and I like big tits bouncing up and down.

  • MarK AnthonY

    LMAO u can tell Kanye wrote this script. “Stretching is an essential part of the game. lol

  • Kurbstomp

    I rate it OK, no mas no less.

  • Golden Li

    Stupid…. where has creativity gone? —-This is Canada y’all! SICK!

  • E


  • Why sell a song you can get for free on a mixtape?

  • stopsayingswagger

    this is the most confused video ever. it makes drake look a bit idiotic. definitely not the look he needs right now, especially with what happened @ the bet awards.

  • whitemamba

    Big tits are nice, but the whole video seems kind of irrelevant to the song. It’s just really random.

  • :)

  • LeNoirPhotog

    ^^^ GOOD point

  • -plays Drake’s “video girl”. LOL.

  • pure trash!!

  • B! Crakk

    dope vid, you can’t go wrong wit a bunch of titties everywhere. yeezy needs to direct videos more often. lol

  • Eye eye eye

    This video was wacckkk

  • Kriz

    Shake would secretly kiss Drake if he had the chance. Or at least he’d try to sniff Drake’s backdraft as he walks by….

  • Djen

    “Take that D like the champions you are!”

    Btw, why was everyone so hyped that the video was shot in Brooklyn? Who cares, it was all indoors… in a gym.

  • BFP501

    I think the video is aight for a brother’s first video. As much as yall go crazy over these homemade youtube videos look at the good side of it, Yeezy directed it and again its his 1st video yall act like this is a Hov video.

  • easily the corniest/worst vid ive seen in a minute..tits were coo tho

  • Even the amount of breasts bouncing around couldn’t offset the fact that 85% of the video was in slow-mo. It didn’t really work well with the songs, besides the titties. The titties worked.

  • concept doesn’t even make sense. But loving the visuals….

  • http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RJoIdQAIrfg&feature=player_embedded >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

  • the mighty ducks didn’t let Emilio Estevez down, hahaha, that’s awesome

  • JD

    nah man this aint drizzys first. i know hes done a couple (see replacement girl)

    this vid’s concept was kinda wack. i mean im not hatin, lovin the titties, but with yeezy directing and drake bein drake i expected this to be actually relevant to what hes rappin about.

    oh well

  • Twitter

    voice sounds a bit Cudi-ish…

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  • Lado

    …wow…dis was very wack..still like da song..but dis video made no sense…

  • klark kent

    ummmmm the vid and song do not match to me
    video is not good

  • Klutch

    really all the hype for nothing
    sidenote if the wnba had bitches like drakes team id watch

  • I’m a big fan of Drake yo, but man, this video was quite boring and corny. IDK what he was thinking.

    Even though I can rock with the ladies who “threw some D’s on it”, it almost was just tasteless and wack. He would have been better off doing a Degrassi themed video with the actual characters and non-mutated women.


    Women were nice tho.

    At least they all looked 18, cuz him being a coach of a high school looking basketball team (could have been college though) wouldn’t be a good look after Sunday’s performance with Lil Wayne’s children.

  • Anybody catch that:

    That’s an essential part of the game and that’s why I focused so much time on that, but…


  • sideshowRaheem

    LMAO @ people mad at a video for a mixtape single.

  • that shit goes sooo hard, idc wut faggots like this wangsta above me says

    it thru me off in the beginning with just being a “video ho” video, but the sublime in it wuz creative, loved it…

  • grull27


    Official Music Video ON YOUTUBE

  • Adup

    ^^^you gotta get a hobby man, that’s sad to waste your time making something like that lol

  • Condor21

    “Shoot the wrong fuckin video and they think they can market you however they decide to”

    Drake said it himself in “Say Whats Real”. This video was really bad seriously, and trust that I am not a hater, I got every song this dude has put out, but the video just had no creativity and din’t match the song at all.

    On a side note thought it was funny at the end with the huddle.

  • http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=osJeenhxoNM best i ever had uploaded yesterday fuck NMC dick suckers

  • TheLastEmperor

    Fuck I’m already bored of this dude

  • LMAO @ people mad at a video for a mixtape single.

    or the lead single off of his upcoming album.

  • Check out Asher Roth feat Keri hilson she dont want a man video better then this video X 100000000000000000000000000000000000000000000

  • Kofi

    Everybody complaining that the video doesn’t match the song may want to turn on BET or MTV and see that 90% of the video’s on there don’t match the songs……just saying.

  • LeNoirPhotog

    ^^^ he was talking about replacement girl video feat trey songs

  • Dice

    Life through Kanye’s Eyes must be amazing huh
    But this video would’ve fit better with the Dream’s ‘hit it on the road’

  • H, Bomb

    Something tells me Bruno will remake this video.

  • sideshowRaheem

    LMAO @ people mad at a video for a mixtape single.
    or the lead single off of his upcoming album.

    No it’s a fucking mixtape single which is why the artwork for the single matches the artwork on his mixtape. The mother fucker didn’t even have a record label when he shoot this thing.

  • theycallhimjayayers

    haha, the kid @ 3:38 had me thinking that Midget Mac from that I Love New York shit had found a new claim to minor fame haha.

  • Dice

    Bruno!?! Really, that would be something right there.

  • kofi


    You’re 100% right stop acting like the “Replacement Girl” video made any kind of since at all. Look at the Clipse “Kinda Like a Big Deal” video it was worse then this and everybody said it was dope. If the dude would have put together a bunch of performance shots with the same chick no one would be complaining. I fucking hate the internet sometimes!!!

  • knub o malley

    haha THE FUCK “drake’s backdraft” but Kanye probably filled the video with all of those titties so he wouldn’t be called a gayfish anymore.

  • great concept. [big spoon of sarcasm]
    go girls and basketball over a dedication song?
    its to a girl and all the girls in his video are dumb and have no court talent.
    good goin kanye, you made the boy a 2 time loser with the videos.
    i’m not trying to go hard like they do on wshh, but i’m a girl…and was like,” seriously? c’mon…”

  • Yeah, Replacement Girl wasn’t that great either.

    Although, if that video had these girls in it, it would have been mad iller. I remember the girls in “Replacement Girl” being all skinny and A-Cupped…lol

  • CosmosisJones

    Each set of breasts unique in they own way..i love em

  • Well I guess we can all agree that this wasn’t good but it’s okay, he’ll bounce back

  • chef

    terrible song/video.

  • T-Dot


  • Sb 562

    DAMN i could not stop staring at the each girls breastesss hahaha damn this is a good video 2 thumbs up for sure!

  • i like the video. the concept has nothing 2 do with the song, but what would you rather see draker runnin around toronto with one chick telling her she’s the best? to match the song. i love the titties & there was enough for me. and to people who are tired of this song theyre already promoting successful as the second single in atlanta. i wish they would use houstlantavegas thou.

  • hdot

    i’m personally tired of the song now (actually for the last 3 months), but at good for drake. the video was lame… nothing against titties, but the concept was horrible (FOH @ kanye)

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  • Spiffdanger

    This is a foreshadowing of Drake’s career after signing with young money

  • CyFy

    Yeah i love the song but this video sucks!!! I love the women dont get me wrong i loved that but i mean the whole concept was wack and no homo but you hardly see dude perform the song..

  • Wonderin

    It’s a fucking video. One that you guys won’t watch anyway unless it’s 6am on MTV and you’re bored or 106…and you’re bored.

    Most hip-hop vids nowadays don’t have much a concept that matches the song in the first place. Probably because people nowadays don’t even watch music videos.

  • Adup

    ^^^Real talk

  • qwan

    lol Drake is getting Wayne/50 type hate now, you know what that means….He’s going PLAT HIS FIRST WEEK…congratulations, ITS CRACK!

  • SKi

    NOT SMH BUT JUST TMH TOO MUCH HYPE. Drake isn’t even all that nice. Bunch of grasshoppers, mr. me too. When they friend think something’s hot they wanna grasshop on it!

  • yeahright

    Yeah the video doesn’t match the song but I’m sure if the internet was around back in the 80’s niggas would have have been saying the same thing about Michael Jackson’s “Billie Jean” video and still 30 plus years later the video’s still don’t match the songs for most of the shit on BET. You may not dig the video but saying it doesn’t match the song isn’t really a valid complaint.

  • ae

    damn Ye’, even I could direct a better video than that haha

  • Is he supposed to be that pedophile coach that hits on you when your in the locker room or something?
    With the BET Fuckery, he is just BUILDING UP to something that is going to fuck his career up for life. I can see it now: “DRAKE PULLS A JERRY LEE LEWIS!”

    But all jokes aside, the video was alright. I would have done something like, Drake as a dude in college with a chick and you get the idea. Could have been better, but hell, the chicks made up for it.

  • Preo

    song got old for me at least a month ago, and the vid made me like it less… much better songs on SFG anyway

  • JLH

    I think Kanye has a future in directing porn after music. This won’t be on BET haha

  • wang-chung

    Nice looking ladies…..the ones in green that is

  • The song never got old for me cause I don’t O.D. shit. but it will soon.
    Drake & ‘Ye took the L this time. Drake for picking Ye. And Ye for not sticking to Beats, Rapping, and “his genre” (c)doom.

    get me a video for, Lust For Life, Houstatlantavegas, A Night Off, Little Bit, Uptown, & Brand New. Then I’ll think about forgetting all your little mishaps, Drakie.

  • peptoo

    am i the only one who thinks its a bit different from the bullshit already shown on music vids? its a bit different, and thou its not as good as i expected, i guess they were goin for kind of a story ish shit, but its whatever. a video of a song from a mixtape is props itself, dudes hypes going high.

  • peptoo

    though i gotta say trey and loso did it funny on that mark lol

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  • Cutt E. Raincz

    Drake – 0
    Kanye – 0
    YME & Wayne’s ego – 1

  • Franky Rey

    I think the video is a double entendre.

    Best I ever had has two meanings in this case.

    The first way is of course sex.

    But I think another way is how coaches have certain players who they claim are the “best (players) they ever had”. It was kinda funny when the girls were all asking if they were the “best” he had.

    I don’t know I could be wrong. But that’s what I got out of it.

  • This site dick ride drake more any site, come on now tellin people to buy his singles and shit lol. biased as hell on here whatever happened to The Game? ya’ll forgot about him

  • markeith504

    haha look at them tiggo bitties like mike epps in next friday

    haha 5:01 MUTUMBO *finger wave*

  • Video Has Flex Talents And Some Beauties (And It’s Fair Share Of Funny Moments) But This Was One Of The Most Awaited Music Videos Just To Be This =/ I’m Not Impressed.

    Notice How It Derives From The Actual Lyrics.
    Drake…What The FUCK Are You Doing

  • I Used To Really Like Drake But The Song Is Like +9 Months Old And The Video Is Mad Wack.

  • @G-Roc….. Wow looks like 2DB’z has nothing to say! LOL! But either the less if the vid is good or not, Drake did this while he was not on mjr or album being distro or even out yet! It’s a mixtape chune but still I think there should b more Canadian content cause 2DB’s are sleeping starting to become real like TMZ for the hood lol

    jus my 2 cents if u want email me I know plenty of t dot artists n producers who will make majority of the new artists n producers that this site will go nuts listening to! Don’t get it twisted Drake is hometown for me but Toronto has artists jus as talented as him!

  • kanye could have done him better than this. he know he wouldnt have let nobody do him like that. kanye videos is always fresh…. but.. maybe this is what drake wanted…

    but it gets real funny during the funny during the speech with the innuendos…

  • eightiesboy

    amazing girls but this vid needs more cuts! its 2 slow 4 the track

  • Jack

    It’s a roster of sexy women failing at basketball. A metaphor that being sexy ain’t everything if you don’t have substance. But regardless, they’re the best he has.

    I think it’s a pretty fucking easy concept to get.

  • lasean

    yall some mad haters yall talking about the vid dont match the song are MAD STUPID
    1.most vids dont have shit to do with the song
    2.its better than sitting in front of cars and in the club with champagne
    3.dont say it wack just cause you invisioned something else and hype it up
    4.it does kinda match the song coaches have certain players who they claim are the “best players they ever had,the stripes official and ref whistles lyrics THAT IS ALL BASKETBALL the id is a play on that

    that being said i still dont like this song

  • dat nigga

    so wait does coach drake fuck his students? cool concept if your a pedophile. but those titties and ass were niiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiccccceee.

  • i dont see what the big deal is. every other video got girls with big asses. he chose to do a video with girls with big asses

  • Its a dope video…way better than a lot of shit shown on BET and MTV Jams…
    the song is about girls and the video has a lot of em…so i think Kayne did a good job

  • he’s innovative

  • Tye’s Tunes

    I don’t think Kanye needed to go waaaaaayyyyyy out there on his first video but playin’ the sure bet with big titties and basketball so any mungkey can say “Kanye n Drake is dope son” is dumy-ing it down too much! Both Drake and Kanye are much more creative than this trash, minus the 2-3 funny parts and tig ol bitties of course.


  • T-Money

    i think this is a great expression of artistic work. very well done by kanye and drake. Classic moments thru-out

  • BPM

    shit was disappointing. I like creativity and being innovative n shit…. but im sure there was a better treatment that fit this. Drake is going thru a slump right now lol. ACL tear, pedophilic BET performance, YM deal, lackluster premier video. Replacement Girl was a better treatment than this lol. I support anyways

  • Thank god I’m here to save music. I’m the best new upcoming artist out right now.



  • dat nigga

    I think Drake was doing perfectly fine creating a buzz on his own, all these labels and rappers want to be a part of his movement and now there just fucking it up. Drake what ever happened to ” I just always did my own thing and now I run the game”… You have a smart enough team with you, Im talking the whole OVO crew, nikko, oliver etc…Don’t one of them own a brand called “ransom” Which ever one does should be the person guiding you…I mean marketing,branding a brand is what they do at ransom, apply that mind set to your Career Drizzy and you’ll be fine. YOU DON’T NEED WAYNE NOR ANY OF THOSE YOUNG MONEY BUMS to make it. dudes dont know how to control their destiny over at young money everybody is acting like wayne is going to actually push them, Drake is the newest member of YM and is going to be the first one to drop an album, what does that tell you.. gudda,mills, nikki,twist, and all the other circus freaks aint going no where, they need to start creating some fire cuz im losing faith in the whole Young money movement as a brand. and Jae Millz hit the fucking gym you fat bum… your getting paid to rap, is it that hard not to keep your image up? your begining to look like N.O.R.E. i know your whole verse in every girl was a lie, cuz i dont know who is gonna want to fuck you fat boy.. call me hater but you cant deny what im saying is the fucking truth.

  • dat nigga

    hahha i just noticed i wrote like that nigga is going to read it. i hope he does. shake email this shit to his black berry with the side scroll I know your that niggas friend n shit. hahah

  • Adup

    info on the girl at 5:18? I’m all over that.

  • kuruption

    this shit as horrible. even all that jay-z shit you all ride is better then this.

  • There is a reason we like Drake so much though. Go see the So Far Gone Thread, we had prior love for dude, unlike most who just started loving/hating.

  • tms

    i see wheelchair jimmys reviving his career in coaching womens basketball

    you can tell kanye dericted this..the whole feel reminds me of workout plan video…it just does not fit this song at all.
    I thought drake said he wanted this video to make girls feel special when they watch it on some Untitled type shit no homo

  • ThisJustin

    this video is just pointless in my opinion. don’t get me wrong, i love the ladies, but i would like at least some sort of substance in my hip-hop and this just does not cut it.

  • scott

    I thought Drake was a good actor? This guy isn’t special at all. Get the dude outta rap before he ruins it more than lil wayne did, soulja boy is already on his way out because he has his money and is done macking bullshit music that all the american dumbasses buy

  • He looks good ! LOL

  • Adup


  • SHOWMAN3000

    Stop hating! Most of you never even listened to this music to even have this hateful comment. Dude is a dope lyricists and has proven that. You guys just want to like who you want to like instead of giving everyone the same chance before making a honest decision. Damn narrow minded hypocrites.

    This vid and song is hot! I don’t know how you could actually see and hear this song and utter the words “wak” or “gimmick” I hate to sound cliche but you gotta be a hater if that’s the case.

  • chip

    damn, yall niggas are some serious film critics up in here i see….shit aint even that damn serious…just a fuckin video. yall need to get out more lol

  • Haha…this video is stupid.

  • B

    hahaha hell yea. most yall niggas some ebert and roeper wannabes. the girls are the best that he has. its obvious he jus wants to have big tits flappin around and the girls he picked sure as hell were the best at that.

  • DaSilva

    i wish i here ther couch ‘-‘
    but the vid was amazin but ivseen Kanya do way better then this but what can we do about it,right ?
    “But dreake all you did was teach us how to streach”

  • CuJ

    dope vid haha. any1 else see Boi 1Da chillin in the bleachers with young money? but damn where did they find all those titties haha

  • Kwesi

    LMFAO shit is so funnny TAKE THAT D

  • DJ Daz-One

    This has to be the WORST video I have ever seen. What’s the easiet way to kill a buzz? MAKE A WACK ASS NON-SUBSTANCE VIDEO THAT HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH THE SONG’S LYRICS.

  • not hating on drake, drake MUSIC is dope, but as far as video dont let kanye do a video again this video(even if you used the same concept girls with big ass boobs playing basketball) I just feel as if it wasnt as big as the hype around this(playedout)song like this record was hot when the mixtape dropped but its time for something else now offically. Not hating tho’ cus i still bump so far gone in the ride so dont say im hating jus saying how I feel.

  • DJ Daz-One

    Your Kidding Right, This video Sucked beyond belief. Way to Drake and Kanye. Thank God For Jay Z

  • AC

    Silly ass video! Dumb as hell, Kanye thinks he’s an artist but this shit is cliche and retarded.

  • some one needs to slap kanye with a 808. that drake video could have been solid but he created a soft porn video. if MTV or nuts hugging BET play this on 106 and park i would be shocked if most of it aint blurred out. What happened to good sh!t like “DMX-How’s it going down”? The chicks in there were classy and it fit the song, this sh!t here was wack!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • NuNu

    Can’t blame it all on Drake. What would you do if Kanye volunteered to direct your video for you and you’re not even signed to a label yet. The nigga must have still been in awe of Ye’s precense that he went with whatever Kanye said do. He’s gone learn tho. The big name dudes is just getting on the bandwagon once he start to truly become a household name the hate from all the rest of the artists that were biggin u up before u got a deal will come flooding in.

    I hope Drake has much success. He better release his album quick tho cuz Young Money is known for letting they artists just fade into the background…. ask Curren$y…

  • TE

    kinda wack really. drake should of signed to GOOD music instead of young money. he don’t need wayne. i was a little dissapointed though tbh. BOOBIESS :)

  • IF You’re A Man, And You Didn’t Like This Video..There’s Something Wrong With You.

    LMFAO @ “And You Guys Know Good And Well What We Can Do With Two Minutes”

  • mR


    y’all are taking this WAY too seriously. was it entertaining? yes. was it funny? yes. did it relate to the song? yes. (and if you dont get how officials, stripes, and whistles are basketball….. smh)

    seriously, what were you expecting? dont know about y’all, but im not looking for Spike Lee Joints in my music videos. i thought this was great. well done, ye

  • shane mac

    nice song, videos whack though


    kanye butchered the poor kids debut video….best i ever had is a amazing song but kanye fumbled on the video….i wouldve gone with a degrassi iin high school theme sitting in class…something with more ligh and summer like..something that caters to the song..the songs more grown and gentlemen like yet kanye butchered it with the stricly ass and tits….its gonna make drake look a certain way defeats the purpose of the song

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  • Fail

    this vid was average he had a chance to create his own lane for himself and his music and didnt he goes with this kinda vid
    The video doesnt even go with the song
    Drake and Ye lost with this 1

  • mR

    do you honestly think this video will actually affect drake’s career? at least the nigga wasnt poppin champagne in a club or in some alley in Tdot. at least this was original

  • mR

    AND completely a joke. they didnt take this seriously, so why should we?

  • devo408

    i was expectin more some degrassi type hit from drake. you know a love type story instead of a bunch a bitches wit some titties jumpin around for 5 minutes.

  • PO

    the video has nuttin to do wit the song this video sucks

  • daddyphatsax

    since when have rap videos MADE SENSE? everyone acting like this is such a deep song that deserves some deep concept and visuals…get over it already

  • Lotlan

    Im feelin this video, shit had me dying!

  • daddyphatsax

    SLAGUTHERBYATCH…so you say “the songs more grown and gentlemen like” and u also say “i wouldve gone with a degrassi iin high school theme sitting in class”. so what is it then? last time i checked sitting in class in high school is not grown or gentlemenly…seems like you are as good as making sense as the video u critique…just saying

  • biggs50

    50 cent video is way better than this crap

  • GV

    am i the only one who half-expected Khaled to show up in the locker room before the game when the girls are asking Drake if they’re the best?

  • MrWillDoIt

    Oh dear…I-I-I can’t believe I’m about to say this about a Kanye/Drake project: W..ahem…wack???

    I’m gonna check Kanye’s video production credits cuz…what an uninteresting, irrelevant, confusing piece of work. A video is supposed to make a song come to life. This was a blatant T&A showcase starring Drake with his song playing.

  • Ok, I love titties. Absolutely love them. Equally as much with booty. BUT, what I want to know is, how can women still love these rap artists that do nothing but promote images of exploitation to the highest degree? They want to be respected, but it’s ok for their favorite artists to talk breezy about them? I’m thoroughly confused.

  • NoloLin

    ^ Co-sign, but then again if it wasn’t for the girls i’d have no need to watch this video.

  • And for the people who don’t get it, the concept is really simple. I interpret it as Drake being the head of all the women he has on his “team” and they all want the number #1 spot, or to be the “best” in his eyes. But when you’re dealing with that many people on your team, someone (if not everyone) on your team is going to get lied to. A woman never wants to be seen as #2. The video is actually really good and I’m impressed by Kanye. (I’m an aspiring Screenwriter and Director, so I can see things visually that most can’t)

  • @ Cynthia – Yeah, he still look good haha

  • @ BrooklynsOwn – I’m in school for the same thing – Screenwriting & Producing and to a girl, its madd misogynistic. No matter the concept of him being the coach – I got that after I thought about it, but its visually slow. just not something you expect from dude who labeled himself,” arguably the biggest unsigned act in the world” just a few weeks ago. Didn’t agree with that statement but back to it – this could have made this song pop and the reason everybody’s saying it sucked cause we expect and know Drake could bring much more to a visual medium because its refreshing to hear somebody who could reach potential heights as some of the greats, but chooses to stay around the familiar cause “he’s hot right now’. All I’m saying is dude would be on top if like someone said, he wouldn’t be in this YM slope if he signed to RocNation or G.O.O.D

    Thats like having a kid who’s a straight A student then starts hanging with the wrong crowd, telling you he’s going to continue throughout his career, then takes the L on a “huge project” like a video.

    I know what you’re saying, and yeah we might be a ‘instant gratification’ generation, but we also know the difference between ‘a video with kanye just effin around’ and ‘aw man that shit was hot.’ cause technically, to the WORLD, this was D’s first video. Cause he said it himself after ‘Replacement Girl,” Cause I am just sitting in a cell thinkin what I coulda done to make my first video ground breaking.”

    We hear ya, but what we see disappoints.
    …all apart of the YM machine…

  • Turner

    “Take that D!!”



  • @ Junie – I made a comment on the misogyny before I made my last comment, so we’re definitely 100 on that sentiment. But, IMO, I think this video matches the level of what I feel he brings to the game. I really don’t see what’s new or refreshing about his music. The “sound” is different, but that’s mirrored off of the production behind him, not because of him bringing anything new to the table per se.

    Don’t get me wrong, I’m all for the clean-cut rapper image, because that’s what I was on when I wanted to emcee, but being that I have a gift with computers and programming languages, IT was more of a “sure thing”. His lyrical content is connotes nothing new at all. What’s new about a regular dude that likes to party, likes a lot of women, feeds them bullshit to get the ass, gets drunk for more reasons that just the occasion and is clean-cut?

    Answer… absolutely nothing.

  • Got’Cha Kidd

    ^^^^^^True words spoken

  • @ BrooklynsOwn

    You’re right. Same page. Maybe we should work on a project together [idk] but when he came out, he was the ‘clean cut rapper’ who refused to sign because lables were saying he had to talk about guns and whatnot but he said that wasn’t him and look how that’s changed – he with one of the Bloods he call his big brother. But, he doesn’t do that and I still think his first mixtape, Room For Improvement was overlooked in 07. It was HIM.

    Him going on S.T.R.E.S.S, Video Girl, Bad Meaning Good, All This Love; etc.

    He’s had alot of industry influences trying to get fit into the machine and what kills me is that his view towards women has changed, like you mentioned. my whole thing is, he WAS a diff. artist til it got to calling women ‘hoes’ every other line and doing a 180. and i dont support this because of the way we are portrayed and you’d think a semi-aware, idk about social conscious Kanye would watch the images he’s throwing out there. Like I said, this’ll make MTV and BET and that’s what a lot white audeince’s get their opinion & thought on black people from and your first ‘real debut’ video with all your buzz, you opt for male stimuation? no, not sticking to you as an artist but something that sales = sex.

    See? This is what it’s like to be a YM artist. G’luck, Kid. You’ve dropped points with a female fan from jump, might i add, with this one.

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  • Factz

    “its an essential part of the game lmao
    tits+humor=good video shit for that matter tits+anything=good video

  • Valley nigga

    i rather watch fan made videos of this song on youtube. great song visually it didnt deliver.

  • jimmy

    song fucking sucks, video is just soft core porn… MEH

  • note to self, never let Kanye direct my video.

  • fuck what anybody is talkin bout this video is the FUCKIN BEST…fuckin fags talkin bout they don’t like it..get the fuck outta here…haha..wow

  • For some reason, the more I watch the new Drake video, the more I like it. Maybe this was Ye’s plan. “They’ll hate it when they first see it. But the tenth view of the video, they’ll love it and be proclaiming it was the video of the year!

    All of a sudden after being super pissed about it yesterday, I’m feeling like it’s a pretty dope and original video.

    The only pet peeve I have is that that one girl’s voice was ANNOYING. I think the chicks’ personalities should have been goofy and lame, and more sensual like “Drake…baby, tell me I’m the best (in a Janet Jackson voice). That would have made the video better. I also felt more rapid motion shots who have been dope. The basketball game scene should have been filmed like a real basketball game with lights on and stuff. That would have been doper.

  • kidadonis

    Strange, I see Kanye and Drake laughing at all this hate the video is getting. Frankly, this video had so many undertones of innuendos, metaphors, morals and other stuff that it was so complex that is was too hard for people to get it. Ye would think of a video like this and I bet the reason why drake did it was to make you question what to label him as.

    We know he can act better. He could have went the traditional video way (driving around the city etc.). He could have made the video completely alternative but he choose to hide some meaning under a dulled down image. The image was making a statement on videos today. What people “say” they like at times is nothing but sick. We want sex but when we get sex and girls, we aren’t happy because it wasn’t what we expected. If no limit put this video out in the 90s we would have eaten it up.

    They did it on purpose so Drake can’t be labeled. Kinda smart…plus seeing a meaning makes the video more hilarious and better each time.

  • Valley kid

    dawg it’s like the show entourage , Vinny Chase has the biggest buzz in hollywood then he decides to do a movie called Medellín with a novice director by the name of Billy Walsh, any ways the movie sucked dick and he couldnt get a decent job in hollywood after that, his buzz didnt mean shit. the whole moral of it was all it takes is one shitty move to really fuck up your image. and that’s exactly what happened to Drake it dont matter if they like it, you have to capture a whole audience and sell your self, market, brand or what ever. If you look at the comments on his blog page almost every girl who left a comment fucking hated it, and that’s a majority of his fan base are females.. dont give me that shit that they did it on purpose all they did is make a dumb move, kanye didnt like the way the “spaceship” video came out. so he didnt release until about a month ago….. kanye takes an L on this one.

  • Wes

    Did kanye edit this himself? My goodness, whoever is behind the wheel on this one definitely fell asleep and hit a tree.

    P.S. Instead of using motion effects, try shooting at a different frame rate. damn yeezie your really feeling yourself on this one.

  • LO$

    I think the point of the video is going over everyones heads. If you actually listen to the lyrics in the song he is talking about multiple women
    who he screws with and tells them all the same thing. “they are the best I ever had”. Listen to the first line before the beat drops. And they had that shit on point with the scene where they are all asking him, but Drake , am I the best though?

    Basically a bunch of pretty women who are used and objectified and end up losers in the end.

    The inside jokes where funny though.

    “Take that D”

    “Stretching is an essential part of the game thats why I focus so much time on that BUTT….”


    They took a “love song” ad flipped the concept. Which will have everyone confused and talking.

    I remember in one song drake said “Shoot the wrong fucking video and they think they could market you however they decide to.”
    So they went running in the other direction with this one.

    They expanded his male audience 3 fold, who may have thought drake was a sapp before.

    Ye did a fucking brilliant job with this.

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  • sneakaholic

    “stretching is an essential part of the game and thats why I focus so much time on that BUTT, we have two minutes left…”